Accenture released “Technology Outlook 2019”: Five emerging technology trends in new digital age

Digital technology can help companies become more in-depth, detailed understanding of customers, open up more channels to its reach consumers, while it with new potential partners to expand the ecosystem. Today, digital technology is no longer a competitive differentiator, but rather an essential element of winning business in the future. Report survey shows that more than 6672 global business and IT executives, nearly four out of five (79%) of respondents believe that digital technology – particularly social, mobile, data analysis and cloud technologies – has crossed Application ” island “stage, become an important part of the core technology base in the enterprise.
a, DARQ power: decoding the DARQ DNA technology books distributed (distributed ledgers), AI (artificial intelligence), augmented reality (extended reality) and quantum computing (quantum computing) – referred DARQ, a change the catalyst, is to lead the next phase of reform, reshaping emerging technologies in various industries. Accenture’s research shows that 41 percent of Chinese respondents said business over the next three years, artificial intelligence greater impact on their companies, far more than several other DARQ technology. In fact, individual DARQ technology has penetrated the industry and play a role, such as AI plays a key role in optimizing processes and influence strategic decisions. Augmented reality is an immersive technology, providing people with new experience and interact with the world around way. In the context of encryption currency, distributed technology is best known books, and expanding the network and functions by eliminating the need for a trusted third party. Quantum computing is still the most experimental DARQ technology that will introduce new ways to solve difficult computational problems. Research shows that 89% of companies have been testing one or more DARQ technology, they are expected to become key differentiating factor, and is a substantial increase in its DARQ investment. Experience has shown that when these technologies in a very short time when integration, which can lead to great changes, so that enterprises have a new imagination of the entire industry. DARQ breakthrough technology will change the existing rules of the game. Overall, DARQ technology will promote the new digital age-related innovations and opportunities. Second, I understand the economy: consumers unique personalized decryption technology-driven business opportunities for each consumer interaction isCreating ever-expanding technology logo. This is the next generation of consumers to understand the business, and personalized customer experience – essential for the creation of relationships. Digital Innovation enables companies to develop digital identities based on a broad understanding of consumers. In the new digital age, companies will continue to build personalized relationships with consumers based on their unique technology identity. This opportunity brings a great responsibility, but also provides continuous insight – leading new digital world needed to understand. The rise of digital technology means that the company can better understand consumers and to better connect with their customers through digital identity. As the technology used today more and more people into the life, technology is rapidly becoming an essential component of personal identity. Leaders are taking advantage of these unique digital identities to create a new generation of products, and consumers to promote sustainable and reliable relationships. Research shows that 83 percent of business and IT executives agree that digital demographic data provides organizations with a new way to identify unmet customer demand market opportunities. Technology-driven transformation experience is that as time goes on and developed. Initially, companies use digital technology and information gathered from personal digital identity to optimize one-off transactions with customers. As digital technology becomes more widespread, leaders not only focus on individual transactions, but also to build a better, longer-lasting customer experience. The current goal is to become the customer’s business life continued, trustworthy partner, by how people choose to use the technology and its use, similar enterprise technology, we can live Control Engineering Copyright , and to provide consumers really want to experience. Companies have personalized their existing products and services Control Engineering Copyright , but only in its infancy. Leaders will further promote the creation of new, personalized, experience-based business model. In the process of exploring the possibility of new personalized digital future in the Control Engineering Copyright , the need to address new challenges, including: consumers sometimes want to use more technology in their lives, sometimes You do not need. If this company wants to build a personalized relationship with the consumer, then the company must always understand the customer personalization and privacy of delicate balance. Third, the Super workforce: Technology is changing the social life in the new digital age, each employee with their own skills and knowledge in reserve to help new technologyUnder help cultivate new skills. More than two thirds (71%) of executives believe their employees than their more mature organizations in digitization, staff are often in a “wait” organization to catch up with the state. Research shows that employees are often already running in the front, while companies are still busy recruiting those “obsolete skills of employees” for a few years before market conditions. In order to thrive in the new digital era, organizations must use technology to narrow the gap between labor and cultivate continuous learning culture. Digital transformation of all aspects of the business being carried out, labor is no exception. Technology in the workplace affects all levels of manpower. Today’s employees can use the latest technology to reshape existing roles and find new, innovative ways to adapt and develop new digital age. Innovative technologies also enable workers to become user-friendly – everyone will be growing technological capabilities and personal knowledge, experience and skills together. Research shows that 78% of business and IT executives agree that improving employee turnover rate has increased the need to re-organize their training. In the war for talent, leaders recognize that employees most important thing is not where they come from, but they can go far. Fourth, the common lot: network security by everyone interoperability is the foundation of the business ecosystem that sustains, but also increases the risks to the business. Business leaders have recognized that, at the same time with the entire ecosystem to create first-class products, services and experience, we must strive to ensure that enterprise security. However, only 11 percent of Chinese surveyed executives said, its ecosystem partners are working to improve its compliance and risk-resisting ability. In today’s interconnected ecosystem, the network attack may reach an unprecedented scale. Organizations must learn to collaborate in IT security, making it a major component of the partnership. Leaders are beginning to realize their synergies and linkages can also be used to greatly improve security. Today, no organization can really solve the problem of network security alone. The impact of modern business world dependent ecosystems exponentially amplify network attacks. Once only undermine the event of a business can now expand and expand, threatening the company’s partner organization, the entire industry, or even most of the economy. As more and more of the physical world is controlled by a digital device, the potential impact even further. Research shows that 87% of business and IT executives believe that to be truly flexible, organizations must reThink about their safety methods, not only to protect themselves, but also to protect their ecosystems. The sooner the company started to build security partnerships ecosystem reflect its participation, the sooner we begin to build a more flexible business. Ecosystem-driven world security is no longer a conservation organization, but to protect everyone. V. custom market: rapid response to customer demand for customized rapid development of digital technology is to create a highly personalized and real-world experience. In order to meet consumer desire for exclusive market, companies must reinvent itself architecture, will deliver these requirements to the production side, to achieve precise matching of supply and demand. 85% of surveyed executives believe China , the ability to integrate customized and real-time delivery is the key to building the next round of competitive advantage. Report that in the new digital age, innovation should focus on building people surrounding environment, and choose the right time to provide customers with products and services. Leading enterprises have taken the first step, tailor-made products for individual consumers, as well as service life scene, to meet their needs from all aspects of life to work, only needed to build consumer exclusive reality. Among these, the personalization and customization to a whole new level typical example is the Japanese e-commerce company ZOZOTOWN. It Zozosuits clothing can be paired with ZOZOTOWN application, customers choose the exact size clothing, clothing customized products can arrive in just 10 days. Not just in the fashion industry, technology makes things previously unattainable customization is also possible. US retailer Sam’s Club (Sam’s Club) developed an application, the application uses machine learning and data customers purchased in the past to automatically fill out a shopping list; the company also plans to add navigation features to show through the store to the list route optimization for each project. The number of “Asia Miles” block chain technology applications to ensure the safety transparent transaction records, so that “Asia Miles” with its partners and affiliates with near real-time transaction management, allowing members to earn miles by Cathay Pacific’s award scheme It can be deposited in the account the next day. China Ping Lu Jin introduced the use of the AI ​​algorithm model of intelligent financial products, investment and decision-making based on real user behavior, understand the user’s preferences and risk tolerance attitude, to provide personalized financial management in line with their preferences and behavior of the real needs Program. The report states that still finishedInto the digital transformation of the company is looking for specific advantages, both innovative services, more efficient or more personalized. The new digital company by these forces combine to change the way the market itself – from one market to more custom market , real-time, demand-demand matching, like China Electronics Jingdong retail platform, like the use of “good life” (toplife) and other differentiated services faster than competitors. The service through third-party platform to help build a custom store sales in Jingdong, the use of sophisticated robots and unmanned aerial vehicles delivered provide access to its supply chain. Service is also working with Wal-Mart, Shenzhen, the store can provide more than 8000 kinds of products in 30 minutes or direct delivery from the store. By unprecedented customization and speed of service, Jingdong while creating new markets for itself, but also empower other companies operate independently. The rise of “instant market” means that each section of discontinuous time of opportunity: to offer new products or services to meet specific customer needs. In the new digital age, only to realize customized or on-demand products and services is not enough, people look forward to both. More importantly, companies can achieve when the current delivery capabilities, they can adjust the specific demand forecasts for further future. The next step will be to improve the leading trend, so they have plenty of time to develop marketing strategies, and prepare for a future where needed. Jia Jin, president of Accenture Greater China Enterprise Technology Innovation Division, said: “When the digital transformation of enterprises are still trying to build innovative services such as more efficient or more personalized and other competitive advantages, early step into leading new digital era enterprises have been changed by the forces polymerization mode of operation of the market itself, extended to multiple markets from a single market customized, on-demand, real-time to meet the demand. ”

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