“Sharing” enabling “create” not just so busy idle equipment

Mentioned sharing economy, it is easy to think of “Uber Car” – the use of mobile devices, systems evaluation, payment, LBS and other technical means to effectively supply side and the demand side of the car for optimal match, the two sides to maximize revenue. In recent years, based on the rise of artificial intelligence, big data, networking and other technologies, such sharing economy has begun to accelerate the penetration from the consumer sector to manufacturing areas, many factories opened a “shared manufacturing” mode, the manufacturing sector will be shared economic future the “main battlefield.” October 29, “Shared create” favorable policies ushered in – the Ministry of Industry issued “on accelerating the development of new models share manufacturing new form of guidance to promote the development of high-quality manufacturing” (hereinafter referred to as “Opinion”). “Opinions” to 2022, forming 20 strong innovation ability, big business impact of shared manufacturing demonstration platform; promote support good 50 prospects, driven by strong role in shared manufacturing demonstration projects; by 2025, the shared development of manufacturing step a new level. Allow enterprises to play another live better “share of manufacturing is sharing application model of economic innovation in manufacturing. For example, many small businesses can not afford large enterprises high-value production equipment, when the device is idle www.cechina. cn , these large companies to small businesses use devices open, is the sharing of manufacturing capacity. “Wang Xingshan CEO of Inspur Group on Science and Technology Daily reporter said,” but much more than that share of manufacturing, innovation and service within the capability of also shared the manufacturing category. extend expanded from the virtual world to the physical world, in all aspects of R & D, manufacturing, production and services, sharing economy on manufacturing production organization exerting a profound impact. “Wang Xingshan views and the Ministry of Industry responsible person coincide. According to the person in charge, content sharing is manufactured by one manufacturing capacity sharing, including the sharing of manufacturing resources, production equipment, special tools, production lines; the other is the ability to share innovation, including product design and development capabilities and other intellectual resources sharing, as well as research equipment and laboratory capacity sharing; the third is the ability to share services, mainly around the logistics, warehousing, product testing, maintenance, inspection audits, supply chain management, data storage and analysis service enterprises widespread in common sharing needs. Wang Xingshan example: “For example, the Internet industry in the field of open source, which is the ability to share an innovation from the beginning of 2010, the domestic institutions in.Explore the cloud computing concept brought to manufacturing, which is manufactured by the cloud model, proposed ‘decentralized resources on the use of CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the pooling of resources decentralized service’ concept, which is a manufacturing services of thinking. “Sharing manufacture not only in a foreign country has a mature application cases in the country has accumulated a foundation of development such as machining, electronics manufacturing, textile and garments, scientific instruments, industrial design, inspection and testing, logistics, warehousing and other fields, we have a typical shared purpose batch manufacturing platform, formed a production capacity of docking, co-production and sharing factories and other new models new format, showing great vitality and development potential. Wang Xingshan view, advance manufacturing share of control Engineering Copyright (C) , precisely in order to configure the whole society intensive manufacturing resources, reduce duplication of investment as a whole to address the local shortage of resources, improve innovation capabilities. Ministry of Industry official pointed out, for the manufacture of their own, the development of sharing manufacturing, manufacturing resource control can enable leading enterprises to build a platform control Engineering Copyright , to share manufacturing capacity to both small and great, to find new profit model, can also promote the manufacturing sector specialization, allow enterprises to concentrate on developing core business, enhance core competencies. this will To improve the flexibility and agility of industrial organization, promote the development of medium and small enterprises intermediation and promote the extension of product manufacturing to the service industry chain to enhance the level, speed up towards the high-end global value chains; SMEs help to reduce production and transaction costs, promotion of SMEs specialization, standardization and quality development, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises of great significance to promoting the next generation of information technology and manufacturing integration and development, fostering the growth of new momentum to promote the development of high-quality manufacturing in Bao’an District of Shenzhen Yan Luo street there such a “shared factory”, from large equipment to the workers, from the creative to the brand, everything can be shared. Right now, here has brought together dozens of companies, teams and hundreds of “maker culture.” in shared mode manufacturing they “heating”, together through “growing pains” of small and micro manufacturing. plant, equipment, workers, order, finance and administrative staff are shared, dozens of companies and teams to share a financial office, eliminating the need for the employment of labor costs alone. “share of manufacturing pregnant with the future of social production division Great changes form. “State Information CenterZhang Hong, director of Share Economy Research Center said, “In this model, companies can better live another play.” Share of manufacturing need to further improve the ecological State Information Center research center shared economic report shows that from 2016 to 2018 our manufacturing capacity can share market size was approximately 330 billion yuan, 412 billion yuan and 823.6 billion yuan, the annual growth rate increased from about 25% to about 98%. 2018 annual market transactions accounted for the proportion to share our market share of the total economy of scale increased from 20.1% last year to 28%, increased by nearly 8 percentage points. Industry and Industrial Policy Ministry of Information responsible person, China’s emergence in machining, electronics manufacturing, textile and garments, scientific instruments, industrial design, inspection and testing, logistics, warehousing and other areas a number of typical shared manufacturing platform, formed a production capacity of docking, co-production and sharing factories and other new models new format, showing great vitality and development potential. But it is undeniable, “even though China is a manufacturing superpower, but the industry is big but not strong, irrational structure, innovation capacity is weak, inefficient use of resources. Our share of manufacturing in general is still in its infancy, still faces lack of willingness to share the development of eco imperfect, digital base is weak and other issues. “China information and communication Research Institute Yu Xiaohui said. Currently, many have idle production resources or research equipment of enterprises due to the institutional mechanisms to share and do not want to open to SMEs. Under the traditional manufacturing model , has formed a standard system of trust to the core of the physical plant, and sharing manufacturing model because of multi-agent collaboration, manufacturing, and other virtualization features in the credit evaluation, product terms of standards, the production norms is far from perfect. At the same time, lack of knowledge considerable number of enterprises and departments to share manufacturing capacity, some business-to-capacity shared understanding is not in place, often seen as a simple platform for the Internet trading platform, leading to insufficient internal impetus driving enterprises to participate in capacity sharing. This Yu Xiaohui said: “perfect society is to enhance the development of eco-shared key mode to create new awareness of innovation from resource sharing mechanism, promote the construction of credit system, improve the standard system optimization three tasks to start, to further improve the share of manufacturing development. ecology. “” currently, the government and society are driving big business ‘take the platform, build eco’ SMEs ‘on the platform, into eco’ hair with the share of manufacturingExhibition, ‘ecological platform +’ will become the main business models and change the trend of manufacturing industries. “Wang Xingshan said force from four aspects welcome development window period” China’s manufacturing complete range of many industry segments, to 2022 to build the 20 demonstration platform for sharing manufacturing, 50 demonstration projects aim optimistic feasible. “Wang Xingshan in view, after years of exploration, China’s industrial base has been the development of a shared manufacturing, relying on artificial intelligence, big data, block chain, 5G technologies become more sophisticated, share of manufacturing is ushering in development window period. Right now, our country .? the whole industry chain resource sharing also in the direction of “industry sector have platform” efforts how to accomplish these goals it from the Ministry of industry and platforms, clusters, ecological aspects and basic 4 gives a very clear key tasks: first, to cultivate sharing manufacturing platform, and actively promote the platform, and encouraging innovation platform applications, and promote platform evolution upgrade; Second, relying on the development of industrial clusters to share manufacturing, explore the construction of a shared facility, support for public technology center development, actively promote the service the ability to share; third is to improve share of manufacturing development of eco-innovative resource sharing mechanism, promote the construction of credit system, optimize the sound standard system; Fourth, consolidate digital basic manufacturing development share, enhance corporate digital level, to promote the new infrastructure, enhance network security in addition, support and guide the sharing. manufacturing and healthy development Top-level design, also has important strategic and practical significance to fostering the growth of new momentum, to achieve high-quality manufacturing development As the famous American magazine “connect” the founding editor Kevin Kelly said:. “Anything that can be shared by all more than a million ways we can not yet achieved today is better, faster, more convenient, longer shared. “When sharing tentacles across the upstream industry, into” shared manufacturing circle “of enterprises will have broader prospects for development.

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