Carbon fiber chandeliers open up new horizons

Lu Murano created this carbon chandelier, which was prototyped by a land-blown glass chandelier, and recreated this new and impressive alternative glass chandelier with prototype molds. The most exciting thing is that although the final product is made of carbon fiber, its brightness still meets our needs. The original glass version is 10 times the weight of this carbon fiber version. Of course, carbon fiber fixtures are not as fragile as you might think. Founder Fabio has undergone extensive research and experimentation, and Lu Xin Murano products are of all qualities required for modern lighting.

Although carbon fiber does not have glass transparencies, it does have unlimited choice of colors, textures and patterns. This chandelier makes it easy to adapt to any custom design. The high electrical resistance of carbon fiber also makes it more adaptable to special environments, such as yachts or floating homes. This particular example of a chandelier is done through Rumurano. The high-pitched diamond design tone also provides a subtle texture and bold reflective surface. The secret of illuminating is replaced by the original glass design of the surface of the carbon fiber through spark processing.

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Sydney Furniture Company wins the 2014 design competition

Congratulations to Sydney furniture company Anomaly for winning the best man-made and sustainable products in Australia at the just-concluded 2014 EX Design Awards.
Sydney Furniture also took the opportunity to present the Odin watch designed by Ben & Bradlich, a bright bead pendant designed by Coco Reynolds, by Tuza · Conrad and Darren · Palmer designed the Mason Cushion. The designer of the Odin watch, Ben Wahrlich, said that the design of the watch was inspired by the use of paddles as a driving force in the Nordic period.

Sydney furniture company Anomaly has achieved such good results in this design award competition and their outstanding designers are divided Not open.

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Human weakness in the face of natural disasters

With white foil cabinets and appliances from the 1980s, how did this look in the kitchen when Lizzi bought the house in the fall of 2007 . Three years later she will be in a new kitchen due to the hurricane.

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Flagship Hotel Arizona Arizona State University Campus

West Circle Architects aims to build a building with an innovative design benchmark that is the most unique opportunity in a city in Arizona. The Pomeroy Hotel and Conference Center is envisioned with forward-looking planning, programming and architectural expressions. The design will serve as a catalyst for the sustainable development of a net zero energy environment. Very careful use of renewable energy and recyclable materials has been taken.

The basis of the design is to set up a clear identity purpose architectural form, properly address the direction of the sun, make good use of natural light, and integrate The double insulated, low-radiation glass curtain wall concept, as well as perforated metal sheets with secondary skin. The new hotel and conference center is a city vision planning project, which is programmed to achieve a “net zero” environment. The hotel is a 20-storey building that rises to a modern expression of a rooftop deck pool and amenities.

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Fentress Architects prepares to take off

Fentress Architects designed the new Tom · Bradley International Terminal at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) will be open to the public in August, bathing travelers in the splendid Los Angeles sunshine as they begin Their journey. A group of Fentress Architects has a major stakeholder workshop to identify a cluster that can clearly be noticed throughout the design theme.

These include beaches, cities, mountains, sunshine, sports and openness. A wave of inspirational roofscape leaps across the Pacific Ocean near the 1.2 million square foot terminal, evoking the imagery. The Sunshine Cascade to the Sponge Hall of the Great Hall – was named to commemorate Los Angeles Mayor Antonio · Villaragoza Pavilion – through the large glass windows to illuminate the skylights, while passengers sit down and enjoy the Santa Monica Mountains from various dining areas view.

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How to install the bathroom exhaust fan can better solve the problem of bathroom odor

The bathroom exhaust fan not only removes odors, but also effectively removes moisture. Therefore, the owners usually choose to install an exhaust fan in the bathroom to solve the problem of toilet odor. Then how to install the bathroom exhaust fan, what is the installation procedure of the bathroom exhaust fan, what are the precautions? The following small series will give you detailed answers.
First, the bathroom exhaust fan installation method

1, ceiling-mounted exhaust fan looks good, can be installed on the ceiling of the bathroom. The ventilating fan has a short pipe, so it is necessary to purchase a venting pipe that is matched with the pipe during installation.

2. The wall-mounted exhaust fan is small in size and can be mounted on the wall. However, due to the narrow cross section of the air outlet, the ventilation is weak, so it is only suitable for small area. Installed inside the bathroom.

3. The window exhaust fan is different from the first two. It has single and double two-way operation mode, which can discharge indoor air and add outdoor fresh air to the room. The window exhaust fan has a larger application range and better effect.

To determine whether to install on the ceiling or on the installed wall, choose different types of exhaust fans depending on the installation location. The exhaust fan installed on the ceiling of the aluminum gusset plate is equipped with metal fasteners for the ceiling keel, which is very convenient to install; the exhaust fan installed on the ceiling of the wooden keel, as long as the exhaust pipe is connected, the exhaust is tightened with wood screws The fan panel will do. If you want to install on the outer wall of the bathroom, you should first open a hole in the wall, the aperture is determined by the size of the exhaust fan outlet you purchased, or installed on the wall of the exhaust duct reserved in the bathroom. It is necessary to equip with a check valve to prevent the smell of other people from coming to your home. Generally, the installation of the wall surface requires the impact drill to be punched and the expansion screw fixed.

Second, the toilet exhaust fan installation precautions

1, the ventilation fan should be placed horizontally: the ventilation fan should be placed horizontally, pay attention to the use can not be tilted, when used Check that the power supply to the outlet matches the parameters on the fan nameplate.

2, as close as possible to the original air duct. The shortest principle of the pipeline.

3, as close as possible to the location of the odour moisture. The most efficient principle.

4, should not be installed directly above the shower, otherwise the air flow will make the body feel uncomfortable, and when the temperature is low, the heat loss is large.

5, combined with ceiling molding, block, lighting, etc., the overall consideration of aesthetics.
(provided by Shenyang Building Materials Network) <

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Central Mosque, second place in Pristina

The Pristina Competition Jury announced the second place in the Central Mosque, but there was no winner. The game is not over yet. Organized by the Kosovo Islamic community, the competition aims to create a place where you can get to know each other and cultivate humanity, tolerance, respect and sincere love.

Proposed to the architectural significance of a prototype in the old Sultan Mehmet II Mosque in Pristina. The main architectural features, as well as the impressive proportion of the old mosque, were studied, but the volume of the mosque was balanced and developed around it.
Old Sultan Mehmet II Mosque, the square of the rounded rectangle at the top of an octagonal belt transition dome, and the new mosque has a smoother volume transition: rectangular base volume, lower belt, narrower Its top and slightly rotated to fit an intermediate belt. The middle belt continues to shrink and rotate the upper belt and further the dome. Slightly rotating on a large scale with a round dome mosque. There are belts, as well as between the dome and the flooding of the diffuse daylight entering the indoor dome allows the spacing between the belts. The three-zone dome looks like warm daylight, and it creates a very specific atmosphere within the mosque that will be suspended. The interior is filled with uniform light that penetrates the gap between the strips and passes through the space with the window at the bottom. The light leaks from above, from all sides, from the ground to the dome base. The lower part has two narrow windows that allow sunlight to penetrate the mosque. The lower group window mosque and touch the ground to make it look outward.
The mosque is higher than the 8M high podium, which is not visible due to the height difference of the terrain. The two-level mosque supporting activities on the podium: bathing, social and educational centers, as well as the ceiling level of the aunt’s apartment and a large conference hall around the administrative office of the market to hold the upper and lower levels of shopping.
The main entrance of the mosque in front of the artificial stone cladding colonnade consisting of the magnificent colonnade is developed as an extension of the lower belt of the mosque. Between the grooved colonnade creates a space between the entrance and the plateau at the entrance to the square.
The screen continues from the podium of the podium along the lower level of the north side wall and rises to the entrance. Related to the urban environment, the surrounding buildings are oriented 38 degrees towards the garden entrance. The lower part of the podium extends over the same level of large lawns, large square green areas, and is lifted from the surrounding environment. This is mainly where the citizens and tourists gather. This is where you relax, play, think or celebrate.

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To protect forest resources, EU timber trade rules are becoming stricter

According to the draft EU law on the protection of global forests against climate change, suppliers of timber to EU countries must prevent illegal logging. The European Commission said that the company should absolutely guarantee that the timber sold to the EU-27 is legally harvested. According to the European Commission, one-fifth of the EU’s imported timber may come from illegal logging.

European Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas said that illegal timber or wood products will no longer be allowed in the EU market. The draft needs to be approved by EU governments and the European Parliament, a process that takes a year or more. The EU is constantly strengthening the protection of forests as part of curbing global warming.

This draft on timber trade will reduce EU greenhouse gas emissions by 1/5 by 1990 by 2020. The goal is to reduce dependence on mineral fuels by multiplying the use of renewable energy such as wind energy. This new proposal is also part of the EU’s agreement to reach a forest protection agreement with countries with more serious illegal logging. The EU and Ghana agreed in September that timber exported by African countries to Europe should be certified.

According to the draft, EU timber suppliers must adopt a certification system to prove that their products are legally harvested. Since there is no clear definition of illegal logging in the world, legality will be determined according to the laws of the timber producing countries. The responsibility for the audit will be implemented on the first company in the EU market to order timber. Responsible persons include EU importers and primary processors. Companies can develop their own auditing systems, as well as a recognized auditing system.

However, environmental groups such as Greenpeace believe that the draft is too weak and requires EU legislators to be more rigid. Sebastien Risso, an official of Greenpeace’s EU forestry policy, said the company should be required to prove that timber is legally harvested and that operators are also responsible for ensuring compliance with environmental and social standards through a robust traceability system. Finally, the EU needs to entrust authorities to discover, investigate and prosecute illegal cases.

The European Commission quoted FAO as saying that the global forest is decreasing at a rate of 13 million hm2 per year. In another policy report released on October 17, the European Commission recommended that Europe should provide funding for forest conservation in developing countries through the Global Forest Carbon Mechanism (GFCM).

EU funds may come from the auction of carbon dioxide allowable emission allowances before 2013, which is under the group’s emissions trading system. Emission allowances allocated to European energy and production companies. The European Commission said that in 2020, 5% of auction revenues from GFCM could reach 1.5 billion to 2.5 billion euros. If a new global agreement on climate change is reached, the European Commission will consider allowing the company to apply forest protection credits after 2020 in order to meet the limits of the emissions trading system.

The EU does not agree with this type of credit in the trading system. The system requires companies that exceed quotas to purchase emissions credits from lower-emission companies. The European Commission has proposed the possibility of establishing a pilot phase in accordance with the GFCM, and governments can apply forestry credits during the pilot phase to achieve their emission reduction targets beyond 2012. The pilot phase will also consider a new agreement to address global warming, which requires the EU to increase its 2020 emission reduction target to 30%.

The European Commission said that based on the initial assessment, companies will be allowed to use forest harvesting credits to offset some of their emissions after 2020. The emissions from deforestation are three times higher than those imposed by the EU trading system for power plants and other plants. The inclusion of forestry credits within the system by 2020 will result in excessive credit supply and lead to a sharp fall in licensing prices. Friends of the Earth of Europe praised the position of the European Commission on this issue.

This policy document on deforestation will have an impact on the EU’s position in global negotiations, the 2012 Kyoto Protocol New negotiations on climate change will take place after the expiration. The EU Environment Minister discussed the document at the Luxembourg meeting in October.

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Vietnamese can’t chat on the Internet

Vietnam has implemented new network control laws since September. According to the new regulations, Vietnamese people can only share private information online and cannot share news articles. Foreign network companies also have to set up servers in Vietnam.
Internet companies, human rights groups, and the US government have criticized the new rules. The BBC reported that Vietnam is a one-party dictatorship and that the state has strict control over the media. Dissidents including dozens of bloggers have been found guilty of anti-government behavior this year.
In the new regulations, Twitter and Facebook can only be used as “providing and exchanging personal information”. In addition, you may not post on the Internet "objections" to the Vietnamese government, "harmful national security".
The US Embassy in Hanoi expressed “deep concern about this bill” last month, saying that Vietnam’s move was “losing the basic freedom of the Internet”. “The Asian Network Alliance” has been lobbying governments on behalf of clients. The organization also said that Vietnam is stifling innovation and keeping people who want to do business in Vietnam away from it.

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Rescuing money, Greece wants to cut thousands of civil servants

The Greek parliament passed the civil service reform bill at midnight on the 18th, and scheduled to abolish thousands of people to obtain the next bail-out loan from the European Union and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The President of the National Assembly stated that the government ruling coalition, which holds a majority of the Congress, passed several extremely harsh bills with 153 votes in favor and 140 votes against. The ruling coalition meeting is only 5 seats more than the opposition party, so it is a thrilling pass.
These reforms include public officials, including thousands of teachers and municipal police officers, who must seek another job within eight months or accept government-appointed positions or they will be unemployed.
At the same time, the Greek people have been holding up the rumors of the rumors in the past few days to launch street demonstrations. According to police estimates, about 3,000 people gathered outside the parliament building on the evening of the 17th to protest.
Greece passed the Public Servant Reform Act to remove obstacles to the next 6.8 billion euro bailout loan. The euro zone finance ministers set up a conference call on the 24th to discuss the funding.
German Finance Minister Xiao Bole will visit Greece on a rare occasion on the 18th, rumored to be a company that has set up aid funds to assist in operational difficulties. Xiao Bole publicly praised the efforts of the Greek budget to reduce the deficit before the trip.
Over the past four years, Greece has been forced to implement a series of painful reforms in exchange for the €240 billion EU-IMF bailout fund. However, measures such as mass layoffs and reductions in pensions have made domestic people unfamiliar, leading to frequent protests and strikes.
On the whole, Greece must relocate 25,000 public servants and lay off an additional 4,000 people by the end of this year. It is scheduled to complete the reset of 4,200 public servants by the end of July.
Last month the Greek government announced the closure of the state-run Greek Broadcasting and Television Corporation (ERT), which led to the departure of the Democratic Left Party and the ruling coalition led by Prime Minister Samaras.

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