Type C residence in Bangalore, India okorder

This C-type home is located in Bangalore, India, and looks like a C-shaped overall.

The site measures 60 feet and is 40 feet wide. The long side faces the road and there is no scenery at all. The walls of existing buildings on the side are side by side to the boundary of the house.
Normally, the design of the home and the front yard of the adjacent house have the function of the view of the park. How to increase the space for daily activities in this house. Then, our solution is to design a C-shaped house that allows the plug to be inserted into the built-in space, looking for a double-height courtyard living space view, thereby maximizing the use of borders, expanding the space scheme, ie living room, dining room and bedroom, Courtyard on both sides. Push to the perimeter of the service area. This not only realizes the internal space, but also expands the space of the line of sight.
The vision of the yard is that the composite wall has a dual purpose, both to cut off the outside, as well as to provide the background, from the courtyard, rather than the platonic solid sculpture.
The height of the house is designed as a whole object with a crystal-like sensibility. As soon as the house is approached, the composite wall is red oxidized, the upper part of the ground looks almost like a constructed earth, and the opening on the front outer wall is a crystal-like opening.

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Seaside home on the east coast of Ireland okorder

With the existing private beach, a new beachfront holiday home occupies a long-term summer house. Resonance of the size and location of neighboring mobile homes.

The parallel wall-to-wall residence is open to the East of Ireland.

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Swiss Greenhouse Botanical Garden Grueningen okorder

The design of the garden Grueningen is inspired by the surrounding forest, not the built-in environment.

Greenhouse Botanical Garden Grueningen” width=”500″ height=”367″ src=”/Upload/Other/QQ screenshot 20131028132858.png” />

The concept of its structure comes from nature. The pavilion is conceived to coordinate and expand the forest. Development and utilization of the Voronoi cut, also known as natural neighbor interpolation.

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Central Mosque, second place in Pristina okorder

The Pristina Competition Jury announced the second place in the Central Mosque, but there was no winner. The game is not over yet. Organized by the Kosovo Islamic community, the competition aims to create a place where you can get to know each other and cultivate humanity, tolerance, respect and sincere love.

Proposed to the architectural significance of a prototype in the old Sultan Mehmet II Mosque in Pristina. The main architectural features, as well as the impressive proportion of the old mosque, were studied, but the volume of the mosque was balanced and developed around it.
Old Sultan Mehmet II Mosque, the square of the rounded rectangle at the top of an octagonal belt transition dome, and the new mosque has a smoother volume transition: rectangular base volume, lower belt, narrower Its top and slightly rotated to fit an intermediate belt. The middle belt continues to shrink and rotate the upper belt and further the dome. Slightly rotating on a large scale with a round dome mosque. There are belts, as well as between the dome and the flooding of the diffuse daylight entering the indoor dome allows the spacing between the belts. The three-zone dome looks like warm daylight, and it creates a very specific atmosphere within the mosque that will be suspended. The interior is filled with uniform light that penetrates the gap between the strips and passes through the space with the window at the bottom. The light leaks from above, from all sides, from the ground to the dome base. The lower part has two narrow windows that allow sunlight to penetrate the mosque. The lower group window mosque and touch the ground to make it look outward.
The mosque is higher than the 8M high podium, which is not visible due to the height difference of the terrain. The two-level mosque supporting activities on the podium: bathing, social and educational centers, as well as the ceiling level of the aunt’s apartment and a large conference hall around the administrative office of the market to hold the upper and lower levels of shopping.
The main entrance of the mosque in front of the artificial stone cladding colonnade consisting of the magnificent colonnade is developed as an extension of the lower belt of the mosque. Between the grooved colonnade creates a space between the entrance and the plateau at the entrance to the square.
The screen continues from the podium of the podium along the lower level of the north side wall and rises to the entrance. Related to the urban environment, the surrounding buildings are oriented 38 degrees towards the garden entrance. The lower part of the podium extends over the same level of large lawns, large square green areas, and is lifted from the surrounding environment. This is mainly where the citizens and tourists gather. This is where you relax, play, think or celebrate.

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The recipe for success in selling your own home okorder

You love your home, but when you have to sell it, you have to share your home with the buyer. You have to find ways to make buyers think that this is their ideal home, it is not an easy task. Below we will provide advice from the National Association of Renovation Industries to teach you how to attract discerning buyers.
The function of the house
The president of the association, Paul Zuch, said that many buyers have a long-term economic choice in life and attach great importance to the function of the family living environment. The areas that are most likely to be improved are: countertops, interior floors, and old-fashioned attachments (such as bathroom mirrors). However, when you want to make these improvements, you must also think about the various messages that are available in the latest polls.
How does the sale of a house
How to increase the selling of a house? First of all, you have to do some basic things, such as keeping it clean and tidy, creating a bright atmosphere at home, creating open spaces, excellent facades, removing personal items (such as family photos, trinkets, etc.), Repaint the walls, replace or clean the carpet.
In addition, the countertop is a fixture in the home, and the countertop material is preferably able to withstand daily wear and tear. There are many choices for building materials in the kitchen, such as granite, ceramic tiles, recycled glass (a choice of green energy), solid steel, composite stone, hardwood flow tables, multi-laminates, and even concrete.
Some homeowners will want to have their own unique high-tech concrete countertops and multi-laminates. The popular trend is to mix several styles to create a kitchen appearance, but in the end, the function is still the most potential buyer. The tops of the above materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. When you choose materials, be sure that you have a certain understanding of the materials to facilitate future maintenance and use.
Improving indoor fixed equipment
Designer Laura Kirar told the Alexandria Times that many people have known about the design of fixed equipment in the house, weird or eclectic. Style has gradually changed from an international trend to a universal decoration in the United States. However, when the fixed equipment in your home is too strange, you may lose a potential buyer.
If you have damaged or worn faucets or lighting, it is best to replace them first. In addition, spend a small amount of money to decorate the mirror with a special frame that adds its unique look. When you don’t want to spend too much before selling a house, these seemingly insignificant projects will have a big impact on the buyer’s desire to buy.
Buyers are very focused on the floor. Wooden floors are still very popular, hardwood floors are durable and not outdated, and can also enjoy home life, but the disadvantage of wooden floors is how to maintain and repair costs.
Finally, the built-in furniture can enhance the value of the home. The built-in bookcase and entertainment center saves space and will make the room look wider. However, there are also disadvantages. Built-in furniture is not easy to move, so potential buyers will consider the furniture that suits their needs.

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East Wing of St. Louis Art Museum okorder

How do you unfold the stalwart and the beloved neoclassical style of the museum building, is a groundbreaking construction, American architect, designer of the famous Woolworth Building Cascade Gilbert? One option is to hire an architect who can become confusing and complex, injecting new vitality over time and with the need to update a dilapidated culture that does not destroy the distinctive features, and love it to the community.

While some cultural institutions have fallen in the Bilbao path, expanding their facilities exceeds their budget and their needs, hoping to Their art house to the blockbuster cultural destination, the St. Louis Art Museum (Missouri, USA) has taken a decisively different path to choose & ldquo;adjust & rsquo; is what it already has a successful art museum, its many virtues are counted A small number of museums are free to the public, and the post-war American and 20th-century German art is cherished.

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Korean Modern History Museum Ribbon Design okorder

Approximately 60 years old as a symbol of the country – The Korean contemporary Junglim architecture reshapes existing public buildings – the National Museum Project and the history of Korea. It seems to provide a place where people can gather.

The site is located in Gwanghwamun Plaza – an axis that represents the starting point of the country. As a museum, it captures the history of Korea, and it is designed to express the mood of the country. Therefore, the double-white glass design of the concrete structure suggests a mood of confusion. The bridge and historical road define the connection point of the Zero Sanctuary, which is a unique urban background located at the Gwanghwamun Plaza and the architectural solutions of the current Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

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Iraqi Youth Library okorder

The project is expected to be later this year, and the Baghdad Library is a symbol of hope for young people in Iraq. The design was fixed by AMBS Architects and Library Specialist ACA Consultants in 2011 and the recently released renderings show a bold design that curves upwards like a stingray in flight.

The Baghdad project of the Founder’s AMBS architect Ali Mousawi is in more ways than the city, until 1982, and in 2003 Returned in the year to assist in the reconstruction process. For him, building a new multi-purpose library for all ages in Baghdad is a big step in the right direction.

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London Canal City Island Design Festival okorder

The Finnish Academy is commissioned by the London and London Building Foundation Wildlife Trust, together with the nature and architecture of Camley Street in the Regent Canal Natural Park, London, is a unique urban island retreat.

structure, expected to complete a series of talks in the fall of 2013, especially in the London Design Festival in September, which will bring emerging Finnish architects Erkko Arti, Alto Ollila and Mickey Ristola preview a wide range of international audiences.

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Storage design makes it easy for the owner to sort out the clothes okorder

It is not only the Daping number home that can enjoy an independent dressing room. Usually, as long as 0.7 ping or so of space, you can have a simple small dressing room! If you have a ping size, you can plan a more sturdy font! In addition, each space is inevitably cut into pieces of space, we can use these distortion space, plus the use of the system cabinet, to create a small but small and efficient dressing room! The distortion space is usually not large. If there is a window, try to grasp the position of the window. The cabinet is designed to not cover the height of the view. The high cabinets are planned on both sides.
It is recommended to use the sliding door because it can save the arc space of the general door switch and gain more space for the small space. Usually women would like to be able to set up a dressing table in the locker room. If the space is not large, they can be arranged in a geographical form. For example, a non-square space can be planned as a dressing room in the small walkway of the bedroom and the dressing room. The connection between the locker room and other spaces can be connected by sliding doors or simple curtains, saving space and being beautiful. It should be noted that because of the moisture problem in the dressing room and the bathroom, it is best to use waterproof door panels such as glass. The door is used as a compartment to block the moisture and keep the clothes dry.

The cabinet in the locker room does not have to have a door piece, which reduces the space for the door to push and pull, so that the cabinet can be used. Add a little more storage space. The design of the hidden door piece allows the dressing room to be hidden in the master bedroom, presenting the simplicity and integrity of the space. Using the principle of the wardrobe, planning the space of the dressing room, the open storage design, the function of the storage, and the storage design to facilitate the sorting of the clothing of the owner. The master bedroom dressing room is aimed at the needs of male and female owners, such as drawers and belts pulled out vertically, so that the male owner can see at a glance, such a dressing room design, even a small and narrow space, can achieve full access to the storage mechanism.
I don’t like the door to isolate the dressing room from the external space. I use the curtains, tulle, and curtains to make the connection. I keep the privacy for the dressing and the aesthetic effect. The focus is on saving space and being beautiful. Before the silly thought that having a locker room is the privilege of the mansion, and the locker room in the impression should be that the space is large enough to dance inside, the storage cabinet can be full of hundreds, and the hardware accessories make the clothing sorted neatly, so arrogant. The appearance ~ small is too stupid too naive & hellip; in fact, even if you reduce a little bedroom space, or sacrifice the large size of the wardrobe, as long as 0.7 ping or so, you can create a small simple locker room! In addition to the use of booms, telescopic hangers, storage boxes or baskets, it is not always necessary to use the cabinet for clothing storage, even if it is a small dressing room, can meet the needs of use!

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