Icelandic Ion Hotel to see the Northern Lights okorder

Adventurers are looking for high-end, eco-friendly short-distance travel, and Iceland should be an amazing place. The Icelandic Ion Hotel was designed by Minarc Architects. An abandoned building, renovated into a hotel, combines innovative and innovative functional materials to reflect the natural beauty of the area. Located in the volcanic zone, the Ion Hotel’s hot springs are powered by geothermal energy.

In order not to detract from the surrounding landscape, the ion hotel building looks like a land extension, getting rid of a group Hardened lava mountain base. Architects and renovations, prefabricated panels, can help reduce the carbon footprint of buildings. Naturally lit from floor-to-ceiling windows with panoramic views of the surrounding moss and lava landscape.
The interior of the hotel uses locally and recycled materials, made from recycled wood. The hotel is equipped with a clean, energy efficient power-saving shower system, geothermal heating and hot water. Icelandic contemporary art and craftsmanship are immersed in local culture throughout the hotel.

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The high stool has a uniform tone okorder

2014 London Design Festival: Norwegian studios Anderson and Fuer created a high stool, inspired by sci-fi movies and TV shows. A rotating stool that incorporates a gas lift system that allows the seat to sit up and down. Considered to be the future, it appears in the TV series Star Trek and the movie lost in space.

The high stool has a base and seat formed by two discs connected by vertical rods. A small part of the branch creates a foot pedal made from the same tubular steel. The shape is kept simple. Our approach is to emphasize the main features and clear physical characteristics of the product. The possibilities have always been shown, the motivation of the movement, to adjust the organic, continuous, flowing stool language up and down.
Designers are keen to maintain the same consistent color, despite the challenges posed by changes in the texture of multiple materials. Color is the key design of the united pieces and matching. The seat cushion is made of wool textiles, the color of which is consistent with the color of the steel.

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Corian architecture in Sydney Gardens okorder

The Corian board was added to the laser-cut mirror to create the Sydney Garden in the Curve Pavilion, designed by the Australian studio. The three-pronged shape of the self-supporting shell structure creates a curved canopy that can be used as a meeting place, auditorium or a stage event.

The outer casing consists of 152 pieces of Corian, an artificial solid surface, heated and shaped. To create unique pieces. The stainless steel plate is the inner surface created by the bend, creating a twisted reflection. There are thousands of components, each of which is unique. The only common element is the bolts and screws that it holds together, using structural analysis software to monitor the stiffness and strength of materials and components.
The overall prefabrication of the structure was assembled in just eight days. The 19 mm thick Corian panel together creates a rigid and waterproof surface around the scaffolding frame. A building, all in order to make effective use of materials and resources, to a higher standard, then brought to the site and installed. LED lighting is integrated into the metal’s inner surface of the structure and paved into granite paving tiles that have an irregular pattern that echoes.

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European Observatory uses the 蜿蜒 structure okorder

German architectural firm Orveber has designed an astronomical research institute by adding interconnects to hollow centers and curved corridors. The European Observatory designed by Orbbe has expanded its existing headquarters in Munich, which was first completed in 1980 by a German studio.

Originally designed as a series, creating a sheltered courtyard with interlocking curves, with the main library, The lecture hall, meeting rooms connected by stairs and bridges at different levels. The new addition continues this mellow beauty. Consisting of three interconnected circular curved structures, featuring a conference center and offices, this is a huge tapered column that appears to be above the ground.
The architectural concept also considers the appearance of the existing building in addition to the green belt. The result is an open, individual building that combines functionality and formality. One of the oversized concrete columns contains an auditorium, while the other surrounds the courtyard from the first and second floor offices and conference rooms. The extended building, whose curved shape of the all-glass curtain wall, has the illusion of a diagonal bag supported by a structure floating on the ground. The outer perimeter of the raft structure is appreciated by the surrounding country office.

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Telecommunications architect’s villa apartment-style residence okorder

This is an apartment-style villa that belongs to a telecom architect and requires creative design if you want to make it look bigger. The special feature of this house is that it is basically built on the edge of the land that hosts the house. It expands the living to the maximum in a limited space. It also has a courtyard, which is a Southwestern super-thin, through a seamless transition with the house. The courtyard and the house look as if they are naturally combined, and the overall space looks bigger.

Inside the home, the interior looks more spacious through reasonable space settings. It is more transparent and more ventilated. There is also a ventilation corridor in the house. The wall in the direction of the courtyard is replaced by a glass window. The sunlight shines through the glass window and becomes soft and fresh. It becomes a beautiful indoor space. Through the special ventilation gallery, the modern style is enhanced while ensuring the integrity and integrity of the family home.

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Canadian Institute of Culture Multi-Functional Exhibition Institute okorder

Quebec is a province of Canada, southeast of Hudson Bay, south of the United States, 80% of French descendants, French-speaking, as a place that has been vying for years in France and Britain, with a complex history and A diverse culture, such as the local Cree culture, is a very important local culture.

In a village in northern Canada, Rubin and Rotman Architects built and designed Quebec Cree culture The Institute, which is not only a research center, but also exists as a cultural exhibition hall, ensuring that it has the architectural functions of both the exhibition hall and the research center. The exhibition hall is mainly located on the first floor of the building, where private activities such as dance or music performances can be held. The lower level also houses the association’s offices, including the Cree language, local hunting methods, handicrafts, and tourist offices. Wood is widely used throughout the project to demonstrate the importance of the forest to local residents and to introduce some symbolic elements of the local population.

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Triangle Art Museum Thoughtful Architecture okorder

The Asian Museum of Modern Art was designed and built by Japanese architect Ando Kazuo. It consists of three floors. The entire building can be seen as an equilateral triangle from the top down, equally divided into three sections from the cross section, and by some floors. The design of the design is divided into a number of triangular architectural styles. These triangular designs give the overall architecture a patchy and unobtrusive shape, showing a different aesthetic.

The museum has an interior area of ​​approximately 1,200 square meters and an outdoor area of ​​approximately 6,000 square meters. The local area belongs to the seismic zone. In order to prevent the earthquake, the pillars in the museum are all not straight. The space and the curtain window constructed by the V-shaped steel frame are also triangular. The V-shaped steel frame supports the protruding lower space of the cantilever, which forms a space that can be shaded like a building. It is also an entrance passage and a resting area facing the square. In this daring building with challenging avant-garde, the external silence seems to be talking about something, and the inner calmness seems to be thinking about something. Ando Kazuo gives the building thoughts.

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Spanish three-bedroom building for the poor okorder

Architects Alvarez and Sara Rubio plan to work together to design a residential complex that is dedicated to low-income families and young people who are just working and poor old people, and is cheaper than cheaper houses on the market. Safe and comfortable, it is expected to build 168 such residences, the overall structure is three-bedroom.

Therefore, sustainable development is the stage of script linking projects, initial sketches, technical projects, development of construction And the maintenance and use of future properties. We present a project with good quality housing with very low implementation costs, with minimal energy costs.
These two buildings are defined as a single project. The lower building has 10 floors and a total of 59 homes. The taller building, 7 storeys high, has 109 homes. The two buildings are connected by a public square in the middle floor. The underground three floors of this floor are underground parking lots and storage space.
The project is committed to sustainable development, ensuring its balance and environmental resources. Combined with solar photovoltaic systems, energy and air are harvested from the sun to reduce emissions of polluting gases. Due to a demanding thermal cladding, shading system, ventilation and clean energy production, the project has an energy rating of “A” to minimize energy consumption.
Modification and standardization of housing and structure, "GRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) prefabricated exterior walls, prefabricated bathroom units and coordination between architects and construction companies, with sound construction techniques, optimized resources, consolidation A high quality project that is consistent with the environment and a limited budget.

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a park that remembers life, a quiet fight against violence okorder

Chapultepec Park is in western Mexico. Covering an area of ​​3 square kilometers, the park has 3 man-made lakes and includes cultural facilities such as botanical gardens, zoos and the famous anthropological museums, natural museums, modern art museums, revolutionary exhibition halls and science museums.

In recent years, the local government has designed and built a memorial park in this park, covering an area of ​​1,500 square meters. The Memorial Park commemorates a period of history and culture through structures. This memorial reflects the most important issue in Mexico now: violence. Violence is open to civilians and is therefore designed to use open spaces that better interact with cities and people.
This project has the dual meaning of public space and commemorative space. The first principle is to use trees to decorate the venue, showing a very strong natural color. Violence is manifested in two ways, the first being open space and the second being structures. The open space between the metal walls and the trees indicates the disappearing people worthy of being commemorated, and the metal reflective walls are able to reflect ourselves. The metal walls built between the trees combine nature and architecture, the trees represent vital life, and the metal walls represent the people who need to be commemorated, and the rusted metal represents the lost life. There are trees and water features in the venue. Natural metal elements reflect people’s pace and remind people to live in peace.

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Brazilian waterscape home okorder

An Aval reservoir is located 250 km outside the city of São Paulo in southeastern Brazil. Recently, a waterscape house was completed here. The relatively poor vegetation on the surface of the reservoir also tends to be plain, and vegetation must be cultivated in addition to the construction of the house. Preventing soil erosion causes the foundation to be unstable.

The home is a long, single-storey building that is inserted horizontally into the landscape. A large roof structure breaks this line of sex, not only the large covered terrace, but also the entrance nodes and central gathering place of the house. Private spaces such as bedrooms and bathrooms are placed in the enclosed building block. In the center of the house, below the large roof structure, public activity areas such as porches, living rooms and kitchens are concentrated. The living space and traffic flow are open, taking advantage of the local mild climate and the surrounding sight.

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