“Sharing” mode, manufacturers will bring what?

Since the founding of New China, China’s manufacturing industry has experienced three stages, from the first period of the 1949-1977 New China’s industrialization, the manufacturing stage of rapid development after the 1978-1996 reform and opening up, and then the last 20 years into the manufacturing sector transformation road, China’s manufacturing industry 70 years to find their way in a step by step. Although China has become a manufacturing superpower, but a weak, still faced with unreasonable structure, innovation, low resource utilization is low, especially in the presence of micro small and medium manufacturing enterprises Internet integration and other issues is not enough. However, under the impetus of the new round of revolution in information technology, coupled with a favorable policy environment external drive, has been the emergence of a “Shared create” a new model of this new format. “Shared create” model, designed to industry-based Internet platform , is characterized by use of a shared around all aspects of the manufacturing process, integration, configuration of distributed manufacturing resources and manufacturing the ability to enhance new economic patterns to maximize production efficiency in manufacturing. In this mode, China’s manufacturing enterprises will face great opportunities for development. First, improve production efficiency and effectiveness. This is the most direct benefit manufacturers by industry Internet platform, to achieve the production data, information, intelligence, will greatly improve production efficiency. In addition, a number of sophisticated production equipment, cost up to millions or even tens of millions, of small and medium micro enterprises is difficult to bear, through the “share of manufacturing”, only need to pay rental fee to use large enterprises manufacturing equipment for order execution, in order to achieve large-scale micro-enterprises and small and medium-win-win situation. Second, to alleviate seasonal capacity balance. Under the traditional model, season manufacturers sufficient orders, then life can be very moist; but when in the off-season, while orders fell face numerous pressures equipment wear and tear, land rent, factory rent, staff salaries, etc., so that rapid manufacturing state enterprise into distress. The “Shared create” mode, by sharing capacity, large enterprises may be too late to share part of the production process to manufacture small and medium micro enterprises to form a “let small and medium micro enterprises have a job, large enterprises dare orders” situation. Third, to meet customer demand. As customers demand more and more sophisticated, the requirements for product differentiation increasingly high, customers may be deeply involved in the follow-up to the manufacturing process to go. “Shared create” mode, manufacturers have the ability to undertake small minority and personalized product demand, the birth of a finished product,We need the collaborative production, this model can enhance the variability of the demand end of the supply-side flexible. However, everything pros and cons , “shared manufacturing” at the same time creating opportunities for manufacturing companies, but also to manufacturing companies bring many pressures. First, Control Engineering Copyright , by thinking the traditional manufacturing restrictions. Most manufacturers are accustomed to in the past the traditional management philosophy, organizational structure and the way they operate, can not keep up “share of manufacturing” under the open mode, synergy, old traditional manufacturing enterprises can not keep thinking led to the rapid pace of iteration. Second, enterprise information technology foundation is weak. In particular, some small and medium micro enterprises, forced inferior funds, operating personnel, there is “pay attention to the development of hardware, software investment ignored,” and so on, making enterprise information construction is not strong, which will lead companies can not fully participate in production sharing situation. Finally, the personnel system set up perfect. Most manufacturers use the presence of low levels of staff and so on Control Engineering Copyright , the lack of advanced information technology complex talents, talents as a business development the most important soft power, the importance of self-evident, the lack of talent is the biggest bottleneck to curb the development of enterprises. Manufacturing enterprise opportunities and pressures exist as links to these manufacturers of industrial internet platform, their mission more difficult, “Sharing manufacture” under the “platform + factory” model can not do without platform, a high-quality platform control Engineering network Copyright , manufacturers will be energized, and help release the maximum energy, provide a strong impetus for its development, how to properly screening quality industrial connectivity platform? This is the key. It is reported that, with the Czech Republic is such a good person link, the electronic information industry is committed to creating a collaborative manufacturing service platform, platform-based , to technical support, focus on serving the consumer electronics , communication equipment, industrial control, instrumentation, intelligent hardware, networking, industrial 4.0 other manufacturing enterprises, “shared manufactured” mode, the supply side and the consumer side of the polymerization on the platform, through technical means, scientific, reasonable, efficient allocation of production resources, enabling manufacturers, end precision to meet consumer demand for personalized differentiated. “Shared create” mode, continuous integration platform by strong manufacturing industry resources,For the manufacturing industry to inject new vitality, new formats this new model will be reconstructed manufacturing industrial structure, promote new economic growth, boost social innovation is important.

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