Bathroom cleaning and accessory maintenance okorder


1. Daily cleaning
Bathtub & chassis
  Or scrub on a soft cotton cloth with a detergent and rinse off with water.
 2, please clean the remaining dirt on the bottom of the bathtub after each bath.
  3. Wipe some intractable stains with a special detergent for the bathroom.
& emsp; 4, every time after bathing, it is easier to decontaminate, otherwise the longer the dirt, the harder it is to remove.
Ceiling & Wall Panel & Door
  1. Wipe it with a damp cloth and a neutral detergent.
 2, please do not let the diluent solution, medicine, etc. flow into the drain, which may corrode the pipe and cause water leakage.
 3, Do not use sulphur series bathing liquid, otherwise it will corrode the pipeline and cause water leakage.
 4, please do not put hair clips, razors and other items on the washstand, it is easy to produce rust, it is difficult to remove.
 5, please always wipe the countertop with a dry rag to keep the countertop clean.
 6, if the water is stopped during bathing, please be sure to close the faucet.
faucet towel rack towel rack
& emsp; 1, please wipe once a week with a soft dry cloth.
& emsp; 2, do not hit with a hard object, hit the metal surface to avoid damage to the chrome layer.
  3. Please do not wipe with alkaline or acidic detergent.
 4, please use the faucet as described in the book.
Washing table
 1, please use a sponge to inhale the neutral detergent to scrub the stain, wash it and dry it with a dry cotton cloth.
 2, please wipe the water stain on the countertop in time to keep the countertop clean.
Toilet bowl Washbasin Water tank
& emsp; 1, can use a cloth or sponge to absorb neutral detergent and warm water to scrub.
& emsp; 2, do not use fluorinated glass of fluoride-containing detergent.
  3. Do not rinse the toilet with hot water.
cleaning of the floor drain
& emsp; 1, open the floor drain cover;
& emsp; 2, loosen the filter cover;
& emsp; 3, take out the filter;
 4, clean the hair and garbage on the filter net;
 5, install the floor drain in order.

Second, the daily maintenance of accessories:
maintenance of floor drain:
& emsp; 1, floor drain has drainage, filtration and anti-odor and other functions, so it is necessary to clean and keep clean.
  2 If the floor drain is blocked with hair and other debris, it will not only cause poor drainage, but also cause water in the chassis. Please clean it once a week.
  3. In case of blockage, please wash immediately.
Maintenance of the ventilation fan:
  1. Do not flush the ventilation fan to avoid burning the motor.
 2, please do not cover the ventilation fan cover, so as not to affect the exhaust fan exhaust, resulting in malfunction.
 3, please inject lubricant into the ventilation fan bearing every six months, which can extend the life of the ventilation fan and reduce noise.
Door use method:
& emsp; 1, lock from the bathroom, unlock;
& emsp; 2, when the door is closed from the bathroom, the anti-lock button is unlocked.
  3. In case of emergency, insert the keyhole into the keyhole
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Floor tiles to buy more snacks okorder

The choice of floor tiles in the decoration process can be described as a top priority. If there is a problem in the selection of the floor tiles, then the post-repair and redoing is more laborious, then I will introduce you to these floor tiles today. All kinds of advantages and disadvantages, then I hope everyone can learn more about the purchase of floor tiles in the future.


The permeable brick is a kind of whole brick, the basic material of the permeable brick is clay or porcelain clay, used for wall wall covering Bricks are used for floor coverings. The color of the permeable brick is not rich in color, the gloss is not high, and it is generally frosted or matt. When used for a long time, various smudges and dust will penetrate into the brick body, which is seriously not resistant to dirt and price. Low-cost

Two polished tiles

When polishing bricks, the surface of the body of the brick body is polished to a bright brick, which is also a whole body brick. The polished brick is hard and wear resistant, has high bending strength, light weight and anti-slip function. Generally used for relatively high-end decoration space, variety of colors, and a lot of product names, such as silver jade, diamond stone, rainbow stone, etc., can not be confused by the complicated product name when buying, must distinguish the product attributes

Three vitrified brick

The vitrified brick is also called full ceramic tile. It is a bright tile that has been polished on the surface of the whole brick. It is also a whole brick. One. It has high luminosity, high hardness, high wear resistance, low water absorption, small color difference, and its color pattern gloss can be artificially controlled. The pavement can play the role of sound insulation and heat insulation. Note that after the paving is completed, the brick surface should be waxed, otherwise the liquid stain will penetrate into the micropores of the brick surface to form a spot, which ultimately affects the appearance.

Influenced tile decoration effect is not only the craftsman of the construction master, but also the choice of cement sand. When buying, be sure to pay attention to the normal color of the cement should be blue-gray, the color should be too deep or Other changes may be too many other magazines. The high-quality cement powder should have a cool feeling when held by hand, and the hand feels slippery. It is also necessary to pay attention to the date of production. After 30 days of production, the strength will decrease. After 3 months of storage, the strength of the cement will drop by 15%-25%, and after one year, it will be reduced by more than 30%. I lost the cement in a friend’s hometown decoration. After three years, all the tiles in the house have been demolished and reworked. Everyone knows this and must choose carefully in the future.
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Make your own bathtub, perfect fit and save money okorder

The bathtub is a common sanitary ware in modern bathrooms, which makes people’s baths more convenient and comfortable. There are many types of bathtubs on the market. Although it is more convenient to buy finished bathtubs, many families choose to build their own bathtubs because of the economy or housing type. The biggest advantage is that they can fit perfectly with the bathroom and save money. Below, Xiaobian introduces you to build a bathtub step and effect, I hope to help everyone.
1, determine the bathtub position

The general bathtub outside the size of 120CM, width 65 CM, height 45 CM, we make appropriate adjustments according to actual needs. First determine the size of the bathtub, and pop the length, width and height of the horizontal line on the ground. Brick walls along the inner control line of the ground, pay attention to the thickness of the brick wall does not exceed 6CM, pay attention to the brick joints can not be on the same line, must cross.

2, bricklaying (build a bathtub effect diagram)

When tiling bricks, first apply 1CM thick cement mortar, then use a trowel to strike the brick surface, let The bricks become more straight and dense, and they are built one by one in this way. Pay attention to the intersection of the brick joint and the first row and then build the second row of bricks. If there is any error, try to repair it in time.

3, normal temperature at rest

When the above steps are completed, stand at room temperature for 3-4 hours before starting operation, first use iron trowel in the outer wall of the bathtub Thinly smearing a layer, the process requires gentle gestures, not too vigorous, so as not to loosen the bonding layer, resulting in the impact of water penetration at the end of the wall.

4. Place the short lead bar

The second day, the cement bath surface layer will be made. The method is first inside and outside, first and then on the bottom, when smearing the surface, A short lead bar can be placed on the mouth of the bathtub, and the weight is pressed on the upper side so that it does not move easily. After that, the position of the lead bar is adjusted, and the cement mortar layer is placed on the inner wall of the bathtub, and the thickness is not more than 1 CM, and then scraped. Leveling, so that the surface is level, after 10 minutes, use a trowel to smear the surface cement.

5, the last step

The inner and outer walls are affixed with short lead strips, which are clamped with reinforcing steel clamps, and one to two cement mortars are placed between the lead strips, with iron The trowel is smoothed, the bathtub is placed against the wall of the wall, and the lead bar cannot be fixed by the steel clamp. It can be operated by the symmetrical support of the bamboo piece, and the upper wall of the four walls is completely horizontal. It can prevent the bottom surface from flooding and causing the water in the bathtub to be discharged. Start processing the negative and negative angles, machine the positive angle, and finally clean the powder.

End of the article: Compared with the finished bathtub on the market, the cost of the bathtub is relatively low, and it is very suitable for small-sized families, but the self-built bathtub is relatively Line and body comfort may be a bit worse. I will introduce you to the steps of building a bathtub myself, and I hope to help you.
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Sharing furniture looks beautiful, but it’s difficult okorder

Desalination of ownership, use is more valuable than possession – this is the core idea of ​​the sharing economy, which is why Uber, Didi, Mobai and other shared economic hotspots, shared furniture.

Shared furniture is mainly for short-term tenants and landlords, trying to solve the need of young people unable to buy a house and eager for exquisite life. It has the advantages of short-term rent, low price, convenient and quick, and at the same time attracts young people through the Internet. “shared”. The reporter roughly estimated the price on the shaking home platform. The user used the rent for 4 years or so, and the rental price was just the price of a finished furniture. If you cherish it, the furniture can last longer. For users who have been renting furniture for three consecutive years, most home rental platforms will give the furniture to the user free of charge and no longer charge rent.

However, unlike shared bicycles and shared charging treasures, shared furniture faces more difficulties. The rental of furniture usually starts at least 3 months, the rent is paid monthly, and the profit time is lengthened. The depreciation rate of furniture is also difficult to predict, not to mention the cost of logistics and renovation. Therefore, it will not be known how long it will take to share the furniture platform. It is still unknown.

For the target group of shared furniture, it is difficult to adjust, especially after the pursuit of personality 90, there may be 1000 requirements for 1000 people, whether the furniture style and style provided by the shared furniture platform are rich enough to attract More users?

There are also some suggestions from the industry, such as the use of unique furniture to attract young people who like new things, short-term rent, and the landlord to complete the installment payment in the form of a lease. In other words, there are still many breakthroughs in sharing furniture.
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Software customization is optimistic, is the future of the bag? okorder

   Some forecasts show that by 2020, China’s software consumption will grow by about half to $6.5 trillion. The main drivers behind this growth trend include the increase in the number of middle class and wealthy families; the emergence of a new generation of consumer groups with more free and more experienced economies; the role of e-commerce is growing stronger. Today, China has become the world’s largest consumer of soft furniture. We are faced with an era of opportunities and challenges. The future software will belong to Yaros, a company that dares to innovate and dare to change!

  The rise of reverse mergers, China has become a melting pot of global home furnishing products
   The wave of “reverse takeovers” has arisen. After years of accumulation, some Chinese home furnishing brands have begun to introduce foreign mature home brands into China through acquisitions or mergers and acquisitions, making full use of the mature craftsmanship, history and cultural heritage of the original brands, and realizing the brand through mature channels and dealer teams. A new leap.
   For example, Gujia Group has successively acquired international brands such as NATUZZI, RolfBenz and Australia NickScali. Mousse and the famous Italian sofa brand Calia (CALIA) also reached a strategic cooperation not long ago. The Shanghai Furniture Exhibition Kalia debuted, and the import and domestic series debuted at the same time, which attracted much attention.
   Qumei Home and Norwegian high-end furniture manufacturer EkornesASA officially announced the successful acquisition on August 31, Qumei achieved full control of the latter, and will be four brands of Stress (Stressless) Svane, IMG and EkornesContract are included in the brand matrix, and Stres is called “the most comfortable chair in the world”, and Qumei has also completed the transformation of international home brand operators.
  At the Shanghai Home Expo, LEXINGTON homes were exhibited for the first time in China, and brought the ArtisticHome, CypressPoint and BarclayButera product lines to showcase the originality and exquisite American lifestyle. . Song Huang, general manager of China, said that in 2017, Luolai Life’s wholly-owned acquisition of Lexington was not only a strong alliance of brands, but also enabled the latter to open the pace of living in the Chinese market.
   In fact, about five or six years ago, the furniture exhibition will clearly divide the imported brands and domestic brands in the exhibition hall. In the past two years, this division is no longer so obvious. As more and more home furnishing companies become international brand operators, China will become the world’s most concentrated home furnishing brand. The Chinese market will also become a melting pot of the world’s outstanding home furnishing brands, providing Chinese consumers with a higher quality home life.
  The big pattern is brewing to predict the future is too early
   Furniture Fair is not only a place to showcase products, but also an opportunity for us to observe the industry at close range. From products to brands, from action to thinking, for Chinese home furnishing companies, product improvement is the first step, behind the evolution of brands and strategies.
   From the perspective of the whole industry, China’s home furnishing industry is in an internal accelerated adjustment period, and there is still much room for improvement. At the same time, capital boosting is accelerating the establishment of competition barriers. And to deprive other brands of the future living space, this imbalance will last for a long time. Perhaps in such a complex and dynamic environment, the changes in the future pattern of China’s home furnishing industry are gradually brewing. Now predict that the future is still too early, let us wait quietly.
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Don’t wait until you come in, regret it, the waterproof work of the bathroom is very important. okorder

Many owners did not do waterproof work during the renovation, so that there was water leakage in daily life. It was very troublesome to repair the bathroom after seeping water in the bathroom. Therefore, we must strictly follow the standards when doing waterproof work in the bathroom. Then what is the waterproof height requirement of the bathroom? What are the details of the waterproof construction of the bathroom? Let’s take a look at it with the small series!
What is the waterproof height requirement of the bathroom

1, bathroom wall The waterproof height requirement is generally 30cm high. If it is a wall of non-bearing wall, its basic waterproof height requirement is 1.8m high, and the wall waterproof coating is required to be 30cm high, so as to prevent water from seeping into the wall and causing moisture and falling off. phenomenon.

2. If the bathroom has a bathtub, the waterproof height of the wall of the bathtub should be 30cm higher than the height of the bathtub.

Bathroom waterproof construction attention to detail

1, before painting the first time waterproof coating, please check whether the ground is clean, dry, no debris, etc., after confirming that there is no problem In order to work on waterproof coatings. When applying waterproof coating, pay attention to full coating, and there should be no omission. The waterproof coating should be firmly combined with the base layer. There should be no cracks, bubbles and falling off. The height of the coating should be consistent and the thickness should meet the product requirements.

2, after the first time the waterproof coating is applied, wait for it to completely dry before the second time of waterproof coating. The specific time depends on the waterproof coating, if the interval is too short. , then the quality of waterproof coatings will be greatly reduced.

3. Laying the protective layer, in order to prevent the waterproof layer from being damaged after the subsequent construction, it is necessary to lay a protective layer on the surface of the waterproof coating, and cover the waterproof layer when the protective layer is laid. To live, make sure that there is no omission, and that it must be firmly integrated with the grassroots.

4, closed water test, so the water shut-off test should be done after the completion of the construction work, the waterproof height of the closed water test should not be less than 2cm, and the test time should be at least 24 hours, wait for 24 hours To check for leaks, if there is no leakage, it is qualified. If there is leakage, it must be redone. Do not neglect.

Summary of the small series: The above is about the waterproofing height requirements of the bathroom and the details of the waterproof construction of the bathroom. When you are doing waterproof work, the waterproof height of the bathroom must be strictly in accordance with the standard, and When leakage occurs during the test of water test, it must not be ignored. Otherwise, it will be even more difficult to deal with when there is a bigger problem in the future. I hope it will help everyone.
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The inspection team of the Meizhou Municipal Government of Guangdong Province inspected the dust pollution in key areas to ensure the improvement of air quality. okorder

On the 14th, the government of Meizhou City, Guangdong Province organized the relevant departments to form an inspection team, and came to the key construction areas such as the construction site of Meijiang District and the main roads of the city to carry out dust pollution inspection.

The inspection team found that Binfang Avenue South Pipe Gallery construction site, Kedu Bridge The exposed line of the connecting line resettlement area (206 National Road side) is not completely covered by the exposed sand, and the sprinkling water is not timely and infrequent; the construction site of the Shangping West Road Chamber of Commerce Building (not started) and the Kedu Bridge connecting line project site are barely exposed on the ground. Covering or greening, the surrounding roads are not cleaned in time, and the road dust is prominent; Meizhou Junfa Concrete Co., Ltd. (Triangle Town Wanxia Village) is contaminated in and around the road, and the vehicles are not flushed; Meizhou Zhengtong Concrete Co., Ltd. (Dongsheng Industry) On the side of the garden, the aggregates such as sand and gravel in the mixing station are stacked in the open air. The batching bins have no dust-proof measures. The vehicles entering and leaving the vehicle are not flushed. The sewage is discharged directly from the field without being collected and treated, which has an impact on the S333 line.

The inspection team requires all construction units and enterprises to strictly follow 100% of the construction site is covered, 100% of the construction site sand is covered, 100% of the construction site is hardened, 100% of the demolition works are sprinkled and dusted, 100% of the vehicles are washed out of the construction site, and 100% of the site is temporarily undeveloped. Management standards to reduce dust pollution in building construction and improve air quality in Meizhou City. From now until the end of the month, the Municipal Air Pollution Prevention Office will organize daily inspections of dust pollution in Meizhou City to ensure that the air quality will improve significantly this winter and next spring.


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Natural stone is based on the appearance to determine the price? okorder

Everyone knows that natural stone is determined by the appearance of the price, marble does not need to say, the same material of the stone, the good layout and the price difference is almost too much. Granite is no exception, so many times in order to increase the added value of the product and the popularity of the market, some bosses have thought about it. Today, this is to do the processing of the stone that can not buy the price and then prevent it from being expensive. Stone sales (such as dyed red board is imitation of Indian red imported granite), there are other dyed blackboards (Shanxi black, Hebei black, etc.), yellow board (golden diamond, gold diamond), dyed green board (green star, Taiwan green) stone and so on. The reason for taking pear white as the main reason is that the current pear flower white stone may be the cheapest granite in China. The cheapest is not the most ugly, and there are many reasons for the price of stone. Mining costs, labor costs, and pricing are all factors that determine stone prices.
Natural stone dyeing production and attention points Red granite is extremely popular in the Middle East, but due to various reasons of stone production and color, dyed stone is also born.

Granite dyed red board production process and process:
First dissolve the ferric chloride with water, while adding a small amount of catalyst to make a dyeing solution. The granite is then placed and completely immersed in the staining solution.
After immersing for a certain period of time, after taking out washing, drying, and color development, red granite is obtained. (Note that the time of soaking should be determined according to the stone type, color, water absorption rate, stone gap, etc.) Points to be aware of in the production process:
1, color concentration: different color to obtain different color effects, production The actual situation should be determined, and the general concentration is 20%.
2, soaking time: there must be sufficient time, the time is too short, the coloring is not good, but the time is too long, the work efficiency is not high. Generally take 3-4 hours as well.
3, PH value of the color liquid: PH value is too large and too small for the color and gloss of the granite after the color change is not good, generally take 2 is the best.
4, drying temperature: generally selected at 200-250 ° C (Celsius temperature) is appropriate. (Processing of electrolytic plate)
5. Drying time: usually about 2 hours.
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Cleaning the faucet becomes a necessity for residents okorder

The quality of drinking water is directly related to everyone’s vital interests and health and safety, so many people pay attention to the quality of drinking water. Therefore, cleaning taps become a necessity for residents. So how do you buy a pure faucet? What types of faucets are there? Next, please follow along with Xiaobian to learn about some of the pure faucets.

How to buy a pure faucet

1. Look at the quality of the filter. For any water purification brand, the quality depends on the filter. Water is good for the core. Therefore, you should choose a good faucet for the filter.

2. Check the filter material used. When purchasing, depending on whether the filter material is good enough, it can effectively remove harmful substances such as bacteria, colloids, rust, and microorganisms in the water.

3. It depends on whether the relevant product has a water batch issued by the water purification department. Each water purification product shall receive the relevant water batch issued by the National Water Purification Department. Many companies will use a variety of uses. This is a violation. When you buy, be sure to polish your eyes and see clearly.

4. If you want to buy a faucet water purifier, you need to listen to it yourself. The best way is to go to the store first, listen to the shopping guide, and then go to the relevant sales e-commerce website to check its sales.

User feedback and user experience after purchase. If the faucet water purifier you want to buy has a large sales volume on the Internet and the user experience is good, you can purchase the quality of the product.

Pure faucet—-What types of hydrostatic faucets are there?

1. Activated carbon technology is basically activated carbon as the leading water purification The main water purification material. Nanoactive filters have better adsorption capacity. It filters certain chlorine, heavy metals, and pesticides in water before it is saturated.

2. Hollow fiber technology, domestic water, etc. is a water purification technology based on hollow fiber membranes, which can filter out most of the pollutants in the water, and need to replace the filter core regularly.

3. Ceramic and nano-KDF technology, most domestic products use microporous ceramic filter and nano-KDF filter material, dechlorination ball, alkaline ball-based water purification technology, water flow Water purifiers and ceramic filters larger than those using hollow fiber technology can be used repeatedly for cleaning. After a certain period of service, the filter element should be replaced periodically.

4. When you buy, you not only have to listen to the buyer. Every industry has competition. Before they do the shopping guide, the company will provide them with training on how to introduce competitors to their products. Generally speaking, their remarks are biased.

Pure faucet—-House decoration skills?

1, don’t arbitrarily drill holes in the wall

During construction, do not arbitrarily drill holes in the wall, otherwise it will affect a certain degree of stability, especially the load-bearing wall. If you insist on piercing or punching, it will seriously affect the seismic performance of the house. It will also shorten the life of the house.

2, choose environmentally friendly furniture

When purchasing home appliances, try to choose environmentally friendly materials to create a green living room atmosphere. At the same time, when choosing a luminaire, it must conform to the overall decorative style. If the space is not large, it is recommended not to buy chandeliers and other large spaces. Furniture should be chosen for glass, stainless steel and other materials.

3, bathroom, building materials should pay attention to waterproof

Because the bathroom is a place with a lot of water, pay attention to waterproof when laying out the layout Sex, and make other installations while ensuring that the bathroom is not leaking, and try not to install the switch. Toilet. Pay attention to the moisture resistance of building materials (such as cement) and try not to place them directly on the ground.
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Stone plastic floor, find out okorder

Stone-plastic flooring is also called stone-plastic floor tiles, and many people are also called pvc sheet flooring. It is a new type of material with high quality and high technology. It also appeared more often when we were decorating our home. Favored by consumers. It is a combination of healthy, comfortable, green, fashionable, and easy to decorate. So everyone knows what are the advantages and disadvantages of stone-plastic flooring? Today, Xiaobian will take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of stone-plastic flooring.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of stone-plastic flooring?

1. Environmentally friendly and non-toxic: The raw materials and auxiliary materials used in stone-plastic flooring are environmentally-friendly and non-toxic renewable resources. Under normal circumstances, they are free of harmful substances such as formaldehyde and benzene. Heavy metal elements such as lead and cadmium are also non-reflective and are environmentally friendly and healthy green flooring materials.

2, fireproof and waterproof: quality qualified stone plastic floor fireproof indicators up to B1, second only to stone, itself will not burn and can prevent burning. Stone-plastic flooring is not afraid of water, as long as it is not soaked for a long time, it will not be damaged.

3, strong decoration: stone plastic floor color and variety, texture beautiful and realistic, colorful, light-resistant, simple cutting and splicing, can be creative, with a strong decorative effect .

4. Comfortable: The stone-plastic floor is made of a dense surface layer and a high-elastic foamed cushion. It has a comfortable foot feel, soft and comfortable, close to the carpet. The feeling is very suitable for families with children and old people at home.

5, wear-resistant and impact-resistant: the surface of stone-plastic floor has a layer of specially processed transparent wear-resistant layer, the wear-resistant rotation number can reach 300,000 rpm, with super wear-resistant Sexual and impact resistant, reusable for up to 30 years.
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