Home business entering new retail needs to consider four lines okorder

  Doing furniture and building materials business, billions of head brands, tens of millions of small and medium-sized companies, is there any need to seriously understand the new retail?

  For the new retail business, there are at least two opposite views in the home industry:

   One group believes that it is necessary to actively and actively embrace, understand, and use it. Among them, Qiankun is quite energetic and may lead us to win the hard work of the second venture.

   Another faction thinks that it is purely the concept of Ma Yun playing, finding the way for e-commerce, and fooling everyone to follow his rhythm. Since Ma Yun said, other people can not fall behind, Liu Qiangdong, Lei Jun, Zhang Jindong and other heroes, can not fall, and come up with their own unique secret skills. In fact, it is just a concept. The follower may be harvested as a leek.

  The suggestion of large-scale research is that you may wish to calm down, be humble, and carefully examine the changes that are taking place in furniture buyers, as well as the changes in the way furniture is retailed. Let’s take a look at what we are talking about when we talk about new retail, what we are advocating, what we are pursuing, and then judge.

  01, What is the new retail

   I have made a comprehensive interpretation of the new retail, thinking that the correct posture It should be like this:

  1It is a concept, it is not ruled out that Ma Yun is trying to rebuild new profit points and new outlets in addition to e-commerce. The new concept is used to infiltrate the planned platform for Alibaba’s retail outlets, Tmall stores, unmanned stores, and various intelligent equipment.

  2It may even be a false proposition, retail has never stopped the pace of innovation, and every time there is always a new retail trend Tools, strategies and strategies, why bother to make a “new retail”.

   This phenomenon can be understood, such as high-end manufacturing, new economy, new finance, new marketing and other concepts, is not the same routine, but more important, the new concept does bring some New changes. If you can seriously look at some new retail cases, you will actually have some insights, and learn from the nutrients we can use, and there is no need to entangle it is the concept that Ma Yun deliberately created.

  3It is a kind of thinking, which requires us to deeply cultivate several kinds of thinking in the retail practice: user thinking, brand thinking, unbounded thinking, all Network thinking, scene thinking, custom thinking, data thinking, etc., with users as the core, operating users; maintaining dynamic and innovative thinking, continuing micro-innovation, even subversive innovation, using new retail techniques, deploying new retail Tools to incubate new formats.

  Does traditional retail without these thinking? There are also, but most of them are relatively shallow, floating on the surface, without solid grounding, let’s take the user’s thinking. In the past, everyone emphasized that the customer is God, the smile service and standard service that implements eight teeth, and more is to build a customer relationship. Management system, occasionally a customer care activity.

  The current user thinking, the traditional approach is standard, you have to think about how to turn users into fans, willing to spread, willing to take the initiative to buy your new products, willing to circle him People in it recommend, and you have to design a mechanism to reward fans.

  4It’s a tool that uses new technologies and tools to increase retail efficiency, improve customer experience, and optimize operational costs, including big data technology, sensors, Mobile payment, smart vending machines, RFID radios, 3D space rendering software, unmanned technology, VR virtual reality, etc. There are many tools out there that were not available before.

  5It is a method that implements consumer identifiable and personalized services based on data, improving the effectiveness of site selection and selection; based on data Realize accurate product production, accurate recommendation and precise marketing, reduce communication and transaction costs, and reduce consumer decision-making costs.

  6It is a new retail format, including multi-format cross-border and mashups, unmanned stores, smart stores, innovative theme stores, etc., rich formats Improve customer experience and increase customer conversion rates.

   And in the specific landing strategy, I summarized 21 kinds of styles, including: C2B customization, self-media retail, side-by-side buying, micro-business, new outlets, new services, super IP, format cross-border mix and match, consumer finance, new scene retail, consumer, community retail, data driven, fan operations, crowdfunding retail, and more.

  As far as the furniture and building materials industry is concerned, most of the 21 kinds of styles mentioned above have appeared, but many styles of play are still in their infancy, and only some head brands or innovative brands are trying. It is not as popular as mature retail strategies such as opening stores, entering stores, practicing speech, entering the community, engaging in alliances, and bargaining activities.

   From the action of some typical furniture and building materials brands, I found that there are several obvious main lines. You said that it is retail innovation. I said it is new retail, but it is obvious. Change has happened:

   1, according to the offline shopping data, identify the characteristics of the surrounding customer groups, to provide support for the location of the store.

  2, renovate existing stores, increase the area, and enrich the format.

  3. Deploy tools for improving customer experience, such as 3D scene roaming, VR experience, cloud shelves, etc.

  4, online and offline linkage, build O2O closed loop, push O2O stores.

  5, set up a special team to operate the public number, headline number and other self-media, use the media to absorb powder, and transform customers.

  6, small programs, micro-stores and other sales channels have been included in some of the new channel plans for furniture brands.

 02, Performance of new retail in the home industry

   IKEA, which has always been regarded as a legendary existence, has long been a pioneer in new retail. In its early years, there were at least two performances:

   The catering industry is placed in a building. This cross-border harvest is full, and the annual catering business has a revenue of 1 billion in China. Nowadays, like Red Star Macalline, Real Home, and Chengdu Fusenmei and other home building materials stores, they have already caught up.

   The second is to deploy a large number of model rooms to maximize the scene marketing. IKEA has a large store that allows it to take advantage of the scene. Fussen’s famous street, for each brand a small building, the advantages of the scene between the model can also be played.

   And last year, IKEA has introduced AR, launched its own AR application IKEA Place, used the camera to locate the location where you want to place new furniture, then choose sofa, dining table, chair Wait, you can achieve the desired combination.

   These two lines are now becoming a trend in the furniture industry.

   Conditional furniture building materials store, open up office areas or leisure areas, invite designers, customized service personnel to the store, and set up children’s play area, leisure area, can drink coffee Tea, reading, and usually invite interested buyers to carry out small membership activities.

  Typical cases include: Shangpin Home Furnishing has a super-store, which is divided into a slow life experience area, a parent-child play area, a home experience area, etc., and introduces preschool, coffee, and books. Let’s wait.

  Lauka, who started in the closet, is also doing this, and there are N stores, trying to integrate the shadow bar, book bar, coffee bar and furniture customization, and released 1000 stores some time ago. N store’s “big goal.”

   Besides the model room, this is a significant way to improve the customer experience and help guests stay. In the past, even if the furniture and building materials company’s stores were relatively large, it would be two or three thousand square meters. There were not many model rooms, and customers could choose little space. So there are now complementary tools, in the form of VR, 3D software, etc., very intuitive.

  In the furniture store that specializes in cloud design, the furniture customers displayed have appeared in Gujia Home, Melody Home, Fubon Beauty, and Yishensha. TATA wooden door, guest wardrobe, Yihe Yimei, Leyijia, Banerqi, etc. There are also some furniture and building materials companies that have introduced 3D homes such cloud design tools.

  These are appearing in the furniture building materials store, which is essentially a leap-forward supplement to the existing retail tools, and it is quite successful in improving the customer experience and improving the success rate of staying customers. In addition to traditional contact information, this cloud design software attempts to establish more connections with customers and avoid losing connections after leaving the store.

   In addition, Sofia, Lin’s Wood, Federal Furniture, Marg and other companies are working with Tmall, and are pushing smart stores. The left and right sofas also have 3.0 flagship stores. These new retails Most of the stores integrate 3D real-life maps and VR experiences.

  03, How to play new retail in the home industry

   OAO collaboration online and offline, I think this is the third wave of furniture and building materials retail, the first time is the main attack line and terminal, the second time is the e-commerce attack, the wind is surging, and the line Fighting for food. Now, the integration of online and offline, making big cakes together will be a choice that furniture and building materials brands can’t miss.

  It’s played in a few ways:

  (1) The price of the online and offline parts is the same, even the same price.

  (2) Online trading, offline stores provide follow-up services.

  (3) Online coupons or privilege deposits can be purchased at the store.

  (4) Make an appointment online or place an order, send the door to the store, measure or design, negotiate, and extend the service from the previous store to the owner’s home.

  (5) Each set of furniture has a QR code, scan the code to understand the details and order.

   Shangpin home delivery, Sofia and other custom home businesses, mostly online guided offline transactions, online booking offline services, online deliveryThe right to make money, etc., to promote product purchase.

   Youfan Art, Lin’s Wood, Nesting Home, etc., are all opening O2O experience stores, the store can scan the price to place orders, in addition, some furniture brands online shop It will recommend the offline store in an obvious position and drain the line.

   Even in small tools such as the new retail label, some furniture and building materials brands have long been in action, IKEA has tried the “IKEA kitchen online classroom” small program, consumption You can browse the course, fill out an appointment, pay online, and more.

   However, in the landing link is not off the line, consumers through the small program to make an appointment, they also need to pay 500 yuan measurement fee to the mall, it seems relatively backward.

   “Appliance Club” is associated with a small program of “IKEA Membership Activities” with some offline activities and online courses.

  In the shop site selection, the furniture and building materials industry has also made some minor changes, before opening an independent store, and later into the home store, Red Star Macalline, actually home, Fusen The first echelon of the United States and other stores are the most popular sales venues.

  Some furniture and building materials brands have to go different ways, Shangpin home is equipped with dozens of stores in the office building and shopping center, Marg custom-made a shop opened in Zhengzhou, chose Wanda square. It is possible that more and more furniture and building materials brands will avoid traditional competitive positions, consider commercial centers, complexes or shopping plazas, and may even open stores into the community.

  Data-driven is also affecting the location decision chain. Conditional companies may refer to consumer data of Tmall, JD.com and other e-commerce platforms to make customers within a few kilometers of the store in advance. Portrait, in order to judge where the store should be the best.

   The change is even more obvious in the case of getting customers. Some games in the fashion circle have affected the furniture and building materials industry. Speaking of a phenomenon alone, in 2016, IKEA played a flash shop. At that time, it opened a media conference for the “Flash Shop” at the Xiannong Courtyard. The “pop-up store” flash shop was set up on the spot. In a modified container, a dream kitchen is arranged. Later, the same flash shop was set up in several places to provide free coffee for the viewer to taste.

   In order to push the new rough stone, Dongpeng Tile played a set of integrated marketing punches around the flash shop in Shanghai, which is quite beautiful.

   Also in 2017, positioning the “all-class design home” creation, opened a flash shop in Wangfujing apm, the location is quite gold, just in Wangfujing Apple flagship Next to the store, there are silk chairs, sofas, stools, lamps and other household products.

   In the same year, Tmall used the 3D model room of Cool House, made a container flash shop in Sanlitun, Beijing, renovated 5 real home space, restored kitchen, bathroom, In the bedroom, living room, study and other scenes, Lin Yilun, Chen Qiaoen, Zhang Han, Zhang Shuangli, Chi Zi and other five stars were invited to broadcast live.

   With the funky strategy of self-media and fan management, some head brands have done quite well.

   Take IKEA as an example. At the end of 2017, the number of members exceeded 18 million, and the public number, Weibo number, etc. were all fired from the media, and there were more than 1 million Weibo powders. Public accounts such as “IKEA Home”, some of which read 100,000+.

  There is still a good house to play with the fans and the fans. The main public number of the media is said to have been deposited by millions of fans, but the amount is not good, but Most articles show 100,000+, the key is that there are a lot of follow-up comments, orders from WeChat account for more than half of the e-commerce sector, which is very rare in the home industry.

   Including the branch office, the Gujia home system operates dozens of certified public numbers, and even some stores have certified self-media.

   Lin’s self-media, there have been many articles worth 100,000+ readings. Even the two echelon brands such as the window of the city have taken care of the public number with certain quality.

   Keeping up with the pace of new retail, transforming stores, adding new tools for getting customers and guests, and even introducing some interesting ways to get customers, is not a follow-up trend, its most fundamental reason is There is room for improvement in the customer shopping experience. The acquisition method requires the development of new territories, and there is room for improvement in operational efficiency.

  You can’t change, don’t use new tools, don’t go to new scenes, but your peers have moved, compared with traditional retail, these new retail performances are better and worse, buy The home will soon feel it.

   The author believes that furniture and building materials brands have no hesitation in embracing new retail, at least a few lines to consider:

  1 terminal store location Scientific and diverse. Experience stores, theme stores, MINI stores, O2O stores, flash shops, etc., can be boldly tried on the basis of evaluation feasibility, and eventually form their own multi-store system, not one or two. It is possible to form various forms of storefronts according to different cities and different consumer groups.

  2 Brush face shopping, scan code shopping, smart robot shopping guide, VR equipment, 3D renderings DIY and other tools, can be deployed as appropriate, some things are alreadyStandard, they are not only to create a sense of freshness, but the biggest role is to make customers feel good. You don’t have it, but there are stores nearby, and the difference is easy to highlight.

  3 Online and offline marketing closed loops must continue to build, grasp the experience improvement, grasp the transformation between online and offline, through cloud design software, pay attention to the public number to send small gifts or discounts, etc. In other ways, strive to build more and stronger connections with customers.

  4 Rich formats, such as children’s play, coffee leisure, cultural entertainment, more comprehensive household categories, cross-border cooperation between merchants, etc., can be considered. Rather than saying that you sell furniture, the store only puts furniture, can also sell books, sell drinks, free tasting, etc., and even open up a space, do exhibitions and lectures in culture and art, and even put free movies (of course, pay attention Copyright issue).

   It is worth noting that whenever we talk about new retail, it is always inseparable from the premise of getting customers, this key component, no passenger traffic, your store or online store is made Tianxian, it is estimated that only the solitude and self-reward.

   In the case of various changes in the information source and the buying industry, it is another matter to decide the outcome of the game in the new retail environment. In many articles promoted by large-scale research, they are summing up and discovering new recruits.


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How much is the price of terrazzo? How to buy and maintain the terrazzo? okorder

The terrazzo is a common ground decoration material that is based on cement. The material is mixed with gravel, glass, quartz stone and other materials. It has bright color, excellent wear resistance, low price, certain waterproof and anti-fouling properties, and is widely used in public places such as schools and parks. in. Then terrazzo price, how to buy and maintain terrazzo, here is the article to introduce to everyone.

How much is the terrazzo price

1, the terrazzo price is mainly based on The type of terrazzo is determined. If it is a colored terrazzo, the price in the south is usually 50 to 100 yuan/m2, and the price in the north is usually around 50 to 80 yuan/m2.

2, the price of ordinary terrazzo is cheaper than color, south The price of ordinary terrazzo is usually 38 to 45 yuan / m2, and the price in the north is 42 to 55 yuan / m2.

3, the price of high-grade crystal silicon terrazzo is relatively high, the price is usually around 280 yuan / m2, this terrazzo is not only excellent in finish, but also high in hardness. It has certain waterproof and antifouling properties and is widely used in public places.

How to buy terrazzo

1, observe the style of the terrazzo, whether the color is uniform, whether the surface is smooth and flat, whether the interior contains too much impurities, in addition, there should be no small holes on the back of the terrazzo, otherwise the waterproof performance Will be greatly discounted.

2, you can touch the terrazzo with your hand, look at the texture of the terrazzo, and see if the surface of the terrazzo is smooth and delicate. If the surface of the terrazzo is rough and uncomfortable to touch, then Indicates that the terrazzo is of poor quality.

3, we can also smell the terrazzo, usually the quality of the terrazzo I have any odor, and the quality of the terrazzo has added a lot of adhesive, the odor is heavier .

4, we can also use a coin to scratch the surface of the terrazzo, to see its wear resistance, usually the quality of the terrazzo is basically no scratches.

How to maintain terrazzo

1. Do not place items with excessive temperature on the terrazzo floor for a long time.

2, the surface of the terrazzo should be kept as dry as possible.

3. It is strictly forbidden to place chemical objects on the terrazzo countertop.

4. If the surface of the terrazzo is dirty, it is best to wash it with soapy water or detergent.

5. Remove the scale on the terrazzo. Use a damp cloth to remove the scale, then wipe it off with a dry cloth.


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Main color curtains are generally better in color. Bedroom curtain color taboos okorder

The bedroom is our main resting place, so the color of the curtains is more expensive. Consider the decoration and consider whether it is Will affect sleep. Then, What color is the main curtain?Compare Okay? What are the taboos for bedroom curtains? Let’s take a look at it with Xiaobian!

What is the color of the master bedroom curtains?

1. What color is better for master bedroom curtains? If the master bedroom is a couple of newlyweds, the color of the curtains can choose the color that both sides prefer. In addition, the color of the curtains It is also good to try to choose a warm and romantic color. Secondly, we can also choose the corresponding color according to the changes of the four seasons. Generally, the colors of the main bedroom curtains are green, blue, orange and other colors.

2. What is the color comparison of the master bedroom curtains? Well? If the main person is a single male or female, the color of the curtains is not so particular, and the color can be selected according to the preferences of the occupants. Generally, the color of the curtains of the main bedroom for single male and female residences can be selected. More individual colors, so the whole master bedroom will be more fashionable and more unique.

3. What color is better for master bedroom curtains? We can also match the color of the main bedroom wall and the color of the furniture. Corresponding to the color of the curtain. For example, the color of the wall is light ivory or white, and the color of the furniture is gray or yellow. The color of the curtain should be orange. If the color of the wall is light blue, the color of the furniture is light yellow. The color of the curtain should be better than the blue color on the white; if the color of the wall is yellow or light yellow, the color of the furniture is black, purple or Color, and that color of curtains should choose yellow or golden yellow better.

Bedroom curtain color taboo

1. The color of the bedroom curtains is also very particular in the wind and water, and the curtains must not choose some Auspicious patterns that affect the health and emotional aspects of the family. For example, dolls with different shapes, many cockroaches or fierce animals are not good, especially in children’s rooms or elderly rooms.

2. The bedroom is where we sleep, the color of the curtains is best not to Choose a monotonous white or beige light shade, which will make the bedroom too pale and not warm. However, for the versatile color of white, it can be matched with curtains of other colors, and the effect is different. For example: it can be matched with blue, purple, rose red, etc., so that the bedroom will be more warm and romantic.

3. The color of the bedroom curtains is best not to choose the extreme color of red or black, which will make the occupants have bad emotions, and their character will develop to extremes.


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Wood floor classification Five steps to teach you to renovate the old floor okorder

Bamboo flooring is a product of China’s independent innovation, which breaks the traditional bamboo The production process of the product, the bamboo floor has good wear resistance and durability, and has anti-mite and shock resistance.

With the rapid development of the current production process and the increase in people’s spending power, many people will install more flooring during home renovation. Instead of ceramic tiles, everyone knows that after a period of use, the floor will inevitably suffer some wear and tear, and many friends will have the idea of ​​renovating the floor to make the floor look beautiful again, then today Xiaobian will share it for everyone. What are the specific processes for floor refurbishment and which types of floors are available.

1. What are the specific processes for floor renovation?

1. Polishing the floor

First use a large floor refurbishing machine to remove the lacquer layer. It is recommended to use three different thicknesses of sandpaper such as 40 mesh, 80 mesh and 120 mesh for three times. The bigger the number, the sandpaper The smaller the granules, the less visible the scratches left by the sanding, thus ensuring that the polished surface is fine and smooth.

2. Applying putty

After the floor is finished, it is necessary to scrape the putty to level the floor, use the special transparent primer putty matched with the floor paint, and scrape it in the sand. On the floor to be dried.

3. Primer, color treatment

After the putty is dry, the floor is brushed and tinted. Since the texture of the solid wood surface is natural, the color cannot be changed, and only the color of the floor can be adjusted.

p style=”text-indent:2em;”>4. Brush topcoat

When the primer is dry, brush it again Paint, wait for the topcoat to dry again, then carefully grind it with water sandpaper, roughen the surface of the floor, then remove the dust and brush the second coat.

5. Waxing polishing maintenance

When topcoat After brushing, the final step in floor renovation is waxing and polishing.

Second, what are the floors? Category

1. Bamboo flooring

Bamboo flooring is a product of China’s independent innovation. It breaks the traditional bamboo product manufacturing process. Bamboo flooring has good wear resistance and durability, and has anti-mite and shock resistance.

2.cork flooring

cork flooring is generally between 4〜 5 cm. The quality cork can reach 8〜 9 cm or so. There are three layers from the section, and the surface and bottom layer are natural cork. Made of refined.

3. Solid wood laminate flooring

solid wood composite flooring is divided into three types: solid wood composite flooring, multi-layer solid wood composite flooring, new solid wood composite flooring, in which the solid wood composite flooring is more stable than composite wood flooring.

4. Reinforced laminate flooring

Reinforced composite wood flooring is made by crushing the logs, then adding glue, preservatives and additives. After being pressed by high temperature and high pressure of hot press, the structure is generally divided into four layers: the surface layer is wear layer, The second layer is the decorative layer, the third layer is the wood-based board substrate, and the fourth layer is the bottom layer.

5.Solid wood flooring

Solid wood flooring is to dry the wood, after processing The ground decoration materials formed, the decorative style of solid wood is natural, and in the society where the forest coverage is declining, the solid wood flooring is more precious.


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Custom cabinets to save money Raiders have these 3 enough okorder

Attentive consumers will find that the fees charged by different manufacturers are different. Some manufacturers in the quotation, in addition to the basin, equipment and other equipment to be equipped by the consumer, but also contains all other processes, even the slides used in the basket, cabinet handles and hardware hinges are also included. Some manufacturers only report the basic quotation of the cabinet. If you want to make another drawer, or install the basin by the manufacturer, you will be charged separately. Therefore, you must ask the standard of the charges before you make a reservation. Don’t choose the price of the “surface”. You must also ask if there are additional charges, so as not to cause trouble later.

Speaking of custom cabinets, many friends will consider the price issue, in fact, custom Cabinet doesn’t have to use a lot of money. Want to save money? You can’t miss the custom cabinet save money for you.

Customize the cabinet to save money

1, the most critical use of materials

According to industry insiders, the entire cost 60% is the cost of cabinets, and the quality of the board is the key to the quality of the whole cabinet. At present, the price of the base cabinet and the hanging cabinet is about 900 yuan to 1,800 yuan per meter, and the high price is 3,000 yuan to 4,200 yuan, plus stickers. The difference in surface materials, the overall difference can reach 30% to 40%. Now on the market, the price is 1,500 yuan / extended meter Right, high-quality cabinets are around 2,500 yuan / extension meter, and the price of cabinets made of solid wood materials is about 3,600 yuan / extension meter. If you use materials other than conventional materials, the price will increase.

2, see details in high and low

Unexplained nuances On the other hand, the price of the cabinet factory is advanced or not, which reflects the cost of the product to a certain extent. Take the edge seal that best reflects the quality of the cabinet, if you use the imported automatic edge banding machine and use If the high temperature glue is above 200 degrees Celsius, the edge banding is very firm. However, if there is no edge banding machine and the glue is used immediately, only the iron is ironed, and the sealing time of the cabinet will fall off automatically after a long time.

3, there is something in the quotation sheet

Attentive consumers must It will be found that the fees charged by different manufacturers are different. Some manufacturers in the quotation, in addition to the basin, equipment and other equipment to be equipped by the consumer, but also contains all other processes, even the slides used in the basket, cabinet handles and hardware hinges are also included. Some manufacturers only report the basic quotation of the cabinet. If you want to make another drawer, or install the basin by the manufacturer, you will be charged separately. Therefore, you must ask the standard of the charges before you make a reservation. Don’t choose the price of the “surface”. You must also ask if there are additional charges, so as not to cause trouble later.


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Pay attention to the “fridge killer” Listeria, pregnant women and children are likely to be tricked! okorder

When the fall is over, the food is not easy to rot, especially if the family has a refrigerator, and the food shelf life is extended, and it can be eaten arbitrarily. But, do you know? There is a “healthy killer” in the refrigerator, and it is easy for pregnant women, fetuses, babies, the elderly and the immunocompromised population.

“This ‘Fridge killer & rsquo; is Listeria, which is widely found in nature, mainly through food infections, can cause meningitis, sepsis, endocarditis and other diseases, but also Causes the pregnant woman to diebirth. Zhang Shijing, director of the Nutrition Department of Zhengzhou Central Hospital affiliated to Zhengzhou University, said that Listeria can survive at 0 °C ~ 45 °C, especially in the refrigerator at the refrigerated temperature, even at -20 °C. The freezer can also survive for 1 year, which is impossible for most microorganisms.

According to research data from the World Health Organization and countries, the most easily contaminated foods for Listeria are: meat and meat products, milk and dairy products (raw and soft cheese), aquatic products, ready-to-eat foods ( Such as cooked meat) and vegetables. In China, cooked meat products and ready-to-eat raw meat products are the most easily contaminated by Listeria, so the national standard requirements cannot be detected.

Zhang Shijing said that for healthy adults and children, as long as the World Health Organization’s “food safety five points (separate raw, clean, cooked, safe temperature, safe raw materials) Basically worry-free. It should be emphasized that the refrigerator is regularly cleaned and cleaned, and the leftovers in the refrigerator cannot be eaten directly.

“Although the probability of Listeria infection in humans is not very high, there are about a few hundred thousand people, but the probability of infection in pregnant women is about 20 times higher than that of ordinary people. Zhang Shijing stressed that for pregnant women, the elderly or other immunocompromised people, we should also pay attention to the following points: do not drink raw milk that has not been pasteurized and thoroughly boiled; do not eat soft cheese, baked pizza, scallops on heated Except cheese; do not eat cold meat, ham, braised meat, etc. that are not thoroughly heated

(except canned food), even if they are sealed or stored in refrigerated conditions; if there is no good sanitary condition Raw food products are generally not recommended.

Zhang Shijing reminds that symptoms of fever, diarrhea or cold should be alarmed. If you have eaten suspicious food, report it to your doctor and actively detect the source of infection. If necessary, give antibiotics reasonably and adequately.

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The competition in the large screen market is fierce, and the laser projection is in focus. okorder

Can the big screen LCD be strong?

The display screen has grown larger in recent years.

Whether it’s a mobile phone or a LCD TV, or a desktop monitor, the size of the screen is constantly being upgraded. In the past, some people thought that the 4 inch screen of the mobile phone was enough. But it turns out that the phone screen is now less than 5 inches and there is already a feeling of OUT. The same is true for the display. The 21.5-inch product has already been configured as a door. Now many netizens have locked a 32-inch display. In the past, this was a TV position. It can be seen that the pursuit of size by consumers has not been stagnant.

So what about the size upgrade in the living room area? We all know that today’s 32-inch TVs are rare, and 50-inch has even become an entry-level choice for many homes. LCD TVs of 55-inch or larger are not expensive. Therefore, many families have upgraded the equipment in the living room, and the big screen has become an important element. So how can the market demand for continued growth be met? Will larger LCD TVs be popular?

However, a company recently acquired by Apple has implemented MicroLED technology, which has self-luminous display characteristics, and each pixel can be individually driven to emit light. Advantages include high brightness and low power consumption. Small size, ultra high resolution and color saturation. Compared with the OLED technology, which is also a self-luminous display, the MicroLED is not only efficient but also has a long life. The material is not easily affected by the environment and is relatively stable, and can also avoid image sticking, but softness. And flexibility is inferior to OLED. In the future, this technology may also become a weapon for the big screen market.

From the current state of view, laser TV is the best economy, and it can now achieve a price of more than 20,000 yuan, although it is still relatively expensive, but after all, than the large screen LCD screen and LED The stitching screen is much cheaper. And the low power consumption of the laser projector, high color gamut, and the delicate appearance of the screen are also obvious. I believe that in the field of large screens, the projector will have real development in the future.

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The mainstream trend of modern solid wood furniture okorder

3, the mainstream trend of solid wood furniture three: retro and modern minimalist furniture

Chinese style has been hot in recent years door, which caused The topic of Chinese classical furniture has always been sought after. From the high price of mahogany furniture to the ordinary price of new materials, Chinese classical home can finally enter the homes of ordinary people, plus modern furniture made of different materials make furniture With the retro style, there is a modern mix of styles.

Modern and simple engineering wood furniture is popular in small apartment, mainstream modern board furnituresimple and stylish performance, exquisite shape, simple and clean lines, lively and bright colors, ergonomic structure, especially at affordable prices, in the furniture market, such products will still be available to the working class. Great attraction.

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From September 2nd to 5th, 28 bus lines will be adjusted at Xiamen Convention and Exhibition Center and Huandao Road Area! okorder

During the period from the first shift on September 2 to the end of September 5, the 28 bus lines in the control area of ​​the Convention and Exhibition Center and the section of the roundabout will be adjusted. At that time, citizens of Wenxing East Road, Qianpu Village, Huizhan South, Huizhan North, Huangpi and Tatou will be affected to a certain extent, and the ride will become a walk + transfer.

These lines will be adjusted

18, 30, 101, 641, 653, 19, 55, 109, 751, 752, 948 651, 755, 855, 942, B2, 47, 29, 58, 91, 92, 98, 115, 759, 949, 401, 122, 857 28 bus lines, such as roads, will be adjusted through four methods: shunting, truncation, detouring, and extension.

Adjusted Citizens’ Travel Mode

(1) Information on the surrounding areas of the controlled area

(2) Wenxing East Road, Qianpu Village, and Convention and Exhibition South Area: First, walk to “ Mingfa Xincheng Station takes the 109 road, the second is to walk to “ Wenxing East Road Station take the 19th road, the third is at the “Mandarin South Third Road Station” or “Mingfa Seaview Court Station 401 Road. By taking the above 3 routes, you can transfer to 3 BRT Express and 29 regular bus lines to the site of Qianpu South District, “International Trade New City Station” and “Former Bus Station”.

(3) North of the exhibition area: First, walk to “ Luling Road Hezhen Station or “ Datang Central Station travels on 3 lines including 55, 58 and 68. The second is to walk to “ Software Park East Ermen Station to take the 28 lines, 38 road and other 17 lines.

(4) Huangpi Area: Walk to “ Maohou Station, take 29 Road, 92 Road, etc. 2 Travel by line.

(5) Tatou area: Walk to “Tatou station to take the 4 lines such as 122, 857, B2 and B3.

Bus Adjustment Plan for Convention and Exhibition Center and Huandao Road Area

Schematic diagram of the adjusted bus route

18-way adjustment diagram

30-way adjustment diagram

101 way adjustment diagram

641 Road, 653 Road Adjustment Diagram

19-way, 109-way adjustment diagram

55-way adjustment diagram

751 road adjustment diagram

752 Road Adjustment Diagram

948 Road Adjustment diagram

651, 755, 855, 942 Adjustment diagram

B2 road adjustment diagram

47 WaysFull schematic

29-way adjustment diagram

58-way adjustment diagram

91-way adjustment diagram

92-way adjustment diagram

98-way adjustment diagram

115-way adjustment diagram

759 Road Adjustment Diagram

949 Road Adjustment Diagram

401 way adjustment diagram

122, 857 road adjustment diagram

There are also these safeguards

1. The public can check out the site in the travel tips in advance. Information such as information, bus way, route direction, etc., to visually understand the adjusted travel mode. During the adjustment period, the bus stop in the middle of the bus stop involved in the reduction and the bus line involved in the adjustment of the line will be advertised. The public can also check the latest line and site information through the handheld bus app.

2. Xiamen Public Transport Group organizes personnel at Wenxing East Road Station, Mingfa New City Station, Datang Central Station, Tatou Station, Yunhai Mountain Villa Station, Guomao New City Station, BRT Qianpu Hub Station, Software Park The station will wait for 8 major bus stops on September 2 & mdash; on the 5th, every day from 07:00 to 22:00, on-site duty, adjust the operation shifts in real time to protect the citizens.

3, the public can walk + transfer to the “pre-Pu Nan District Station,” International Trade New City Station, “Former Po Bus Station,” “Software Park East Second Gate Station 4 The main transfer point transfers to travel.

4. Adjust 401 Road to the connecting line of the South District of the Convention and Exhibition, and proceed to the Qianpu Bus Station by the Exhibition South 3 Road Station. Members of the Southern District of the Convention and Exhibition Area can take the 401 Road to the Qianpu Bus Station to change to the BRT Express or other bus lines. The daily service time of 401 is 06:30-22:30.

5. The specific line adjustment content will be released in time through the WeChat and Weibo platforms of Xiamen Public Transport Group. The public can pay attention to the WeChat and Weibo platforms to understand the line adjustment information in time, and also call 968828 service hotline. related information. (Source: Xiamen Daily)

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Floor companies enter the online shopping market with their own conditions okorder

B2B website marketing promotion has become an important means of promotion for many foreign trade export enterprises. If the floor enterprises use their e-commerce platform to flow to the national or even global markets at a very fast speed, the floor regionalization pattern will not be attacked. broken.

In the network era, the geographical limitations of the floor are not a problem.

E-commerce has a broader environment: people are not limited by time, are not limited by space, and are not subject to traditional shopping. Many restrictions can be traded online anytime and anywhere; at the same time, the market space is broader: one merchant can face consumers around the world, and one consumer can shop at any merchant in the world; faster circulation and low price: electronic Business reduces the intermediate links of commodity circulation, saves a lot of expenses, and thus greatly reduces the cost of goods circulation and transactions; more in line with the requirements of the times.

Nowadays, people are increasingly pursuing fashion, paying attention to personality, paying attention to the shopping environment, and shopping online, which can reflect the personalized shopping process. Especially with the influence of modern networks on people’s lives, e-commerce almost extends its reach to people’s private life. If there is an e-commerce platform on the Internet, it is equivalent to opening the store to the customer’s bedroom. This absolute possession of the terminal market will undoubtedly greatly stimulate consumers’ desire to purchase and reach a purchase contract. In this process, companies and consumers are not geographically restricted. The e-commerce transaction completely broke through the geographical limitations and paved the way to the whole country.

Floor industry, the combination of e-commerce and self is the way to survive

Although the furniture industry has entered the online shopping market soon, there are many furniture companies who are striving to fight for this new piece of online marketing. . It is understood that today’s online furniture e-commerce sites are divided into three categories: the first category is based on the store established by the physical store furniture store; the second category is that they have manufacturers and have a certain well-known brand, set up a furniture online store, a The aspect is to promote the brand, on the other hand, to increase a sales channel; the third category is that there is neither a physical store nor a brand of its own, to establish a website platform independently, and to establish mutual cooperation and cooperation with some furniture brands to sell online.

Experts said that for the e-commerce model of online sales, many home furnishing companies have their own unique understanding and experience. In most people’s view, online marketing has a certain market space, which can be compared with tradition. Marketing channels form an effective complement. Network and physical stores are important complementary relationships. E-commerce cannot simply look at how many furniture is sold online. The main purpose is to hope that the network can help the physical stores to promote the physical stores.

Release date: 2011/11/18 11:03:57

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