Common precautions for the use of wooden floor buckles? okorder

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What to do with wooden floor buckles

Because the installation of wooden floors needs to be complete As one of the most important accessories, the buckle system is mainly used to solve the interface problems such as fixing, closing, connecting, transitioning and abutting of the floor. One is to have sufficient expansion space for the thermal expansion and contraction of the floor. One protects the edges of the floor from abrasion and joints, protects and decorates.

Most floor brands do not have matching buckles

Reporter visits Several major building materials markets in Beijing found that except for a few high-grade floorings, there are matching buckles, and most other flooring manufacturers have no formal matching buckles on the floor.

Another reporter also found that many When consumers buy, they usually only care about the quality of the wooden floor, neglecting the quality of one of the important accessories of the floor, and lacking the professional knowledge in this area, it is difficult to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages. The inferior aluminum alloy buckle manufacturer is Use consumer knowledge of the knowledge of the buckle, production and sales The other part is the floor quotient of the figure. It is known that the inferior floor buckles are also sold in the market and ruin the consumers.

Inferior buckles are easy to fade, fall off, and lift off


The fake aluminum alloy buckle is basically made of scrap aluminum. Its hardness and strength are not up to the minimum requirements. The surface oxide film (alumina) is very thin. The wear resistance and corrosion resistance are not guaranteed at all. The so-called aluminum alloy imitation wood grain spray paint has poor adhesion and wear resistance. Another ‘titanium’ alloy buckle has no special treatment on the surface. The so-called ‘titanium’ gold on the surface soon fell off. After the installation of these fake and shoddy buckles, fading, shedding, loosening, deformation and lifting began to appear, which greatly affected the service life of the wooden floor. >

Because of the low production cost of counterfeit and shoddy buckles, the selling price is often much lower than the regular deduction. A large number of counterfeit and inferior deductions flood the market, seriously damaging the interests of consumers and hindering the health of the flooring industry. Development. For this kind of deception of consumers Therefore, it is hoped that relevant departments must step up efforts to crack down on crackdowns, purify the urban consumer market, and maintain a normal market economic order.

At the same time, for the majority of consumers, on the one hand Understand the knowledge of floor buckles and improve the ability to identify and inferior. On the other hand, it is the right choice to buy floor buckles from well-reputed wood flooring merchants.

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How to distinguish the quality of bamboo flooring okorder

More and more friends around you will give priority to bamboo flooring when choosing to lay the floor. Why? Because the bamboo floor is different from the wooden floor, the bamboo floor is made of chemical adhesive, which is more firm and durable, and has more anti-mite effect than the wooden floor. If the living room in the living room is laid with bamboo flooring, it will be more cool to step on, just as the whole floor is air-cooled, which is very popular among people.

But often, consumers can choose the wrong bamboo floor, there is not so much benefit to talk about, then the market price, various styles of bamboo molding bamboo flooring, as consumers of us How should we distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of bamboo flooring, how to distinguish whether it should be bought. Below, I will say:

If you have selected a certain bamboo floor:

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At this time, don’t blindly talk to the seller about the price. First, let the seller show all the national standard documents of the bamboo floor. Regarding the documents of the floor, let’s take a look at the seller’s documents. This is related. Avoid problems in the later use. The store uses an irregular banner to shirk its responsibility.

Let’s take a look Whether the color conforms to the characteristics of the bamboo floor, and the quality of the bamboo floor surface has a lustrous brightness. After reading the color, let’s see how the paint on the surface of the bamboo floor is painted. If the surface is OK, then use the fingernail on the surface. After a few strokes, see if there are any traces, and believe that you know the pros and cons.

Secondly, whether the material used for the floor is superior, can be measured by weight, if, take The weight in the hand is relatively light, indicating that the quality is relatively tender Made of bamboo, if the surface of the material can not be seen by yourself, then put it back. The quality of such bamboo flooring is not worth buying even if the price is low.

If you can seam, you can take five or six pieces of the same floor and lay the same on the ground as the floor. Then touch it with your hands to see if the surface is flat and flat. Otherwise, it is not a good quality floor.

If there is no problem with the above identification, when you finally buy the floor to go home, you need to identify them one by one, and don’t bother with the troubles. It is much better than the trouble in the future.

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What is the earthquake level in Jiuzhaigou County, Sichuan? What is the depth of the source? okorder

(Photo from the Internet)

People’s Daily Online, Beijing, August 8th, China Seismic Station The net officially determined: At 7.01 on August 08, a magnitude 7.0 earthquake occurred in Jiuzhaigou County (33.20 degrees north latitude and 103.82 degrees east longitude) in Aba Prefecture, Sichuan Province, with a focal depth of 20 kilometers. The epicenter is 39 kilometers from Jiuzhaigou County, 66 kilometers from Songpan County, 83 kilometers from Zhouqu County, 85 kilometers from Wen County, 90 kilometers from Zoige County, 105 kilometers from Weinan City, and 285 kilometers from Chengdu. ((Source: People’s Network Editor: Bai Yu, Huang Wei))

(Image from the network)

(Image from the web)

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Wood floor waxing method Home floor waxing process and benefits okorder

Since the choice of wood flooring, then the waxing and maintenance of the wood floor is essential. Waxing wood floors is a good way to maintain your floor. What are the waxing methods for wood floors, the process of waxing wood floors, the cost of waxing wood floors is not expensive, the benefits of waxing wood floors and the precautions for waxing wood floors?

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Part1: Avoid maintenance misunderstanding floor waxing maintenance instructions

Floor waxing maintenance is a kind of maintenance method that many people know, but what is the floor wax? Is all the floor waxing? Isn’t it only a method of waxing and curing? Everyone is not very familiar with it, so let’s take a look at some misunderstandings and basic knowledge of floor waxing and maintenance.

First, the role of floor waxing and curing

The floor waxing maintenance means that by applying a layer of wax on the surface of the floor, the wax on the floor can be used to isolate air, water vapor and dust. Reduce the damage caused by the oxidation or release of harmful substances in the air; at the same time, it can also reduce the wear and tear of the shoes on the floor, thus extending the service life of the floor.

Second, floor wax vs floor oil

floor wax

floor waxing maintenance is the most indispensable natural floor wax. There are many types of floor wax products on the market, generally There are two kinds of waxes, one kind of liquid wax, which is cheap, easy to operate, and fast to dry. The disadvantage is that the wear resistance is short and the use period is short; the other is solid wax, which must be polished with a professional high-speed waxing machine. It is able to make the wax layer even, the brightness of the floor is high, the wear resistance is high, and the service life is long.

Facial essential oil

In recent years, the floor oil has gradually become the new favorite of floor maintenance, floor oil It is generally formulated with resin and natural tree Fendo, which has the effect of deep moisturizing, crack prevention and repairing fine cracks. Compared with floor wax, the hardness and brightness of floor oil are higher, but there is easy to cause atomization of the floor. The problem is that there is no standard in the floor essential oil market, there are many inferior products, which may lead to water absorption deformation of the floor after use.

Second, floor waxing maintenance misunderstanding

Strengthen floor There is no need to wax.

The laminate flooring is divided into three layers of surface wear layer, base layer and bottom layer. The wear layer of the surface layer is aluminum oxide. High wear resistance and protection, so compared to solid wood, etc. The surface of his floor and laminate flooring is relatively tightly protected, and does not require ‘excessive action’. After waxing, it will cause more trouble for the later cleaning of the laminate floor. In addition, the floor heating floor does not need to be waxed to prevent the wax layer. Blocking the warmth of geothermal heat.

The floor is not waxed as much as possible

The floor waxing is not the more wax used, the better. Because if too much wax is used, it will fill the gap and affect the appearance, which will also cause uneven polishing and affect the brightness of the floor. Therefore, when the floor is waxed, wax is enough to cover the surface of the floor to form a uniform wax film. In addition, the floor waxing is not the more frequent, the general solid wood floor can be played once every six months.

Part 2: teach you to save money DIY home wood floor waxing method introduction

If it is a large area of ​​the floor need to wax, or suggest that you please professional cleaning company to do, because They have professional waxing and polishing machines, which are faster and cheaper. If the area of ​​waxing is not large, it is recommended that owners who have time can do it themselves. Let’s take a look at how the owners themselves wax the floor.

First, the waxing environment preparation

floor waxing is best to choose when the weather is better, to avoid high humidity When it is rainy and the temperature is low, it is easy to produce white turbidity when the humidity is too high, and the floor wax is easy to harden when the temperature is lower than 5 degrees Celsius, which is unfavorable for construction.

Second, construction tools and floor wax preparation

large area waxing often use waxing machine, small area is used dust push or soft Cloth and so on. Nowadays, many people also have a small size and light weight waxing machine, which can be easily used when waxing. If you don’t have a waxing machine, you can use a simple tool such as dust pusher or soft cloth. Don’t look at the tool is simple, but the waxing effect is not necessarily bad, but may be more detailed. In addition, the corresponding floor wax needs to be prepared.

Third, finishing the clean ground

Before starting to wax, you need to organize the furniture that needs to be waxed area, determine the waxing region. At the same time, the floor area should be cleaned to ensure that there is no dust or other dirt before waxing to prevent the waxing finish. Cleaning Generally, wipe the floor with a wrung mop or a soft cloth. After cleaning, wait for the moisture on the floor to dry completely before waxing.

Fourth, waxing

Shake the container with the floor wax and mix well. Dip the floor wax thoroughly with a clean rag or sponge, not to drip. Shake and mix the floor wax thoroughly. You can perform a partial test in an unobtrusive place to confirm that there is no abnormality and then wax the whole.

Then use a clean rag or special waxing dust to fully dip the wood floor wax, carefully apply it according to the wood grain direction of the wood floor, not too fast. Do not leak or thick and uneven, keep it thin and even.

five, polished

Generally, the method of playing twice will be used. After the first pass, the wax will be played again. After each waxing, you must wait for a layer of wax to dry before you can apply a layer of wax. After it is completely dry, polish the surface with fine sandpaper or soft cloth.

Part 3: careful construction Floor waxing maintenance considerations

floor waxing is not a simple job, generally best to give to professionals to do. If you want to do it yourself, then pay attention to some construction details to prevent the final effect from being unsatisfactory.

First, the waxed floor needs to be waxed first

If the floor in the home is used for a long time, it has been played several times. Wax, then you need to clean the wax layer on the original floor before re-waxing. Wax cleaning agents are generally required, and proper handling should be taken when using them to prevent the cleaning agent from damaging the floor.

Second, the use of floor wax should pay attention to safety

floor wax is a flammable and explosive dangerous goods, in the waxing process, the floor wax The volatiles in the solid will become solid on the floor, and the volatile matter in the air will gradually increase to the extent that it is flammable. Therefore, when the floor is waxed, the window should be ventilated, so that the concentration of the chemical substance volatilized from the floor wax will be reduced without causing harm. At the same time, do not smoke in the waxing place, try not to use gas and other electrical equipment.

Third, protect the baseboard and furniture

To prevent floor wax from contaminating the baseboard and furniture, before waxing, you can Remove the furniture and cover the baseboard with tape. After the floor wax has dried, reconstitute it.

Fourth, waxing notes

When waxing the floor, be careful not to pour the floor wax directly on the floor, so easy to do so Make the appearance of the corresponding floor parts difficult to wear. In addition, when waxing, care should be taken to avoid the intrusion of sharp objects such as gravel into the floor wax, thus causing damage to the floor. During the entire construction process, care should be taken not to cause damage to the floor itself.

Five, after the waxing of the floor maintenance

After the floor waxing, you need to pay attention to leave the drying time, usually about 1 hour. Do not walk on the floor until the floor wax has dried. After the floor is waxed, it is also necessary to regularly clean the floor.

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Summer cleaning and maintenance of carpets have a coup okorder

1. It is best to vacuum the carpet once a week. At present, the vacuum cleaner has three kinds of vacuuming methods: pure suction type, tapping rod type and brush type rotating type, which are suitable for the carpet with tight piles; For carpets, only vacuum cleaners with suction function can be used.

2, dry cloth paper to remove stains

For stains caused by beverages such as coffee, cola or juice, you need to use a dry cloth as soon as possible, or pick up the paper with your hand paper; Then, immediately go to the kitchen to take the vinegar and damp the dry cloth and wipe it on the stain, gently and carefully. In this way, the stain can be removed.

3, in the furniture legs contact the carpet, should be placed in the cushion or often move the furniture; in the severely worn parts, in addition to the use of the cover to protect, but also the position can be used. Since the surface of the carpet is easy to accumulate dust, the best way to maintain the high-grade carpet is to use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum the hair in the direction of the hair, so that the carpet can be kept clean.

4, the last push when using the vacuum cleaner should be carried out in the direction of the pile. It is worth noting that when cleaning, do not use tools with sharp teeth or rough edges, which will damage the carpet surface fibers. If there is a mane on the carpet, wipe it with a clean towel and soak it in a hot water, comb it straight with a comb, and iron it with a wet cloth on the iron pad to restore the original shape.

5, add 4 cups of vinegar in 4 warm water, soaked in a towel, wringed and wiped. Vinegar not only prevents the carpet from discoloring or fading, but also eliminates the pet’s odor (soda is also deodorizing). After wiping, leave it in a well-ventilated place to air dry. When the carpet dust removal method is used to clean the carpet, it is possible to sprinkle some salt first, which has the function of suppressing the flying of dust. Because salt can absorb dust, even small dust can be cleaned up. At the same time, it can make the carpet more durable, and often keep the color bright.

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Check two, see three notes, choose high quality practical carpet okorder

With the increasing fashion and personalization of home improvement, various styles and types of carpets continue to appear in the market. Carpets have gradually become the fashion protagonist of home decoration. When consumers buy carpets, they should start from that aspect. What good skills are there in the process of selection? Here, we specially visited the experts of the Provincial Textile Association to answer these questions one by one.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021729371203.jpg”>

The quality of the carpet, in addition to the characteristics and processing of the fiber At the same time, it has a great relationship with the density, weight and twisting method of the plush fiber. Under normal circumstances, the thicker and thicker the plush, the heavier the weight of the plush per unit area, the more the texture and appearance of the carpet can be maintained. According to experience, short-haired and densely woven carpets are more durable.

Three principles should be noted when selecting

Check: Check the density and elasticity of general short-haired carpets. Press the thumb on the carpet and quickly restore the original shape after pressing, indicating that the density and elasticity of the velvet are better. Secondly, if the carpet is bent, the more difficult it is to see the bottom pad, it means that the plush is densely woven and durable. /P>

Second look: The carpet material, weave structure and processing are determined for different environmental needs. When purchasing, you should choose carpets of different materials, colors and specifications according to different spaces. Label indicating the applicable environment and the ability to withstand the frequency of movement. The corresponding choices are explained.

Three notes: When purchasing carpets, you should pay attention to whether there are dust, anti-fouling, anti-wear, static control and other guarantees provided by the factory. Generally excellent household carpets are passed. Wear-resistant, anti-static, anti-fouling treatment. In addition, pay attention to the location of the carpet and the amount of walking. The different areas of the activity should choose carpets of different materials, such as entrances and halls, the density should be selected. High and wear-resistant rugs (such as short-brown velvet and tweed); where the activity is small, such as a sleeping room, you can choose a softer, softer carpet (such as cut pile).

I believe that as long as you grasp the above three points in the process of selecting carpets, you will be able to be a rational and rational consumer.

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What is carbonized wood flooring? okorder

Carbonized wood flooring is a homogenized carbonization treatment of wood under high temperature without any chemical agent, so that the surface of the wood has a dark brown aesthetic effect, and has antiseptic and anti-bioinvasive effects, and its moisture content is low. It is not easy to absorb water, stable material, no deformation, complete degreasing and no grease, good thermal insulation performance, simple construction, convenient brushing and no special smell. It is an ideal indoor and sauna material, and it has become a new trend in bathroom decoration; Rotten, anti-insect, anti-deformation and cracking, high temperature performance has become an ideal material for outdoor swimming pool landscape.

1, durability, corrosion resistance: the floor components in the carbonization process has a complex chemical reaction, changing the composition of the floor, reducing the floor The nutrients of decaying bacteria inhibit the growth of fungi in the floor from the food chain. Therefore, the carbonized floor has significantly improved corrosion resistance and weather resistance, and has anti-corrosion, anti-termite and anti-fungal effects;

2, environmental protection: environmentally-friendly dry carbonization The process is different from the chemical modification of the floor and the carbonization treatment of the floor is a pure physical technology. In the process of carbonization of the floor, only the temperature and water vapor are involved, and no chemical agent is added;

3, the dimensional stability is improved: The floor is heat treated in a high temperature (160-230 ° C) environment. By reducing the concentration of hydroxyl groups in the floor components, reducing the hygroscopicity and internal stress of the floor, the exchange capacity of the carbonized floor and the external water is significantly reduced, and the wet rise can be reduced by more than 50%, which greatly improves the dimensional stability of the floor: Thereby greatly reducing the deformation, shrinkage and wet rise caused by the moisture change of the floor during use;

4, the moisture resistance is enhanced: after the carbonization heat treatment of the floor, the water adsorption mechanism of the floor changes, with With the increase of treatment temperature, the hemocellulose with strong hygroscopicity degrades during the treatment, which makes the hygroscopicity of the floor decrease, and the hydrogen bond between the water molecules and the floor molecules is reduced, thereby greatly reducing the hygroscopicity and water absorption of the floor. It allows the carbonized floor to maintain a low moisture content in humid air. The equilibrium moisture content of the carbonized floor is more than 40% lower than that of the untreated floor; the equilibrium moisture content of the carbonized floor is also low, and the manufactured floor can maintain a 6% water content when used under greenhouse conditions, therefore, the carbonized floor The product is not easy to be deformed and cracked, and can be applied to dry and turbid environments;

5, color: carbonized floor inside and outside uniform color, can ensure uniform color durability throughout the board. The color of carbonized floor is physically colored and will not change with time. The decorative effect of carbonized floor is consistent (can be used as antique solid wood floor);

6, easy maintenance: resin of carbonized floor and some inside Since the inclusions are precipitated during the carbonization process, the surface layer of the carbonized floor has no oily components such as a resin and is easily painted. At the same time, since the carbonized floor has the advantages of anti-corrosion, good stability and moisture resistance, the maintenance of the carbonized floor in daily use is quite easy;

7, thermal conductivity: good thermal conductivity, skin and carbonized wood contact Do not feel any discomfort, completely bid farewell to the coldness of traditional tiles, carbonized flooring is an ideal material for modern interior decoration.

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The Ordovician in Chongqing’s scenic area is enlarged this winter. okorder

There is a magical scenic spot in Chongqing. The winter here will make you scare a cold sweat and let you play a hot sweat. This kind of scenic spot is still not available in other places.

This is the Wansheng Ordovician Scenic Spot. The newly launched “Cold Khan + Hot Khan” game is only available in winter.

Cold sweat: high-altitude project courage

Ordovician as the newest online red this year, the most intriguing thing is that here is the most scary high-altitude project in the world, you need There are only two words to prepare: guts.

The most famous sky hanging gallery in the Ordovician, extending 69.6 meters from the edge of the cliff, the more you go ahead, “A-shaped full transparent glass hanging gallery is shaking, there is a cloud when it is like a fairyland, When the clouds are scattered, overlooking the foot and the mountains, it is really scary. If you are afraid of heights, please bring your own friend so that you can drag you away.

The degree of excitement in the sky cannon is only a star in the Ordovician scenic spot. The five-star stimulation project is the first to bear the cliff swing, especially the 21- and 18-meter cliff swings. There are two most scary moments on the cliff swing. One is when the drawstring pulls you to the six or seven-story high in the air, the feeling of involuntary feeling, and the second is the moment when the electromagnet is released from your back. Out of the cliff, many people couldn’t call it out. It was this moment of repeated life and death. When playing, some people were sweating because they were over-stressed and the hands of the chain were pulled.

The 360-degree pendulum near the middle gate of the Ordovician, and the catapult, are new in September this year. The project, the former is the only 360-degree pendulum in the Southwest, “Romdom and “Rotation is 360 degrees. When people are hanging upside down in the air, and they don’t know that the pendulum will fall to the other side, then The feelings are like the edge of life and death, and some strong guys are also unstable. The catapult is to shoot the sky into the sky like a cannon, and the seat will rotate. The feeling of one second, some daring old drivers will retreat.

The Ordovician is a scenic spot built on the edge of the cliff. Some of the original projects have been seen in other places. However, built on the edge of the cliff, the degree of stimulation is doubled by the mountainous terrain of Chongqing. For example, the eleven-opened cliff machine, the cliff screaming, the trapeze are all on the edge of the cliff. Take the cliff machine as an example. You are When the machine is delivered to the highest point, it is impossible to see the platform under the foot. As far as the eye is concerned, it is the mountains. Every time you land, you feel that you have to fall into the valley.

There are more than a dozen high-altitude projects in Ordovician. In the off-season, almost all of the net red projects can be played in one day. This is the most cost-effective time of the year, and you may have to be scared out. Many times cold sweat.

Hot sweat: The snow project is not too cold

How can you get less snow in the winter, the Ordovician scenic spot at 1200 meters above sea level, now it is already one meter thick? Sprinkle wild in the snow, winter is not white.

At an altitude of only 1200 meters, if the temperature is above zero, how can there be 1 meter of snow? Is it deeper than the Jinfoshan and Fairy Mountain at an altitude of 2,000 meters?

The Ordovician scenic spot began to make snow two months ago. Since the temperature is close to zero, the thick snow of the Ordovician scenic spot will not be normalized. The most important thing is that the Ordovician can go at any time. I realized that the fun of snowfall makes you take pictures of the beautiful photos that have snowed, but this is not possible in other scenic spots.

The Ordovician skiing is 100 yuan for two hours, in the scenic spots with heavy snow resources in Chongqing. It’s quite low. After two hours of skiing here, you should have a sweat.

Even if you don’t love skiing, the Ordovician scenic snow field also has a variety of snow-playing equipment, such as sledding, snowmobile, snow ring, snow inflatable ball, etc. for you to play, play for a while, you I will want to take off my clothes.

It is the dreamy ice and snow kingdom of Ordovician that really makes children play with sweat. The ice sculptures here are all ice sculptures that can be played as slides. Children will not want to play out in them. There are thick down jackets on the scene to rent, play a few more laps, children’s parents should pay attention to whether they will run out of sweat, this is also the most suitable for children to play in the Ordovician.

In fact, the southerners play snow, they can’t play for a long time, and the Ordovician is also a pass system. Tickets can be skiing, snowing, ice sculpture, and other adventures in Ordovician. The comprehensive price/performance ratio is unparalleled. Playing the high-altitude project by the way, the snow is also played, this day is the most full.

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Dare to take Mapo tofu as a signboard? “Chixiang” restaurant launched the Golden Awards! okorder

Mapo tofu, one of the traditional dishes of Sichuan cuisine, is an introductory dish that every household in Sichuan has to do. It was founded in the first year of Tongzhi in the Qing Dynasty. In 1862, the tofu burned by a restaurant owner at the Wanfu Bridge in Chengdu was popular among people. Because it was slightly numb, the dish was called “Ma Po Tofu.” Over the past 100 years, this dish has been improved. Not only has Chen Jia adjusted the formula many times, but also changed the beef in the ingredients to pork, then changed the beef, and then added the bean paste. Many Sichuan cuisine chefs also continuously researched and developed this dish. Innovation.

This year’s “2018 World Sichuan Cuisine Cooking Skills Competition” held in Chengdu, there is another Sichuan cuisine master to Ma Po Tofu puts forward the challenge, that is, from the “Red Spice Restaurant”, which has 32 years of experience in catering and has won many international awards. It has established “Silver and “Nanbei” two high-end catering The brand’s “Shandong artisan Xu Xiaohong.” This Ma Po tofu has conquered the taste buds of international judges on the stage of the world Sichuan cuisine and won the gold medal.


Only Tofu Beef with Vegetable Oil

In the last years of the Qing Dynasty, it was known as the famous food in Chengdu.

Mapo tofu can be described as thousands of households. Everyone in Sichuan has the most delicious Mapo tofu in their hearts. And this delicious source is the Chengdu catering industry “ Chen Mapo tofu, one of the representatives of the Chinese time-honored brand.

Chen Mapo tofu original name & ldquo; Chen Xingsheng rice shop, opened in Chengdu Wanfu Bridge, the owner early, The small hotel is run by the proprietress, and the female boss has a little numb on the face, which is called Chen Mapo. The Wanfu Bridge was a wooden bridge that spanned the Fu River and was not long but quite wide. There are often traffickers who are walking, and the people who carry the coolies under the car are resting and tipping. These people often buy some tofu, beef, and then pick up some vegetable oil from the oil scorpion and ask the boss to process it. A long time, Chen has a unique cooking skill for cooking tofu, which is very popular among people. Chen’s cooked tofu is famous. Appetites tend to be poems in the end of the Qing Dynasty: “Ma Po Chen’s name is still famous, tofu is the most refined, Wanfu Bridge side curtain shadow, He Chunchun drunk. The literati singer often meets here. If there is a good thing, the person who sees the boss on the face will play Chen Mapo tofu, and the restaurant will be named “Chen Ma Po Tofu”. According to the “Chengdu Overview”, Chen Mapo’s tofu was recorded as a famous food in Chengdu in the late Qing Dynasty.

During the Anti-Japanese War, Mapo Tofu went out of Sichuan in the rear of the country and was recognized by the people of the country. In the early days of liberation, it was caught by a large number of warlord chefs in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and even To Japan. After the reform and opening up, with the development of tourism, Mapo tofu was brought to all parts of the world. Unfortunately, there are many counterfeiters at home and abroad. Many of the Mapo tofu made by Sichuan Restaurant are not worthy of the name.

It is particularly worth mentioning that in 2005, the Chinese and foreign culinary worlds were shocked by the 6.14 fire. The 100-year-old store Chen Mapo Tofu Qingyang Store was smashed by the fire next door. It was fortunate that the new store was opened to Xinhua Avenue. Now Chen Mapo Tofu has opened a chain model and has chain stores in Beijing and Tokyo.


Beef Pork with Bovine Spinal Cord

Adding bean paste water starch in the 1960s

For more than 100 years, the famous dish of Mapo tofu has been improved several times. Chen Jia has also adjusted the formula several times to make the beef in the ingredients. Change the pork, change the beef, and then add the bean paste. Many Sichuan cuisine chefs continue to research and develop this dish.

And this year in Chengdu, the “2018 World Sichuan Cuisine Cooking Skills Competition”, there was another Mapo Tofu, which conquered the taste buds of international judges and won the gold medal. “We have added the bovine spinal cord to the tofu, which is mellow, spicy and tender! Xu Xiaohong revealed.

A lot of famous dishes won’t really enter our lives, or they’re only hidden in expensive The fine dining restaurant is either limited daily, and some are even short-lived on the jury’s table. The diners in Chengdu are fortunate because they will soon be able to taste this delicious food in the upgraded “Red Chili” restaurant.

Xu Xiaohong, who has the reputation of Sichuan cuisine, introduced the new restaurant “Red Chixiang”, which was founded in 2004 by the old store “Xu Ji Jia Po”, after more than 10 years of development. Xu Xiaohong decided to upgrade the store and brand, but still retain the original delicious. After the upgrade, “Red Spice Restaurant” will launch this golden award-winning Mapo Tofu as a signboard and egg to welcome new and old guests.


Inheriting and Developing Sichuan Culture in Innovation

Actually, this It is not Xu Xiaohong who participated in the World Sichuan Cuisine Culinary Skills Competition for the first time. He entered the Rotterdam in the Netherlands in Europe as early as 2016.A gold medal, a sour soup fish bean flower in the award-winning dish is especially popular. The sauerkraut is taken from the authentic Sichuan sauerkraut, together with the lime that is commonly used in western food. The sauerkraut fish that people usually make will have a distinct taste. It is said that the judges have finished drinking the soup.

Graduation Xu Xiaohong of Sichuan Culinary College (now Sichuan Tourism College) has been teaching at his alma mater for many years. The students are all over the world. Why do you study the dishes of ordinary people such as Mapo tofu and pickled fish? & ldquo; More need to inherit. He smiled, “this is also the reason why I upgraded Xu Kejia’s dish for the red incense —— pay tribute to the centennial Sichuan cuisine, and strive to build a century-old Sichuanese restaurant that can be passed down from generation to generation. It is also the spirit of his research, he was affectionately referred to as “Shandong artisans.”

In addition to the predecessor’s “Xu Kee’s family food”, in fact, Xu Xiaohong There are also two high-end restaurants that have become “net red”: “Yinba and “Nanbei”. Yinba is mainly engaged in the development of Chinese and Western fusion Sichuan cuisine, while Nanbei is responsible for deep excavation to create Tianfu taste.

Xu Xiaohong bluntly said, “It’s ingenuity to make a fine Sichuan cuisine. We must not only be a net red, but also a classic. He has his own business philosophy and planning for his brand, “Red Spice is the classic heritage of Sichuan cuisine, Nanbei is the Tianfu flavor development, and Yinba is the innovative culture of Sichuan cuisine that will create the future between China and the West. In the past, present and future, Xu Xianghong, who has been in the business for 32 years, said that he hopes that the inheritance of Sichuan cuisine will be carried forward in the future.

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Wrong Peak Tourism Chongqing Ordovician Scenic Area Play all the high-altitude projects and skiing in one day okorder

In the Ordovician section of Chongqing’s Hongjing District, how many people are playing all the items in one day, and returning all the fares?

Only in the future, it’s the day to play the Ordovician Good time for all projects, starting next year, I am afraid I can’t do this. “Lucky. —— The Ordovician scenic spot with too many items added. Once it enters the passenger flow, it will be difficult to finish the day.

Xiaobian at the end of November in the Ordovician scenic area to test the day to play the Ordovician thrilling network red project + two major snow and ice projects, dawn, dark home, wrong peak travel, proper Play to yo.

More than double the fun-playing project

In the first half of this year, the Ordovician Scenic Area has “Nine High-altitude Projects, which include Net Red’s Cliff Swing, Extreme Leap, and Create a Guinness World Record sky hanging gallery, the first glass suspension bridge in the southwest.

After the fire suddenly broke out, the Ordovician scenic spot added a new project to the cliff at the end of this summer, such as using the height of the cliff to go up and down; the cliff machine, the edge of the cliff rotates; The swaying screaming screaming on the edge of the cliff rises to a cliff swing of 21 meters, and a glass ladder that is more horrible in rainy days.

At the same time, the first 360-degree rotating pendulum in the southwest, a group of people are calling the pirate ship. There is also a moment of bombing the sky like a cannon, and the stimuli are no less than the project on the edge of the cliff. The high-altitude project is close to the collection in the Ordovician scenic spot in September this year.

After adding these projects, the Ordovician Scenic Area is the first to open the first ski resort in Chongqing this winter, and the only ice sculpture kingdom that can play ice projects. In the first half of the year, people who went to the Ordovician scenic spot saw the circle of friends who recently went to the Ordovician scenic spot, and exclaimed that they had gone to the fake Ordovician scenic spot — — too many projects have not been played.

This year’s eleventh holiday, the cliff swing of the Ordovician scenic spot, queued for half a day, can play half of the project a day is not bad. After entering the traditional off-season, the Ordovician scenic spot, which was blessed by two major snow and ice projects, suddenly ushered in the most cost-effective month. More projects than in the past can be finished in one day, which is rare.

There are skills to play through the project one day

In November of the Ordovician scenic area, how can I play all the online red projects?

This requires skill. Xiaobian’s gameplay, for your reference:

Choose a non-weekend time, be sure to leave before 8 o’clock in the morning, arrive at the West Gate of the scenic spot before 10 o’clock, do not go to the most net red 21m and 18m cliffs Swing queues, you can first smash the new high-altitude project with the hopping machine, the high-altitude flying and the cliff screaming, and the sky hanging gallery in one hour. These projects are only a few tens of meters away from each other. Play yo.

Then, go to the snow and scatter a wilderness! The dinosaur ice and snow world is the earliest open snow project in Chongqing this winter. The snow created by the Ordovician has accumulated 1 meter deep in a 10,000 square shed, snow machine 24 hours of uninterrupted snowmaking, can shoot on the scene “Snowflakes flying in the sky, skiing, you can experience skiing here, you can not rent equipment to play snow.

The Ice Kingdom is also the original creation of the Ordovician Scenic Area. The ice sculpture here can not only take you from the shooting, but also Play —— slide out with ice, you can slide down from a height, record a small video, everyone will think you are in Harbin.

After two hours of ice and snow project, you must be hungry, hurry to find a place to eat something, pay attention, don’t eat too much, after eating, choose to walk to the middle door, you can digest it, Because there are still many projects in the afternoon that will make you fall into the sea!

The afternoon appetizer is a pirate ship, and most people will feel that this test is relatively low.

Digested almost, you can come to fierce: the catapult, suddenly ejected people into the sky more than 20 meters high, the seat has to follow the flip, Xiaobian is exactly scared.

The first 360-degree pendulum in the southwest is also a guts killer. This project, known as the scream collector, is 360 degrees in revolution and rotation. It may not be stable after the strong man!

After you have finished playing, you can play any slide at high speed and speed skating, walk through the glass suspension bridge and return to the West Gate, at this time 21 meters. There are already fewer people waiting in line with the 18-meter swing. You are here to find a small number of people, and you can safely line up for more than an hour. Experience the Ordovician’s “The King of the Cliffs!”

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