Beautiful German Lynn Park Community

The transformation of industrial areas into downtown areas has been a problem, but the “Park Linne” project in Germany has succeeded as a model for this problem. Villa area 50 new apartments ranging in size from 65 to 187 square meters and 64 parking spaces in the underground parking lot. Elegant city villas, classic townhouses, stylish lofts, and stylish city apartments are embedded in a unique landscape. The concept of urban planning is based on a well-balanced streetscape and a identifiable detached residential urban image. The space is an amazing order from the depth and height of the building. Towards the south, the imaging sequence of the square along the axis develops, which further emphasizes the positioning of the tree’s groups.

There are protrusions and grooves in the bright colors of different alternating stickers to give the building a classic, modern look . The entrance section is fitted with wooden doors as well as slate and visual structure throughout the orchestra. In addition, the main purpose is to extend down to the first floor of the window, the veranda and the roof terrace to determine the building. Carefully formulated the details of their enrollment to each villa’s personal charm and strengthen the generation of an address.

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Australian women architects’ path to change

The guide, in a fair form, the architects at the Australian Institute’s (AIA) National Conference in Perth pointed out that developing a response study shows that only 20% of Australian architects are women, and the guidelines are designed to help achieve a more Fair industry initiatives that provide every opportunity and better meet contemporary challenges.
The research project, “Equity and Diversity in Architectural Architecture in Australia: Women, Work and Leadership”, began in mid-2011, looking at women’s participation, development and architectural representation. Particular attention is paid to the underrepresentation of women in senior management positions. The results show that women account for almost half of all Australian architecture graduates, but only one in five registered architects are women.
Unfortunately, many architects work incredibly long, and there is no industry standard for flexibility and part-time work. This makes it difficult for women to balance work and family commitments. This Code addresses the key challenges of the architecture that women face. They advise employers on how to modify policies, recruitment methods, salary structures and working conditions to better support gender equality.
This guide identifies nine workplace issues that may hamper women’s careers and provide strategies for developing different, more equitable work practices. They are:
1, pay equity: towards men and women in the same work of equal pay for construction, to avoid payment of wages in arrears; free ‘internship’ arrangements are not part of the approved education plan; to do an annual pay fair audit; and establish A transparent compensation system.
2, long time: a challenging long-term cultural framework, including the establishment of a flexible office to accommodate planners; setting a reasonable workload for employees; and ensuring that senior members lead by example.
3, part-time work: establish and explore permanent part-time work arrangements, promote meaningful part-time work in the building; consider work sharing arrangements; and have the right processes and technologies to support business efficiency and promote internal improvement Communicate with the outside world.

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Spanish three-bedroom building for the poor

Architects Alvarez and Sara Rubio plan to work together to design a residential complex that is dedicated to low-income families and young people who are just working and poor old people, and is cheaper than cheaper houses on the market. Safe and comfortable, it is expected to build 168 such residences, the overall structure is three-bedroom.

Therefore, sustainable development is the stage of script linking projects, initial sketches, technical projects, development of construction And the maintenance and use of future properties. We present a project with good quality housing with very low implementation costs, with minimal energy costs.
These two buildings are defined as a single project. The lower building has 10 floors and a total of 59 homes. The taller building, 7 storeys high, has 109 homes. The two buildings are connected by a public square in the middle floor. The underground three floors of this floor are underground parking lots and storage space.
The project is committed to sustainable development, ensuring its balance and environmental resources. Combined with solar photovoltaic systems, energy and air are harvested from the sun to reduce emissions of polluting gases. Due to a demanding thermal cladding, shading system, ventilation and clean energy production, the project has an energy rating of “A” to minimize energy consumption.
Modification and standardization of housing and structure, "GRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) prefabricated exterior walls, prefabricated bathroom units and coordination between architects and construction companies, with sound construction techniques, optimized resources, consolidation A high quality project that is consistent with the environment and a limited budget.

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Mirror fence reflects the changing landscape

The challenge and challenge was to design the spatial separation of the Socrates Sculpture Park, where artist Allison came up with a creative mirror fence. The installation is barely noticeable during the summer and winter, with some great visual effects in the fall and spring, when the diversity of colors is at its peak. Non-traditional engineering measures and evoke continuous conversion of spatial reflections.

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Vienna World Museum is about to be refurbished

The Vienna World Museum is planned to be refurbished for £23.2 million and will be designed and built by GH Design, in conjunction with RAA (Ralph Appelbaum Associates) Design and Austrian local engineering companies to provide technical support for this refurbishment.

This project includes the renovation of 29 pavilions in the museum. The expanded exhibition area will be welcoming the museum. Come to more world-class works of art to enrich people’s cultural life. The plan includes creating a brand new “media box” and placing it at the entrance of the public square as the information service center and tourist service area of ​​the museum; the new “column hall” will be designed as a museum An activity space where visitors can enjoy a variety of works of art on the roof while resting. In addition to the first time, the design team will create a more spacious restaurant and visitor lounge to make visitors more enjoyable.

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Danish architect design Persgren Museum

Denmark architects announced their design for the Persgren Maritime Museum and Discovery. The installation along the Persgren River Industrial Zone is prominent, the edges are jagged, and the overall facade is aluminum, although at first glance the avant-garde design seems to have nothing to do with its industrial background, actually to pay homage to the town’s historic wharf Field and shipping industry. Over the years, the local maritime sector has employed thousands of local residents to promote the economic survival of the town.

It must be more modern than the buildings around it. The new 2000 square meter Maritime Museum is integrated with the industrial landscape through a special management and merged around it. The tortuous contours of the reflection building are unique in terms of style and materials. The odd-numbered dimensions of the architect’s deliberately designed building incorporate unique shapes, small wooden houses and warehouses.

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Latest analysis and forecast of the coatings industry in Eastern Europe

A prediction report for the Eastern European coatings industry has been published, which provides a detailed overview of the coatings market and predicts the top ten paint and coating markets across the continent, from Eastern Europe to the Black Sea: Armenia, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia , Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine. It focuses on providing market insights into the mainstream coatings industry. According to statistics, the demand for coatings in these countries has exceeded 2.7 million tons. According to the average annual growth rate of 5.8%, it is expected to reach more than 360 million tons by the end of 2016. Economic growth has boosted demand for coatings in the region, including: growth in the construction market, growth in infrastructure investment, rising wages and greater disposable income, and growing industrial output.
The regional market is now dominated by two economies, Russia and Turkey, which together account for 23,000 tons of paint and paint consumption per month. Turkey is enjoying the highest market growth rate. The main reason is Turkey’s nationwide construction, maintenance and refurbishment projects, as well as the strong position of the local powder coatings industry. Russia also maintained the average growth rate of the architectural coatings market during this period. Customers are increasingly looking at health, safety and environmental issues. However, the low quality and economic architectural coatings business still holds the largest market share. The average growth of industrial coatings is also in line with previous forecasts, with the highest growth in the use of bridges and tunnels in the paint and coatings industry. In addition, another key reason for the growth of the Russian coatings market is the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

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Plastics in the ocean can be recycled

Our ocean is full of waste plastics and will never completely break down. The plastic pieces will only get smaller and smaller and become more difficult to collect. Seeking to solve this ubiquitous problem, a studio in the UK, Keelen, is using recycled plastic from the ocean to make recycled plastic.

The plastic used in the studio’s sea chairs is collected from the most polluted beaches in the UK, in the small bays of the southwestern tip of the British Isles. The studio collects tiny plastic particles,

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German construction equipment and cement industries face an arduous year

The German Engineering Association reported that machinery and machine tool orders fell by 6% quarter-on-quarter in December 2013. Domestic business fell by 10%, and international business was 4% from the same period last year. From October to December 2013, new orders fell by 3% year-on-year, while the average annual growth rate was -2%.
& ldquo; See the sluggish growth in the family and surrounding euro zone countries. In principle, monthly performance should not be exaggerated, but we prefer to end better for a difficult year,” VDMA chief economist Dr. Ralph said. “All hopes are staying in 2014 now. The German cement industry is also facing an announcement of uncertainty and renewable energy law surcharges, which last year could push energy prices into energy-intensive industries. The German Cement Factory Association reported that the cost increase in December may be eliminated and compete with foreign countries for market share. “As the cost of production rises, coastal areas near border special facilities or European neighboring countries will be affected, as the latter will not be subject to any additional charges from any country,” the association said on its December 19 report. The report said it was a fee, which indicates that more than 200,000 jobs will be lost and these cement plants will face the impact of closure.

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Two types of hull pavilions show funny

The two hull pavilions are located on glaciers, which have coastal views and a cool maritime climate. The landform is composed of granite bedrock and boulder, clean white sand and turquoise water. The two pavilions are like the hulls of two ships floating on the shoreline, forming a protected outdoor place between and underneath. The hull pavilion is a landscape viewing instrument, like a pair of telescopes, the first view of the sea. The third field of view looks at the coastline below, forming a connecting entrance block.

One structure contains one core and the other contains a side core. The hull pavilion has two main forms (living room and master bedroom), layered at both ends, and an outdoor protection porch. The third link takes the form of a large entrance foyer, center and kitchen. The large room includes a floating 24 totem fireside. This house is still a fertile place for architects to study.

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