A hotel rooted in academic and design

The hotel is a member of the design hotel portfolio and does not look like a hotel belonging to the University City. With a princely interior, this modern hotel exudes serenity and sophistication and should look like a quiet meadow on the outskirts of the town, not the heart of the city.

The hotel is designed by a construction company based in Hannover and is made of wildly patterned bricks, reflecting the contemporary character of the building and the creativity inside the building.

The restaurant offers Japanese-South American cuisine by the chef. Guests can sample delicious sushi, sashimi, ceviche and grilled meat in the open concept kitchen of the restaurant.

The communal lounge area features custom-designed carpets, colourful Moroccan cement stone tiles, oversized armchairs, plush velvet sofas and modern fixtures, all of which contribute to conversation and collaboration.

Modern amenities include a spa, fitness room, yoga facility, lounge and rooftop terrace.

The rooms have a Nordic touch with oak floors, cool grey wallpaper and floor-to-ceiling windows, offering a wide view of the natural atmosphere of Göttingen.

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New hotel with modern Parisian style

This stylish new hotel in the heart of Paris offers comfortable and relaxing accommodation in the city’s activities and hustle and bustle. The hotel is a new hotel designed to provide guests with a variety of fresh air – from the inside to the rooms and food.

The 54-room hotel was created by a renowned hotel architect with a visual blend of nature, modern comforts and refined style. It is conveniently located in the heart of Paris, in the 8th arrondissement, close to the Paris Opera, department stores and countless restaurants, including its own bar and restaurant.

The building itself is an architectural jewel and an Ottoman building. It is a refurbished architect in Paris, and his apartment buildings are located on many boulevards in Paris.

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Monochrome hotel in Latvia

The new Redstone hotel was recently opened in the old town of Riga, Latvia. Designed by the ANNVIL Interior Architecture, this boutique hotel features a very interesting design choice, with 4 rooms on 11 floors, each with a monochrome color scheme.

The hotel’s St. Petrus restaurant is located on the first two floors and serves modern Latvian cuisine. After that, there is no texture and no shape. The third floor presents the colors of the Baltic Sea. There is pink on the fourth floor. The fifth floor is a simple milky white. Finally, the sixth floor uses the shade of the blue lagoon.

The idea of ​​a monochrome floor is because the hotel wants to highlight the most important thing in the room: the guest! In addition, because each room is a monochrome design, the subtle nuances of the furniture suddenly appear from the background. Walls and furniture mean that form and matter seem to blend together. The rest is the highlight of the room, whether it is a mirror coffee table, marble countertops or modern lights.

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Lights inspired by street signs

Kaschkasch is looking for inspiration on Danish streets, especially street signs, while creating their products, Marselis floor lamps and lamps. The rounded head of the lamp rotates to direct the light vertically, while the rod rotates on the base to change direction.

The light is placed in a slanted circular disc that allows you to select indirect light sources or direct task lighting. On the back of the disc, there is a light switch with three dimming options.

The lamp body is made of die-cast aluminum with a powder coating on its surface and the panel lamp is embedded in an injection molded polycarbonate opalescent lens.

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Backyard decoration and landscape

Backyard swing

A backyard for children to play may also include a swing. This may be a simple swing, you can build it yourself. It would be nice to have a tree that can be hung, but other methods are fine. Of course, the swing is fun, not only for kids, so you can even enjoy it in your backyard when you are an adult.

Boxes on the fence

The box on the fence, now this is a very specific backyard decoration concept. This is also a great way to reuse and recycle old wooden boxes and hang them on fences or on the outer walls of houses where they can function as box shelves. You can show pots on them, and you can keep some gardening supplies just in case you are interested.


The word waterscape is quite common because there are many different types and options to choose from. You may want to add a fountain to your backyard, maybe you prefer a small pond, and why not even try a waterfall. Having a natural source of water, such as a small river in the backyard, will definitely be cool, but there are many ways to handle this problem if necessary.


Recycling is easy, and we think this is something everyone should do. There are many different ways of recycling. When it comes to backyard decoration, we recommend recycling trays or old furniture to create benches or flower pots.

One seat

When you have a beautiful backyard decor, with greenery and a calm and relaxing atmosphere, sometimes sit and enjoy everything It is very good. In this sense, you can organize a rest area. A pair of comfortable chairs and a small table should be all that is needed. Place them in the shade of the shade or add an umbrella.

Outdoor Art

There are also art issues that we should discuss. We are talking about garden sculptures and other similar elements. These can be things you create yourself, or things you buy. Either way, you should find a way to blend art with the backyard landscape. Maybe you can cultivate some plants that grow on the sculpture, or you might prefer to put it on the water so that it looks floating.

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IKEA launches GRATULERA Vintage collection to celebrate its 75th anniversary

This year IKEA celebrates its 75th anniversary and commemorates this special moment, they will revisit the archives and bring back some of the most popular works. GRATULERA is a retro limited edition hand-selected collection that allows you to enjoy the Swedish giant and its budget-friendly products. They divided the series into three periods—the 50-60s, the 70-80s, and the 90-00s, which will be launched on three different dates in 2018. Every period is very different, but you will see IKEA experience more than seven years of business operations.

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Bathroom sink inspired by vinyl records

If you love vinyl and miss the record players that have passed away, Gianluca Paludi has designed a product that suits you. Vinyl is a mix of table and DJ settings from the 1970s, with a built-in sink basin similar to a turntable.

For more phonograph players, the faucet is like a stylus, and the knob for adjusting the volume on the turntable is used to adjust the water pressure and temperature.

The wooden base of the sink basin includes a storage drawer designed with a Bluetooth controlled music amplifier. A series of small holes on the front panel hide the speakers.

The complete table has an extra storage tempered glass shelf, a towel bar, and a leather bag to hold your gear.

The top and bottom of the LED mirror have an indicator light similar to the audio equalizer.

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The artist used more than 300,000 toothpicks to create a refined urban structure.

Self-educated artistBob MoreheadCreated a complex urban landscape, using only wood glue and more than 300000root toothpick . Heavy 50pound ,eight feetwidth,2feethigh and two feetdeep,BobThe toothpick city It is composed by a unique architecture, comprising a plurality of floors and rooms, floors en staircase.

MoreheadThere was no use of molds to make his work, only through his imagination and inspiration from the architecture of the Amalfi Coast in Naples, Italy, that was where he was born.

He explained Road,For me, creation is like oxygen. My survival cannot be without it, it is really part of me, part of my soul.

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Scandinavian living room country style decoration

Do you have a rustic decor, one or two pieces of rustic wood furniture is a great way to stay neutral. You can buy a piece of furniture, even DIYone, it will definitely complement your Scandinavian Navia decoration.

Gallery Wall It is a clear Scandinavian decoration. Choose photos or prints in black, white, and neutral tones. Add one or two gold-plated frames and you will create a great gallery wall.
If you like to change photos, I suggest you use a photo ledge instead of a gallery wall. This allows you to easily replace the photo frame and even add dishes and plants.
When you want to build a Scandinavian living room, you can never have too many pillows. Choose gray, black and white, you can have any pattern to grab your eye.

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Sculpture of Milan Design Week 2017

Artist and sculptor Halima Cassell hand-carved a series of geometric bowls inspired by Islamic architecture.

The British-born artist Heike Brachlow studied blown glass technology in New Zealand as a core part of his work. These amazing sculptures are made of stained glass.
Jim Shepherd’s interlocking geometric wooden form is hand-crafted, exploring materials, patterns, colors and forms.

These 3D printed sculptures are from Michael Eden and are made of high quality nylon with a soft mineral coating.

Sam Baron tableware has been collected from many countries for many years, and materials and technology offer almost unlimited possibilities.

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