Deakin University’s footbridge okorder

There is a very special footbridge inside Deakin University in Victoria, Australia, designed and built by T.C.L Design, which has become a landmark of the university with its special shape and excellent quality.

This footbridge built a pedestrian walkway connecting the coastal green spaces of the Deakin University Burwood Campus and Jiading Na Xiaoxi area. Designed by T.C.L and BKK, Robert Owen Design Firm. The bridge has a flowing continuous curved surface structure, and the entire space has a unique and consistent style. It uses a hinged steel structure to support it across the valley. This structure minimizes the effects on the surrounding wetlands.

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German wooden house okorder

“Tree House” Also called “O2 Sustainable Chalet” is a kind of environmentally friendly building. The tree cabins in the backyards of western countries are almost the rest of the children nearby, while the tree house below Located near Wolfsburg, Germany, it is no longer a “private home” for children, but a dedicated gathering place for reconnaissance groups.

The tree house is laid out around a strong pine tree, and it’s a place to gather and eat in nature. And sleeping places. The building consists of two almost identical blocks, both with a height difference of nearly one meter. The lower building is furnished with a bedroom for 8 people, while the higher building is mainly a gathering area and dining area, including the necessary henry equipment, dining table and road. The building is mainly composed of wood, beams and diagonal bracing structures and is further reinforced with steel cables.
It is similar to the ordinary room in terms of its structure, and it is more concealed in the tree. It is a perfect place for the reconnaissance group.

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Danish townhouses okorder

The rural area of ​​Vejle, Denmark is a plain, quiet environment, pleasant scenery, surrounded by forests, surrounded by the ocean floating in the nature, the body and mind are very comfortable. In this place, there is such a house standing there. The house has two floors. It belongs to a townhouse and is built in the south. The surrounding land is wide and the view is very good. There are large forests underneath.

The exterior of the house is very simple, with different types of design on the first and second floors, enriching the interior layout. There are a lot of rooms in it, all with their own design style. The interior has a central living room with a wide view and easy access to the natural beauty of the countryside. The roof is covered with sedum, adding green to the entire house. This design blends harmoniously with the surrounding environment. The design of the house is very environmentally friendly, adding energy-efficient and efficient design, reducing energy waste. Overall, the building quality is very high.

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New York Vitality Building adds vitality to the city okorder

As the global population continues to grow, so does the demand for housing. In response to this situation, high-rise buildings from all over the world have risen, and a skyscraper in New York City has recently stood. The name is “Vibrant Building”, which is made of steel frame structure and stands in the high-line park in New York. It is very spectacular. The design team said that the building has a folding appearance that reflects the park’s view and looks very energetic, like a longitudinally extending capillary. The design project won the first prize of the “Municipal Housing Construction Competition”, and the award-winning “ALMGM Design” was created by AMLGM. “Vibrant Building” adopts a hybrid structure and the interior design is flexible to meet the needs of different families. In addition, there are many welfare facilities near the building, which is very convenient.

This building is creative and striking, attracting individuals, couples, and families to stay here. Inclusive. The apartments are designed to be flexible and meet the needs of New York families. It is a central area with convenient transportation and large population mobility. Residents can fully enjoy the nearby facilities. In the vertical direction, the building has a lot of use space. The project will add vitality to the development of New York City, and the previous high-line park is also a symbol of the city’s vitality.

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Count the most fascinating steps in the world okorder

The ladder has always been obsessed with human beings with its layered upward posture. The various steps carry the footsteps of generations and generations, accompanying the world with a quiet attitude. In the architectural world, the ladder is faint. However, there is an artistic potential that transcends walls and ceilings. It has become a carrier of emotion and vitality. Here are some of the most fascinating steps in the world, such as amazing mosaics, celebrity faces and rainbows. They are beautiful and beautiful. The ladder to heaven.
The picture shows Chilean artist George · Jorge Selaron’s famous staircase Escadoraria Selaron in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, paying tribute to the Brazilians.

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Aalborg Concert Hall is open to the public okorder

In 2003, the architectural design of the Aalborg City Music Hall in Denmark won the first prize of international architectural design. After the design was completed, it started construction in 2010 and was officially opened on March 29 this year.

The concert hall was designed and built by the Blue Sky Group Design Office. According to the Blue Sky Group, architect Wolf D. According to Prix: The design project combines the music academy and the concert hall into one. Its open structure can deepen the communication between artists and audiences, teachers and students. The concept of architecture can be seen from the shape of the building, and the music school embraces the concert hall.

The core concert hall of the building can accommodate 1,300 people, and the rehearsal room and training room are U-shaped around the concert hall. Next. A spacious foyer connects the two and serves as a gateway to cultural exchanges. The audience can view and experience the organization and arrangement of music events through the hanging windows of the concert hall in the three auxiliary spaces of the foyer.

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Leisure home in downtown okorder

Recently, a new project (Sultangazi Market Hall & Carpark) was launched in Istanbul, Turkey. The project covers an area of ​​14,600 square meters and is mainly responsible for the construction of the multi-purpose annual market hall in Istanbul. Became a “leisure home” in the surrounding community. The project site is owned by the city government and is surrounded by dense residential areas. Due to its environmental and functional characteristics, the region plays a very important role. According to its social, educational and administrative functions, the project design includes a temporary market and a 2,000 square meter closed building that integrates social, educational and administrative functions. The temporary market can act as a parking lot when there is no market activity. In Turkey, there is a market in every region of almost every city. And these spaces are only used as a market on special days. When the market arrives, the vendors will pick up the booths here for trading. The market is gone, they will “fighting” to other places to continue their small business. This market model cycles back and forth every week. After the stalls are withdrawn, there will be an empty, idle space. The local city government usually uses it as a parking lot for people to use. Of course, it will also free up some space for other purposes, such as as a studio, exhibition venue. Wait. Therefore, by carrying out different activities, its functional sustainability is reflected.

The decisive factor in the design of the project is the surrounding community. This type of market space is often a social cohesion factor for surrounding communities —— a landmark, a park, a place to relax, or even a hidden place that is meaningful only to local residents. This density condition is an important consideration in planning the project. Therefore, the surrounding buildings and environment are indeed a clear reference point in the corner of the city. In summary, features like space development, functionality, and usability are considered in the design process. The main purpose of the project is to give the region the most convenient traffic conditions, and the space and the street to establish an active relationship. The construction plan needs to make full use of the space here, so despite the negative impact on the use of the function as a market, the building has designed a building that rises from the ground. On the other hand, when used as a parking lot, the building requires a control channel. Because the building is connected through the various entrances and outside streets, it is possible to set up the required safe passages. At the same time, in order to facilitate people’s access to the market, the slope of the car ramp inside the building is also reduced by 8%.

Rapid and intensive development has led to a shortage of social facilities here. The community cannot meet the needs of people’s health, education and leisure, and the function that can give people is simply “residence”. At the same time, the value of surrounding plots has been greatly reduced, and community residents have been affected. The project is to reverse this situation by providing a variety of permanent social service facilities. On the other hand, the construction of the surrounding buildings did not consider earthquake prevention, and the new building would create a safe haven for local residents. In addition, this area lacks the necessary green areas because of the densely planned buildings surrounding it. In response to this problem, the building is designed in a stepped manner so that people can enjoy their leisure time on the top floor cafes, green spaces and observation decks.

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Printable metal building materials 3D printing technology okorder

Arup Engineering said it has developed a new 3D printing manufacturing technology for the manufacturing of “core steel castings”, which will enable the company to efficiently produce custom parts and It is expected to significantly reduce costs and waste.

Salom&eacute, senior designer and project leader of Arup Engineering Galjaard) said: “The point is that this is a very complicated design, but the purpose is to reduce costs. We are actually surprised to see that no one has tried this technology in the construction industry, so we think why we don’t give It’s an opportunity and tries to design to apply, and we’ve designed a good technical sample right now, but it’s certainly not the best version. We want to try to get rid of all those traditional ideas in the design process, we believe that the final version of the future must be extremely excellent. ”

Salomé Galjaard said: “3D printers currently cannot have a Large enough to make larger architectural elements, for now, the industry has not received any request to make large-scale construction products, so the current size of production is limited, but larger production The scale is being designed. ”

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Fashion dog house okorder

The best friend of mankind, a place worth living in any family. If you are a dog-loving person, why not reserve space for your pet. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, the stylish dog house adds a bit of fun and is highly appreciated by pets and owners. There are a lot of kennels and dog houses that you can buy, but check out some contemporary designs that are more suitable for interior design with modern homes.

Nowadays, the dog house is not necessarily a place where pampered pets sleep, outdoors. They often have visual stimuli that make your dog not bored. But even with a simple design, the dog house can give a little style, adding some accessories and a little paint. Why not upgrade your dog’s house and really pamper your dog?

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The door handle is designed by Phillips okorder

Remember that the rose handle was designed by Phillips? Well, if you are not sure about the Daming · Hearst collection or the purely enamel theme of the decoration, the door handle will be a good revelation. Available in 3 main finishes, as well as electroplating, you can choose from a variety of aluminum, bronze, brass and Swarovski crystals. It has a length of 6 feet in its brand style.

The aluminum version will cost $850, $1,120 for brass and $1,085 for brass. Swarovski crystals will set you up to about $600.

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