The difference between carpet laying/rubbing, paving, and rugs

  The carpet is a common household item, which is sought after by many people because of its practical appearance and variety. Don’t underestimate a small carpet, just use it right, it is a clever combination with the overall home environment, you will receive the finishing touch. Today, Xiaobian will give you a little knowledge about carpets.

   First, the difference between carpet tile and carpet carpet
& emsp; & emsp; 1, according to the purpose of use, carpet tiles can be divided into patterned carpet and full carpet. The patterned rugs are mainly used for interior decoration and padding at a specific location, such as craft tapestries, hall blankets, coffee table blankets, door carpets, etc., which are generally expensive and used for local decoration;

   2, and full carpet used for the entire ground, is a large-area construction, the requirements for carpets are relatively low, so the cost is not very high;

  3, rug Usually flexible, it can be displaced without damaging the carpet, but the full carpet shift will damage the carpet because the full floor is fixed and the rug is not fixed;

 &emsp Second, how should the different bedroom carpets be laid separately?
  1, full shop

   For the bedroom carpet, some people choose to fill the floor, which is to cover the carpet floor. The width of this kind of carpet is generally 3.66 ~ 4 m. If the purchased carpet is larger than the floor area of ​​the room, the method of cutting and splicing according to the size of the bedroom can be used to achieve the full shop requirement. The bottom surface of the carpet can be glued directly to the floor, or the surface of the carpet can be stretched to minimize slippage between the carpet and the ground, and the nails are positioned around the wall roots.

  2, block

   Some people choose the carpet of the bedroom carpet, so that according to the needs of the bedroom, along with the terrain To assemble, without having to crop the map. The tile size is usually 500 m m × 500 m m, 450 m m × 450 m m or rectangular. The carpet surface is generally tufted, and the backing and middle lining are more elaborate. The finished product has a certain degree of stiffness, which can be bonded to the ground when laying, or it can be directly laid on the ground. The structure of the block carpet is stable and elegant, and the surface of the carpet can be printed or pressed into a pattern. It is very convenient to carry, store and assemble with the terrain and replace it in blocks.

  3, rugs

  At present, most of the bedroom carpets are rugs, most of which are woven carpets, fine workmanship, The flower pattern is complex and colorful, and the high grade has certain artistic appreciation value. The width of the rug is generally no more than 4 m, and the length and width are properly proportioned. The rug is laid on the ground, but it is not glued to the ground. It can be arbitrarily laid out or rolled up at any time. It is convenient to place it and it is used for many purposes.

   It’s easier said than done. It’s not easy to really use the colorful and diverse carpets on the market. Therefore, we still need to observe and combine our own aesthetics. Actual needs are tried repeatedly. If you don’t have the time and energy, you can also find us Master Wan. We are a professional home service platform. Here you can quickly find professional carpet installers, come to your door to solve problems and provide quality service! For more home information, please continue to pay attention to home repair and maintenance master Wan.

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Wooden door customization knowledge

Having a custom product, was once a symbol of social status. But nowadays, customization has become a civilian lifestyle and has entered the lives of consumers. And consumers’ preferences are different, and custom wooden doors can undoubtedly satisfy consumers’ needs for decoration.

China wooden door is booming, but wooden door design is always a bottleneck that is difficult to break through. The formation of Chinese wooden door design copying and westernization constitutes a fatal obstacle to the further development of China’s wooden door industry.

has a customized product, which used to be a symbol of social status. But nowadays, customization has become a civilian lifestyle and has entered the lives of consumers. Consumers have different preferences and custom wooden doors. Undoubtedly, it can meet consumers’ needs for decoration to a greater extent.

“Micro-customization”, as its name suggests, is a small customization. The person in charge of the project has a vivid metaphor. “It is like making a Rubik’s cube. It’s tailored to make the corresponding functional modules. Different people will not show up. The same pattern.

According to authoritative statistics, the domestic wooden door market has reached 100 billion yuan in 2013, and a new round of growth opportunity for the wooden door industry is coming soon. In the context of micro-customization, which combines the advantages of standardized production and personalized design, it also has high growth potential.

The so-called customization and standard combination, It means that through the fine adjustment of the size of the wooden door, some standard units are designed, and then various combinations are formed to meet the different needs of users. This adjustment based on a large number of market surveys and data analysis has been reduced to some extent. The insurmountable gap between the finished wooden door and the custom wooden door, and the combination of strengths and weaknesses, the advantages are embodied in:

First, the price, the standard unit of the wooden door can be mass-produced, the price is 20% cheaper than the general custom wooden door. Second, the shipping cycle, custom wooden doors generally 25-40 days to ship, And micro-customized wooden doors because of the large inventory of finished units, out When you ship the goods, you only need to combine and match according to the user’s needs, which guarantees the instant shipment. The third is the service, the micro-customized wooden door is easy to install, and the consumer can install it himself. There is no need to install a special installation master. These three advantages are reasonable and effective to reduce the cost, and this part of the reduced cost can return to the quality improvement of the wooden door, forming a benign cycle.

In the wooden door market, the dispute between finished products and customization has not stopped. For home consumers, the choice of finished products is still customized, so that they can also Difficult: The former chooses a large face, saving price and time cost; the latter has high utilization rate and solves the layout problem. The emergence of micro-customization just solves the consumer’s choice dilemma, they can save time and worry to create a more “IKEA” space.


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Chinese home appliance companies strengthen European layout: Haier engages in washing machine base in Russia

[Guide] Chinese home appliance giants are adding more investment in Europe.

   On May 28, Haier Russia Industrial Park and washing machine base held a groundbreaking ceremony. The base will be put into operation in July next year. The base will radiate Russia and Central Asia and extend to the European market. .

  Research shows that Russians are too noisy about washing machines, quality problems, and washing time is too long There are complaints. In order to solve this problem, Haier washing machine will promote a quiet, smooth, fast-washing and direct-drive drum washing machine to meet the needs of local residents to wash clothes in time and wash large clothes individually.

   It is reported that this is the first manufacturing base established by the Chinese washing machine industry in Europe. Haier has already completed the localization of the four continents washing machine manufacturing base in the Americas, Africa, Asia and Australia. At this point, Haier washing machine production layout on five continents is basically completed.

   Zhou Nan, secretary-general of China Household Electrical and Mechanical Import and Export Chamber of Commerce, said to the First Financial Reporter that the construction of Haier’s Russian washing machine base broke the bottleneck of the transformation of Chinese washing machine exports to high-end products such as drum washing machines. Especially in the European market. This time Haier built a washing machine factory in Russia, which will realize the local production and sales of drum washing machines. Secondly, Russia is an important market for the Belt and Road, and it is now a period of historical opportunity for Sino-Russian relations. Expanding investment in Russia is of practical significance for opening up the Belt and Road market.

   Two years ago, in April 2016, Haier officially operated the refrigerator manufacturing base in the Republic of Tatarstan in the Russian Federation, with a total investment of about US$55 million. The foundation of Haier’s Russian Industrial Park and washing machine base is Haier’s further investment in Russia.

   According to Qingdao Haier’s 2017 annual report, Haier’s revenue in the European market in 2017 increased by 16% year-on-year. Among them, in the Russian market, large-volume air-cooled combination refrigerators, large windows and direct-drive motor drum washing machines continue to enhance the structure and average price. Haier deepens its strategic cooperation with the core channel M.V in the Russian market. In 2017, Haier’s Russian refrigerator factory doubled its production capacity.

   Not only Haier, Hisense, another Chinese home appliance giant headquartered in Qingdao, has recently increased its investment in the European market and successfully acquired a 22.56% stake in Slovenian home appliance manufacturer Gorenje. And jumped to Gorenjer’s largest shareholder.

   “Enterprise globalization is not just a merger, local production is also an important part of investment. These events reflect the diversification of the current globalization of Chinese companies, and the strategy varies from market to market.” Say.

  (Original title: China’s home appliance companies plus European investment Haier Russia washing machine base foundation)


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How much is the smart curtain installed? An article tells you

  Smart home is the darling of the new era, now known by most people, there are also Many smart home products enter the ordinary family.

   First you need to know that an electric curtain is roughly made up of those things, so that won’t because Something that is not important is more money.

   Generally speaking, a motorized curtain is composed of three parts:

  1) Electric curtain motor; if you need to install a monorail, you need two, and two rails need two. A good electric curtain motor with a good mute effect is about 700-800 yuan.

  2) electric curtain track; the number is the same as that controlled by a motor, the track is generally calculated in meters, The length is mainly based on the actual, the better is below 200 yuan / m;

  3) need a remote control The remote control is further divided into a wall remote control, a handheld remote control, and generally a curtain with a remote control.

  The above two remote controls can be installed, there is no need to install two, because you can also use the phone Remote control, the general remote control is around 120 yuan.

&emsp ;  4) curtain lifter; this is generally used, only on the higher floor height of the window, easy to change the curtains, a good mute electric curtain lifter is generally around 1200.

   The rest is the money for workers wiring and installation. Each company is different, so the price is different. According to an ordinary person, the total price of a single track and one meter electric curtain is about 1,200 yuan.

  When you buy electric curtains later, you can follow the above.

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The latest distributed energy policy in the country in 2018

Summary and Interpretation of the Latest National Distributed Energy Policy by 2018

Developing distributed energy is one of the important ways to save energy and reduce emissions. Energy conservation and emission reduction as a binding indicator is included in China’s “13th Five-Year Plan”. During the “13th Five-Year Plan” period, China’s energy consumption per unit of GDP will further decline by 15%. According to the State Council’s “13th Five-Year Plan for Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction”, the above objectives were clarified, and the “13th Five-Year Plan” national energy conservation and emission reduction work was fully deployed.

In recent years, Encourage the development of distributed energy, the state has introduced some support policies, such as: “Energy Development “13th Five-Year Plan”, “Guiding Opinions on Developing Natural Gas Distributed Energy”, etc., the introduction of these policies has promoted the distribution to some extent. Energy development.

Foreign Industry Research Institute released “2018-2023 China’s distributed energy industry market prospects and investment strategic planning analysis report” Energy-related policies have been summarized:

Figure 1: China’s distributed energy-related policies and interpretation (1)

Source: Prospective Industry Research Institute

Chart 2: China’s distributed energy related policies and interpretation (2)

Source: Prospective Industry Research Institute

Exhibit 3: China’s distributed energy related policies and interpretation (3)

Source: Prospective Industry Research Institute

Summary and Interpretation of the Latest Policies for Distributed Energy in Provinces and Cities by 2018

In response to the country’s policy call, local governments have also developed corresponding distributed energy-related policies for local conditions. Taking Shandong Province as an example, in order to implement the “four revolutions, one cooperation” energy work requirements, accelerate the construction of a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient modern energy system, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of new energy and renewable energy industries, according to the country and The province’s economic, social and energy development plan, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission researched and formulated the “Shandong Province New Energy and Renewable Energy Medium and Long-term Development Plan (2016-2030)”, the plan clearly proposed to promote the full development of distributed photovoltaic power generation, to In 2020 and 2030, the installed capacity of distributed photovoltaic power generation will reach 2 million kilowatts and 8 million kilowatts respectively.

Exhibit 4: Local Distributed Energy Related Policy (1)

Source: Prospective Industry Research Institute

Figure 5: Local Distributed Energy Related Policy (2)

Source: Prospective Industry Research Institute

Exhibit 6: Local Distributed Energy Related Policies (3 )

Source: Prospective Industry Research Institute

Summary of distributed energy development goals for major provinces and cities in 2020

To accelerate the establishment of a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient modern energy system, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of the renewable energy industry. On December 10, 2016, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the “13th Five-Year Plan for Renewable Energy Development”. The plan clearly stated that by 2020, the scale of solar power generation will reach 110 million kilowatts, including 60 million kilowatts of distributed photovoltaics. About 54.5%.

There were subsequent energy-related policies across the country, and their goals were also raised in the development of distributed energy, such as: Guangzhou to In 2020, the installed capacity of natural gas distributed energy will be about 1.5 million kilowatts; the total installed capacity of distributed photovoltaic power generation projects will strive to reach 2 million kilowatts.

Exhibit 7: China’s Distributed Energy Industry Development Goals by 2020

Source: Prospective Industry Research Institute


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Fingerprint lock price, how to buy fingerprint lock

   When people buy fingerprint locks, they basically consider the function, appearance and price. They rarely notice that the lock cylinder of the fingerprint lock is not available. The decisive factor of neglect. Then, how to choose the lock core of high-end smart lock anti-theft fingerprint lock, the following is introduced by Xiaobian.

  1, look at the material-*Select nickel alloy or stainless steel material to make the key and lock the lock cylinder
  The lock core is based on precision to improve the anti-theft performance. The precision of the lock core requires good materials to ensure . Imported lock cylinders, some high-standard lock cores in China (such as multicolored lock cylinders, etc.) are made of nickel alloy materials (known as white copper in China, containing 10% nickel and more than 2% manganese. Materials below this ratio can’t do well) The lock core.) The key embryo and the lock nail, because the hardness, toughness and wear resistance of this material are small, the coefficient of thermal expansion and contraction is small, and the shrinkage of the lock pin is not shortened because of the cold and hot weather. It becomes smaller, expands bigger and longer, affects the anti-theft performance of the lock core and the stability of the product. The key embryo will be more wear-resistant. If the key is easy to wear, the anti-theft performance of the lock core will be greatly reduced.

  2, see structure-*select the lock core of the hybrid structure
   The structure of the lock is an important indicator of the anti-theft performance of the lock core. The technical limits of a single lock cylinder structure are difficult to cope with the challenges of unlocking technology. The marble bead lock has a great advantage in the anti-vandal opening, but the power that can be exerted in the face of advanced technology is limited.

  Resolve the anti-theft problem of the lock cylinder (anti-technical opening, anti-destruction opening, anti-structural defect opening) A hybrid structure is required to accomplish this, which can solve the defects of a single structure. Such as: the combination of marbles and sheets, the combination of sheets and rotating beads. The multi-colored lock core adopts: finger-holding structure + mother-child double-bead structure + splicing structure, and the rationality of the multi-colored lock core structure is one of the few products in the hybrid structure products appearing on the market. The anti-theft capability of this combination is relatively high, and the effects of anti-technical opening, explosion-proof opening, and special tool opening are quite good.

  The hybrid structure and the single structure can be seen from the key at a glance, and no experience is needed here.

  3, see precision – processing accuracy is the guarantee of anti-theft lock performance, no precision structure is better structure There is no anti-theft ability to talk about.
  The accuracy of a good lock cylinder is quite strict. Under normal circumstances, the lock nails and accessories need standard finishing. carry out. Accuracy requirements are within the error: plus or minus 0.015MM; the error of the space between the lock core and the lock cylinder is also within 0.015MM. If this requirement is not met, the anti-theft performance will be greatly reduced. Imagine: Under such precise conditions: can the tin foil plug in and unlock? Can you still need lead powder?! Of course, if the key is not accurate enough, the lock can’t be opened, so sometimes we can see from the key. The precision of the lock cylinder.

   On the other hand, I want to tell you that the precision of the lock nails that are punched out cannot reach the standard, and the lock core The anti-theft performance must be problematic.

  Test method: To verify the accuracy of a lock, you can also slowly insert the key into it. The keys are shaken up and down, and slowly pulled out. If it is inserted or pulled out, it has a feeling of elastic obstruction. The shaking feeling is not too big, and the accuracy of the lock cylinder is high. It is a good lock cylinder, but it must not be a good lock cylinder.

  4, see anti-drilling bolts – lock core anti-drilling piece anti-drill bolt is anti-theft lock anti-destruction open An important line of defense.
  In view of the characteristics of the material of the lock cylinder core copper, if the protection measures are not taken, the drill bit is drilled. The lock cylinder is immediately drilled through, and it is opened. The anti-drill block of the lock cylinder is very wrong. Implanting the anti-drill bolt and the drill-proof piece made of manganese steel at the key position of the front end of the lock cylinder can effectively prevent the lock cylinder from being drilled. Any anti-theft lock cylinder that does not make anti-drilling bolts is unsatisfactory, and it is not qualified to talk about the B-class super B-class lock cylinder.

  5, see key protection measures – key with key cardFailure to do any protection is extremely irresponsible for the safety of the user.
  The development of modern science and technology, take a photo as you like. It is very dangerous to put the lock core and the key card casually. The thief can take a key, a key card and configure the same key at any time.

  6, see the lock core structure and description – the lock core structure is not disclosed sometimes there is a structural defect.
  Understanding how the technical structure of the anti-theft lock core, processing precision, materials and other materials are very important to consumers, The obligation tells the user truthfully, what is the technical data of your product’s structure, precision, materials, etc., because he is concerned with the safety of the user’s family and needs to be responsible for the notification. Under normal circumstances, manufacturers have video and plane data to introduce the structure and working principle of the lock cylinder. Products that are not publicly available sometimes have security vulnerabilities that are not convincing. This must be noted.

   Choosing a good lock core is a very simple thing, but it comes to many consumers. But it has become very difficult. The problem is that some merchants and some people deliberately make things complicated, and people can’t understand them. For some smart locks, there is a consumption stage of their watches. Consumers still need to open their eyes. Clearly, a good smart lock, it is very important to have a good lock cylinder.

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The main points and skills of cloth jewelry!

Fab is a magnificent piece of Chinese folk craftsmanship. Fabric decoration includes curtains, cloth ornaments, sofa covers, table and chair covers, etc. It can also be extended to lampshades, door frames, telephone covers, Covering the coaster, etc. The “cloth” in the cloth is the name of various fiber characters. It not only refers to fabrics such as cloth, silk and wool, but also includes woven fabrics such as carpets, felts, laces, and other crafts such as ropes, tapestries, and silk flowers.


Today is to share with you the key points and skills of the curtain fabric match. To summarize the main points of fabric design in one sentence, is to “determine the color tone, size should be accurate, fabric fabrics should be contrasted, style The elements are to echo.”

1. The fabric color is harmonious with the scene.

Use the artistic concept of design to match, and use cloth materials to highlight the style culture of the interior.


For example, the above picture is a new Chinese style, creating a very elegant and quiet atmosphere, so the pillow can be used with the blue color of the carpet.matching, the whole color will be relatively coordinated.

Conversely, it is ok to use brown. The brown color and the wood color of the whole space have a certain echo, and the brown is more stable. But itThere is no blue What is elegant, blue is more elegant in this space, and in this atmosphere blue Color is more eye-catching than brown, and it follows this background the picture is also contrasted and set off.

This picture of the background picture plum is also brown, so we will easily jump out of the blue for a contrast. At the same time it has a echo with the carpet. The color of this pillow form also reflects the elegant atmosphere of this space.

We can see that the choice of fabric sofas here, including the choice of pillows, not only meets the temperament of our space, but also grasps the color, The contrast and echo between the two.

2.The uniformity of furniture fabric is contrasted.

can be unified between the curtains and the pattern of bedding or sofa fabric. Also can be uniform in color, can be similar or adjacent colors. In addition to the uniformity between fabrics , attention should also be paid to the match between fabric and wall or furniture color. In addition to uniformity, using a small area of ​​color contrast, you can create a space bright point, create a visual center.


For example, in the above picture, we look at the orange sofa at a glance, it is very eye-catching, we will see it at first sight, it is carried out with the orange pillow on the bed An echo, the gray pillow on the bed echoed the curtains.

This white has a contrast with orange dark gray, so this is to tell usPay attention to the unity and contrast of furniture fabrics.

3.Size ratio.

The size of fabric accessories such as curtains, curtains, wall hangings, squares, table flags, etc. should be appropriate, including the size, length and so on. It is necessary to match the size of the living room, the hanging façade, the the plane, etc., so as to bring out the beauty of the space. Over the assembly, it seems that the space is crowded.


4.Psychological needs.

Designing fabrics based on the user’s needs for the space environment is the basic goal of the design. Use cloth to create different indoor effects to satisfy people’s heartsThe demand can be recognized by users. Such as seasonal psychological needs, festive psychological needs, thematic psychological needs.


5.Style coordination.

Style includes cultural taste, ethnic characteristics, regional characteristics, etc. Each style has unique elements . doingTry to use these style elements in the design of the fabric, or use a fabric that can enhance the style to decorate.

6. In the choice of fabric texture, it should also be consistent with the function of cloth accessories.

For example: decorate the living room to choose gorgeous fabrics, decorate the bedroom to choose Choose smooth and soft fabrics, and the kitchen can choose a strong and easy to wash fabric.

Bedding fabric must choose cotton fabric, pure cotton The fabric absorbs sweat and is soft, which is good for the sweat gland “breathing” and human health, and the touch is soft, ten points easily create a sleeping atmosphere. In addition to the selection of materials should be particularly particular, the choice of color and pattern should also be used, the small bedroom space should be selected The natural and imaginative stripe fabric will be used to extend the bedroom space; the light-toned furniture should be elegantly shredded with light pink, pink and green flower fabric; for dark-toned furniture, dark green, dark blue and other colors are superior choice.

The laid fabrics such as carpets, tablecloths, bedspreads, etc. should be in harmony with the size of the interior floor and furniture, and the ground and bed should be maintained for stability. More groundWith a slightly darker color, the tablecloth and bed cover should reflect the contrast with the size and color of the ground, should be lower than The color and brightness of the ground, in contrast Get harmony.

In the overall layout of the living room, the cloth decoration should also echo and coordinate with other decorations. Its color, style, meaning and other forms of expression should be harmonized with the interior decoration The fabrics with heavy colors and complicated patterns are strong, but difficult to pair, suitable for a space with a luxurious style; light colors and bright colorsThe color of the chroma or the simple pattern can set off a modern space. In a room with Chinese classical style, it is best to use the Chinese traditional pattern of woven

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Bathroom cabinets to buy a collection, look at these!

  The bathroom cabinet with storage function makes the bathroom look neat and orderly, and a quality bathroom cabinet can make the finishing touch for the bathroom. . To create a high-quality, exquisite life, let us start by choosing a bathroom cabinet.

  Step 1: Look at the material
  The bathroom cabinets sold on the market are generally composed of cabinets, countertops, basins, etc. The bathroom cabinets are first viewed from the cabinet. Due to the large water vapor in the bathroom, high humidity, and high requirements on materials, it is necessary to select the appropriate cabinet material when selecting.

  1, moisture resistance

   When choosing a bathroom cabinet, pay attention to the waterproof and moisture resistance of the material. Because there are more water vapor in the bathroom, the bathroom cabinet must be more resistant to moisture.

  2, environmentally friendly

  Bathrooms, especially those made of sheet metal, should pay special attention to their environmental protection. There are also differences in the environmental protection of bathroom cabinets of different materials. When purchasing, if the economy permits, it is best to buy environmentally friendly products.

  Step 2: Visual inspection
  The bathrooms are generally damp, so the quality requirements for bathroom cabinets are higher. When purchasing, after determining the material and style, it is necessary to look at the quality of the bathroom cabinet itself.

  1, see material

   Let the shopping guide show the plate sample to see which kind of plate it belongs to, what are the advantages and disadvantages. If you are not sure, ask the clerk to take out the product inspection report and check the material type above.

  2, see the paint surface

   bathroom cabinets are often lacquered on the substrate, good bathroom cabinet paint must be smooth, can not have particles, roughness, oil, whitening, fogging and scratches , scratches, stains, pinholes, spray marks and other phenomena exist.

  3, see size

   Before buying a bathroom cabinet, you should first plan the size of the bathroom cabinet, and then after you see the bathroom cabinet product, measure the length, width and height of the bathroom cabinet with a tape measure that you carry with you. An important indicator to see if it meets the requirements.

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These five types of ceilings are there any points in your mind?

The living room is an important space for home life, and the decoration of the living room has become the focus of the owners. The top decoration is not negligible, it is not only beautiful and practical, but also highlights the shape. Below, Xiaogu introduces five types of ceilings, each of which has its own merits to see which one is right for your living room.

Flat: more common The ceiling style, the top surface has no shape and level, relatively simple and generous, suitable for the ceiling decoration of any room. If it is a small apartment living room, the beam is short, you can choose the plane type.

suspension: a kind of suspended ceiling that suspends various plates, metals, glass, etc. on the structural layer. It has a layered feel, and the lighting can produce unexpected effects, which is more suitable for large-sized houses.

well format: refers to the ceiling with a well-shaped lattice on the top surface. This is because the roof surface is a well-shaped beam, or the artificial beam is made for the top surface. It is also a comparison. Suitable for large units.

Glass type: The raw material is glass, the color is rich, the combination is beautiful and practical. The reflected light of the glass is better, it can brighten the light, which is a good choice for the lower layer.

Concave: It is a kind of ceiling because of the unevenness of the top surface. Its shape is full of personality and at the same time in the visual It can bring a feeling of openness, and the living room area is larger and more suitable.

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Several high-value choices for stainless steel entry doors

Since the entrance door is the first gateway to enter the house, of course, its anti-theft performance is higher, so many decoration friends usually choose security door products in the selection of the entrance door. Here, Xiaobian strongly recommends stainless steel entry doors. Especially the Foshan stainless steel door, the reason why the stainless steel door is selected as the entrance door is mainly because the stainless steel door has the advantages of beautiful appearance, no rust, strong anti-theft performance and the like. The stainless steel entry door serves as the facade of the house, and its style and appearance are very important. Choosing a beautifully-looking stainless steel door can greatly improve the grade of the house. The following small series introduces several stainless steel entry doors with good values.

Rose Gold Free pattern polished stainless steel single door

This stainless steel single door adopts rose gold free-grain color stainless steel plate, seamless production process, with anti-theft and anti-smashing locks, with decorative strips and “Fu” word door in the middle, the appearance is elegant and simple, more suitable for use in Chinese style decoration environment.

Stainless steel Korean mother-child door

In the case of a large door opening, ordinary The single door leaf can’t satisfy the practical and aesthetic sense of the whole building. At this time, the son-in-law door is put to use, which not only makes the whole building look more hierarchical, but also facilitates every user’s access. It is not difficult to find out through the picture of the mother-in-law. This name is still very image, mainly because it is a relatively large door, and there is a relatively small door in it. Therefore, such a name is particularly appropriate. The stainless steel Korean-style mother-gate sheet is made of 8K black titanium brushed in the style of Korean, so it is also called Korean-style door. In addition, it is equipped with a powerful fingerprint lock, which makes the door have a modern minimalist style. Has a strong anti-theft function.

Stainless steel white cracked paint Roman column double door

The following double door is in The use of colored stainless steel plates is based on the production process of white cracked paint. The Roman columns on the left and right sides and the arched design on the top are typical features of European style. Many people prefer to use European style when building villas. This stainless steel white cracked lacquered Roman column double doors, full of dignified elegance, noble and gorgeous, is the best choice for the giants.

Look at the design of the above-mentioned doors, you see the official Whether you start to feel the heart, in fact, you want to make a stainless steel entrance door with beautiful appearance and good quality.It is very important to choose a good manufacturer and brand. If you want to see more stainless steel door styles, you can visit the official website of Wang.

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