PipePatrol: new solutions and efficient management of pipeline safety

With the continuous improvement of operational pipeline operators, safety, environmental and regulatory requirements Control Engineering Copyright , Cologne KROHNE provides a new solution for Pipeline Management: PipePatrol is a comprehensive, modular software for oil, gas, water, chemicals or finished products from a single length of refined products and the mixing product (delivery) pipe, conduit and providing monitoring and protection under all operating conditions.
PipePatrol Multiple configurations: leak detection module comprises eight, theft detection, pressure monitoring, pipe break detection, monitoring airtightness, batch tracking, monitoring and predictive modeling pump. These modules may be used singly or in combination of each, you can also have a variety of instruments, and the field of network security systems as the second data acquisition CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , to meet the needs of the application. Based on 30 years of experience in the application pipeline, Cologne KROHNE also provide for the pipeline project management, operations and maintenance services, such as providing support in post-analysis stage authentication or theft. This modularity provides satisfactory results for the pipeline operators and compliance with safety and regulatory requirements and the application of effective budget. Leak detection module provides a leak based PipePatrol E-RTTM (extended real transient model) specific to the detection and localization of liquid gas, the pipe has more than 350 worldwide application. It also has dedicated to quickly and reliably identify and locate unauthorized or illegal theft detection module product emissions CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , as well as leak detection module for detecting small or gradual leaks. Disconnection detection module may be used to quickly and efficiently break detection conduit. It uses a pipeline rupture pattern recognition, when the pipeline ruptured automatic emergency shutdown. Batch mixing product pipeline tracking means for tracking the interface and bulk, stress monitoring and evaluation means for recording the remaining life of the pipeline stress and life stress monitoring. Modeling prediction module predicts pipeline operation (e.g. the next 24 hours), and identify possible threats, such as excessive pressure or insufficient feed. Their offline simulation can be used to obtain corrective action to optimize operations and future plans. Further pump monitoring module by monitoring key mechanical, electrical and fluid mechanics measurements, such that it becomes possible to maintain the pre , thereby increasing system utilization. PipePatrol in line with international standards CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , such as API RP 1130/1149/1175, TRFL, 49 CFR 195, CSA Z662 and SS 512. And in line with corporate standards, including Shell DEP, Kuwait Oil Company KOC-MP-039, Dow and Saudi Aramco global standard LDS SAES-Z003. PipePatrol For more information, click http://cmp.krohnechina.com/pipeline-management/

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