Do you want to have a mobile home?

Smart Architecture genius behind the highway and Van Gogh bicycle lane recently turned their vision to housing In order to build smart and modular housing for young professionals.

As a person living in San Francisco, I can personally confirm that the beautiful housing that young professionals can afford is definitely something I long for. HeijmanscreatedHeijmansHousing, a mobile home that can be placed anywhere in the city in just one day.
This is an affordable, modular housing that includes everything the family needs. It has a kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom and even an external courtyard. Simple MobilityHeijmansHousing also means bringing more potential to a dull life.
They hope to launch the first batch in the Netherlands this year30Houses.

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KETTLE BLACK Cafe in Melbourne

Not just a cafe, not a restaurant, MelbourneKettle Black The cafe is a minimalist place hidden in Albert Road. Located next to the skyscraper, the welcoming café combines classic and modern touches.

byStudio You MeDesign, furniture fromDesignByThem , cafe interior with soft oak Neutral tones, hexagonal marble tiles and brass finishes.
Matte black steel fittings give a strong contrast to the light interior, while green tones add a fun touch.
Small details, such as the contrast between brass hooks and warm organic linen, excite the emotions of every moment.

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2015 Satellite Salon Exhibition

Satellite Salon was established in 1998Year, bringing the most promising young designers and most important business people from around the world to SaloneExhibition.

Max HarperCorkerSeries and Matthew HardingandRowan TurnhamExoSeries is one of two collections of the show, they are a group of young Australian designers.

Hoffis a fun and colorful modular sofa system by Bergen DesignerMorten & JonasandKioshi YamamotoCooperative design. You can mix and match colors and shapes.

Gradus by BauhausOlga BielawskaDesign PunktThe chandelier is very fashionable. She is now a freelance designer in Hamburg, Germany. She was born in Warsaw, Poland and grew up in Bavaria, Germany.

Joa HerrenknechtStudio DesignNaniUsed obsolete Material—&mdash ;A sturdy bench with salmon skin leather cushions—— by-product from the food industry.

Maijia PuoskariVanamochandelier, covered by powder coated steel and hand blown Made of glass, inspired by a small Finnish forest plant. Pink bell-shaped plants are particularly fragrant at night, when the chandelier is lit.

VladimirCollection, inspired by engineersVladimir SchuchovThe hyperbolic structure, including a table, Wall tables and stools.This is based on a simple and simple structure:Vladimirincludes two oiled European wild oak discs and Five metal rods can be constructed without tools,DesignerChristoph Friedrich Wagnersaid.

Raw NarrativesBonded LeatherCollections, including two wall-to-wall tables, chandeliers, vases, candlesticks and hand-made leather pencils, are made from leather scraps.

DesignedGemma, inspired by the facets of sparkling cut diamonds.

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Indoor blinds at a glance

The functions of these blinds were placed first, but they were painted black at midnight, in stark contrast to the white walls.

When you first listen When it comes to barn wood shutters, it’s not that appealing, but when you see them in such a bathroom, you will think of how fairy tale they are.

The blinds Give a DIY The feeling is that they are very simple, connected by wooden blocks by hinges. You can choose the color you like and see how they change your room

Add a small indoor blind to your reading and rest corners to provide natural light during the day and some privacy for the night.

These weird blinds we like have a historic secular appeal, they are so fashionable and solemn.

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London Design Festival 19 Greek Street Works A

When you walk into the door, you will find the first work. All the windows have been replaced by the current window, which is Marjan Van Aubel Caventou Design ——This is a stained glass window that captures solar energy into enough Power comes iPhoneCharging. The desk at the front desk is one of Lionel Jadot one of the debut’s debuts, it is recycled Made of wood and thin copper pipes.

On the first floor, a pop-up cafe is full Sustainable furniture, including by Swedish designerAnders HammarstrandDesigned hardwood chair, he said, My design process begins with a Small paintings, horizontal, vertical and slanted black lines form a sketch of a chair.

A one-bedroom apartment on the second floor showcases new work. From Paratelier<span style="font-family: Times New Roman; mso-ascii-font-family:"Times New Roman";mso-hansi- The bed-frames and bedside tables of font-family:"Times New Roman" are made of formwork of prefabricated components, which are commonly used for concrete casting. FromPeter MarigoldVegetableThe lamp is a portable desk lamp that uses large, heavy vegetables as a base. From AbacaNevernMattress is made of organic wool and mohair——No metal springs.

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Exquisite bobbin lace mural

Warsaw artistNeSpoon recently brought her exquisite work toBobowaThe streets are covered with beautiful bobbin laces. Her outdoor decorations are very popular, with large-scale paintings or small print sculptures. Here, she used a large detailed template to paint the walls as if there was a huge textile covering the roof from the roof. This is an exquisite addition to everyday architecture, turning the boring surface into an intricate piece of art.

NeSpoonThe bobbin lace pattern cites the long history of Poland, they are from 16The century of Italy passed.

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Unique roof of the Louvre Abu Dha Museum of Art

The Louvre Abu Dha Museum of Art by renowned architectsJean NouvelDesign, building under construction, located in the United Arab EmiratesSaaydiyat island. It will be the first global art museum built in the Arab world.

As its name suggests, the Louvre Abu Dhabi is the iconic expansion of the French Louvre. The idea was not to reproduce the original museum, but to bring together the history and reputation of the Louvre with the rapidly modernizing Arabian Peninsula.
Light plays an important role in this unique building. The dome roof has a small, intricate pattern that lets the broken sun shine through and casts interesting shadows. In addition to natural light, there are also LuxionaDesignedParalumLighting. The solid rectangular shape becomes an integral part of the interior structure and can also be used as a sculptural element.

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Holiday villa with Mediterranean view

Building for a family looking for a holiday home,Cool Blue Villa is a Mediterranean villa, occupants Provided privacy. 123DVDesign, villa with low-key walls and appearance.

The owner is eager for a seaside house, which leads to the conceptual design of the house surrounded by water. The central area of ​​the outdoor is the swimming pool, which has a transparent corner. There is a water passage on one side of the pool that extends to the side of the living room.
The glass staircase provides a view of the sea. The custom kitchen island is made of sturdy Corian with a dramatic polygonal shape.
The house is equipped with a system that allows all high-tech equipment to be controlled via a smartphone or tablet.

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Inspired by natural paper sculpture

French American artistPaul Louise-JulieUse paper and paint to make dreamy sculptures, Full of aesthetics and skill, the theme comes from multiple cultures. Louise-JulieCreated these mixed works after spending seven years working on African civilization and art, including a one-year trip to West Africa and the Sahara Desert. These sculptures usually depict the forms of animals and plants and humans, representing contemporary Western ideas, traditional African techniques, and even the origami manual collisions influenced by Japan.

Louise-Juliemainly a graphic designer, further exploring African heritage in other works, including fantasy images released earlier this year Fiction.

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Calm home designed for restaurant owners

Jon Mikulic is Newline Design, he just completed the house in the suburb of Richmond, Melbourne, Australia, which was designed for local restaurant owners. The original house was built in a corner. Mikulic The task is to design a new family home with work, life, play, and art areas

The design has an additional condition that is combined with the original structure and allows New space and greater flexibility.
The wall is opened to connect the kitchen, living room, dining room and study, and is also connected to the outdoors. It can be seen that the blue sky is a key point in the design.

I like them to use primary colors Mix dark and bright wood.

The new design also includes sleeping areas and bathrooms.

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