Rheinmetall make travel more convenient future – energy conservation and electrification programs “doing”, a comprehensive enterprise moped

In recent years, the face of increasingly serious environmental problems as well as fuel consumption and emissions regulations, car prices have continued to tighten the side of traditional fuel vehicles to increase energy conservation, increased investment side to do more hybrid and new energy vehicles. Under this situation, auto parts enterprises are also competing to make the appropriate product innovation, in order to quickly meet the surge in demand for automobile companies. During the 2019 Shanghai Auto Show Control Engineering Copyright , related to energy conservation, electrification of innovative technologies and products has become an auto parts enterprises “contests” weapon, it can be described as Aspect lot.
Rheinmetall Automotive booth scene
As the world ranked the forefront of automotive suppliers, the core competence of the German Rheinmetall car that will reduce emissions, reduce energy consumption, reduce friction and thermal management and electrical drive and other fields . Product range covers exhaust gas recirculation system, secondary air system, actuators, solenoid valves, pumps, pistons, engine components and aluminum structural member and a sliding bearing, in addition to electric vehicle drive system, drive motor and a battery case made of aluminum housing and electronic pumps and other products. During the Shanghai Auto Show, Rheinmetall car around E 3 (emission reduction, efficient, electric drive) theme, highlight Rheinmetall brands and cutting-edge technology of electric drive and Kolbenschmidt components and systems Pierre Borg brand solutions, these programs mainly for energy conservation and efficiency of traditional internal combustion engines and electric vehicles improved.
Rheinmetall Automotive CEO Horst Bin Nixi (Horst Binnig)
Today, new energy vehicles into the fast lane, which not only challenges the traditional auto parts suppliers, but it also brings more opportunities. Rheinmetall Automotive CEO Horst Bin Nixi (Horst Binnig) believes that electric cars generate sustained positive impact on the rapid development of the global scope of traditional internal combustion engine technology field will have expertise, “Car manufacturers need a good operating zero parts suppliers as a basis for its advanced drive system for technical support, especially in the automotive industry for many years a mature professional and technical knowledge accumulated in the field of R & D and manufacturing technology. “Rheinmetall automotive is actively involved in China’s new energy automotive industry development and lead the future technological development. Horst Binnig, said: “China is the most important market in the world of carsMarket, Rheinmetall Automotive not only provide services for conventional internal combustion engine customers in China, but also provide further support for the new energy travel. The past two years, in the field of new energy vehicles, we get a lot of product orders Control Engineering Copyright , such as heat pumps, valves, electronic vacuum pump. In 2018 unfavorable development of the overall auto market situation, we are still in the Chinese market to achieve a close to 6% growth, of which the contribution of both traditional products, but also inseparable from the development of new energy automotive-related businesses, “
Rhein metal car Shanghai auto show press conference
Dismon Heierich Rheinmetall automotive also chief technology officer, said: “the transition engine to the electric motor is not one step, but to pass on the process. Our business can succeed, stick to the internal combustion engine is based on the field of product development and production technology at the same time, it was supplemented by a hybrid and electric vehicles and innovative products. In the hybrid Our advantage is very obvious, because we have both an internal combustion engine-related experience, but also the electric car-related technologies. “
Rheinmetall Automotive products provide solutions for numerous new energy vehicles
At present, in addition to the traditional automotive business CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , Rheinmetall’s automotive business in China also focused on the latest developing the electric drivetrain, wherein the housing comprises an electric drive, battery trays, etc. to the motor housing, for example, the cooling system components highly modern technical complexity, to provide the necessary temperature adjustment of the electric drive system, a need for a special casting process. to meet this demand, Rheinmetall automotive provides aluminum casting motor housing, ripe used in mass production, is also successfully put into production applications in China.
Rheinmetall production of motor cars for the Chinese market housing
in addition, car Rheinmetall new energy vehicles there are many innovative solutions, such as a battery and an electronic cooling pump and an electric drive, can improve the mileage of automotive air conditioning systems of new energy heating / cooling modules , noise can be reduced using a special electric vehicle sliding bearing made of a material and the slide Rails, etc. Currently, these solutions have gained a good application. Up to now, Rheinmetall car in the field of electric vehicles has received a total of more than 6 billion yuan of orders (Equivalent to 800 million euros). Horst Binnig said: “We do a lot in terms of mechanical and electrical integration of investment in the past two years, invested in this area closer to 1 billion yuan, and in the next 3-5 years, we in mechatronics field investment of nearly 5.0 billion, just fixed assets, as well as R & D investment through initiatives such as this, we plan to further increase sales of our company’s goal is to reach 5 billion euros in sales in 2021. ” It is worth mentioning that, recently, compact models based Rheinmetall car Fiat 500, modified tested several alternative drive member in an electric vehicle. This electric vehicle is named EMove (Electric Mobility Vehicle), which uses a variety of advanced electric vehicle solution, for example Rheinmetall developed internally cool the battery pack for the newly developed high-performance traction motor to power the vehicle, maximum speed of 135 km / h, 250 km mileage; Further, in the battery pack protection housing made of a fiber composite structure, can be protected from mechanical damage, especially mechanical damage caused under the vehicle CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , this “protective armor” by a Rheinmetall Group specializing in protection applications developed by sister company. EMove electric vehicles
During the exhibition, Rheinmetall car also made its world debut an electric bicycle drivetrain for its startups Amprio. It is understood, Amprio as operating system supplier has developed its own dedicated driving unit, includes a battery pack and peripheral devices (a display, connected to the rider and control interface), all of which are modularly arranged, bicycle manufacturers to meet the demand. Horst Binnig said: “The first city to resolve the last kilometer of the city or the travel needs of the future will give us huge business opportunities, with Amprio, our Group is rapidly expanding into the electric assist bicycle market.” Although the future of new energy vehicles proportion It must be increased, but equally undeniable that the traditional diesel model in the longer term there will continue to be the market mainstream, traditional type of diesel energy saving there is also a lot of space. In this context, Rheinmetall Automotive continues roots in traditional internal combustion engineAutomotive products.
Rheinmetall automobile exhaust gas recirculation system Products
The Auto Shanghai, Rheinmetall also shows a series of conventional automotive internal combustion engine energy saving schemes, such as the exhaust gas recirculation system, throttle valve and other valves and adjustable pumps and other products, these products help reduce emissions. Also featured are coated with a friction-reducing technology steel piston and a piston weight, and high-performance sliding bearing, which contribute to making the engine more environmentally friendly. Looking to the future Control Engineering Copyright , Horst Binnig believes car manufacturers focus has changed from the traditional production vehicle to provide mobile travel services. Manufacturers focus transmission system into the interior, comfort and degree of automation is more inclined to the car; and two legs Rhine development strategy, both in innovative electric drive motor and sustainable development in traditional areas, ran a machine, just We may be leading the trend, which is also the reason why cornerstone of success. Relying on RWE automotive and defense of two business areas, the Rhine has been part of the defense technology business unit applied to the automobile business. Such as automotive lithium batteries to run some special traffic in, two of them on the use of defense technology division. It is a protection system, in order to prevent invasion of some stones, the battery system intrusion. The second, protective coating, once the invasion occurs, the system will boot the spread of the fire to extinguish yet. Rhine is trying to defense of the division of software technology, applied to the automotive sector. The technology is far ahead of the current development of software technology the automotive sector. Finally, Horst Binnig said, first, the Rhine will further substantially improve existing technologies. Second, the development of more new technology. Third, to achieve a more diversified product and technology, covering more areas.

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