Split-level house in Aalen, Germany okorder

In an ideal world, we all build houses under the best conditions. This means that we will have beautiful scenery, and the surrounding landscape will be what we like, but this is not always achievable. Sometimes you have to come up with a solution under such difficult conditions. A good example is this house in Aalen, Germany.

The house was built in 2010 and was designed by Liebel Architects. As you can see, it is located in a barren area of ​​the soil and is not a perfect location to build a house. In addition, the light of this land can only come from the south side. Given these difficulties and in unusual circumstances, architects must come up with a solution. So they are building a split-level house.
By doing this, all the rooms are on the north side of the first floor, so they can get natural light from the south. The yard is also a very intelligent element. The first floor is 1.5 meters above the ground. Life and restaurants are an open space and it is quite unusual to see from here.

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A 14 square meter house in Finland okorder

There seems to be a trend recently to build tiny houses. This is basically creating a design that includes many things and functions in as little space as possible. Designers usually have some very inspiring designs, and our mission is to appreciate them and learn.

This small villa is located in Lauttasaari, Finland, with a total area of ​​approximately 14 square meters. Designed by architect Verstas, this is a very clever way to enjoy nature in a busy city. This place is built two kilometers from their residence. The boss said that the hut is just a small place, convenient for the past, to prevent urgent matters or just to take a bath or take a break. It also said that he will not live in it for a long time because it is too small.

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A beautiful and expensive apartment in Paris okorder

This lovely apartment is located in La Muette, Paris, and it is a very beautiful building dating back to 1930. The apartment covers an area of ​​375 square meters and has a beautiful garden outside, about 75 square meters, accessed by a private garden, opening the hall, a large study, and the bedroom has its own bathroom.

The first floor is a total of 150 square meters with a lovely kitchen, a spacious and bright living room and a laundry area. The second floor house is an apartment in a private area. There you can find the master bedroom with separate bathroom and large closet. The two children’s bedrooms are also located on the second floor, and the entire space can be turned into a fifth of the bedroom to some extent. There is also a parking space.
The apartment is located in a very safe area. The building is in good condition and the apartment looks lovely. This will be a great family. Spacious bedroom and other amenities, this will be the perfect family apartment. Currently $7.72 million on the market.

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Gregory establishes a home for the homeless okorder

The problem of homelessness exists all over the world, and although many countries are trying to suppress the causes of homelessness, there does not seem to be a suitable solution. More importantly, many countries are still in the global economic crisis, and even if governments and non-profit organizations in many countries try to build a temporary home for the homeless, they are a little powerless.
Nedorolik and Lee Keniz have teamed up to develop a project called Gregory, which aims to build a temporary accommodation for the homeless. The Gregory project specifically creates a triangular standard-sized billboard temporary residence by mimicking the structure of the roadside. This will avoid taking up public land and avoiding the steps approved by the relevant authorities. At the same time, it can also place advertisements on billboards, improve income funds, and build more and better shelters. Nedorolik and Lee Keniz, founders of the Gregory project, said: “We hope that the Gregory project can be promoted globally and build a temporary home for many homeless wanderers. ”

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The combination of herringbone floor and modern minimalism okorder

This exquisite apartment was completed in 2014 by a Dolly Interior Design Studio with a total area of ​​970 square feet in the heart of Tel Aviv.
The interior design is very smart, open but not particularly spacious. It has a kitchen integrated into the layout of the living area. A dining table in the kitchen can be used as a restaurant, saving a lot of space and eliminating the need for a separate area. The reason why the entire space looks so bright is because there is a large floor-to-ceiling glass curtain on the other side of the room. There is a beautiful white curtain in front of the glass wall. The point is that the floor has a herringbone shape. It seems to have a sense of agility and freedom.


The living room and kitchen are not the only connected areas. The bedroom is also connected to it by sliding glass doors, creating a very casual atmosphere between the seamless transition spaces. There are many other industrial elements that are distributed throughout the apartment, such as TV poles in living areas, and even lanyard lights can be seen in the bedroom. All in all, the design of the entire apartment highlights the individuality of these areas and creates a more casual living space with minimalism.

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Virtual Cellular as the theme of the UK Pavilion okorder

The UK Pavilion for the 2015 Milan World Expo brings the ignorance of the dilemma of the bees and the virtual honeycomb made of fine steel grid and LED lights. In the selection of eight finalists, the design of the Wolfgang Dyke design project, citing the theme of the Expo – “nourish the earth, the energy of life”. Pavilion buildings: pavilions, virtual honeycombs, bee populations, LED lights, designed to bring visitors closer to the British landscape, highlighting the pressing issues of recommendations, dying bee populations. In addition to Wolfgang’s buttress, the team includes fashion designer Paul · Smith and professional engineer Simmons. Responsible for manufacturing and production will be in the first phase of the UK, while construction work will be completed.

Visitors walk through an orchard with wildflower meadows with seating areas and access. By the way, with a virtual hive that is far from the real beehive reaction signal, the visitor will track the path of the bee as it moves from its food source to a bee colony.

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EMI Foundation designed by Renzo Piano okorder

Become a piece of art in a historic neighborhood and engage in an open dialogue that allows viewers to be there. Established into an existing structure, also for a wider range of renovation projects, opportunities for space recycling. The new headquarters of the EMI Foundation is an unexpected presence, and the curved roll glimpses in the middle of it sitting in the middle of the yard, anchored in just a few years of support.
EMI is an organization that focuses on heritage protection to promote film art. The new headquarters was originally the center of the 19th century theater, transformed into a cinema in the mid-20th century, and then completely remodeled in the 1960s. The idea at the time was to respond to the functional and representative projects required by the various funds, while at the same time increasing the quality of the new building space around.

Architects Renzo · Piano, for the restoration and preservation of the original building, because of its history And artistic value. A new transparent building, second only to the public services based on the functions of the façade. Looks like a greenhouse, it has a view through the atrium, inside the project’s main function of the second building’s transparent ground floor interior garden.
The unique design of the building, while respecting the distance from the surrounding buildings, enhances the neighbor’s exposure to natural light and air. By reducing emissions, you have the garden to create space. The upper part of the building is made of glass and is the natural light of the Foundation’s office space.

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£5 million renovation project at the Wallace Collection okorder

Xaar has completed a £5 million renovation program at the Wallace Collection in London. The museum was originally built by Richard Wallace in the north of Oxford Street in May 1872. His work includes Hals & ldquo; Smile Knight & rdquo;. Art historian Clarke described this as “the largest picture gallery in Europe”. The remaining façade involved in Xaar’s two-year project was almost completely rebuilt in the inner central gallery.

It re-uses the roof around the original bent steel member, but replaces the ceiling and reintroduces natural light And deprived of accumulation for many years. Xaar worked with Dublin architect John · O’Connell, who worked in the Wallace Collection for more than a dozen times.
Xaar partner Mark · Hammond said: “The atmosphere and lighting in the gallery, despite its size, encourages intimate relationships with art, as well as the richness and detail of architectural coatings, is the appropriate setting These internationally significant works. We are very happy that this recognized art critic has benefited from the recent viewing area. ”

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New Fordham Law School opens in New York okorder

Recently celebrated the inauguration ceremony on September 18th, “New Fordham Law School” opened its doors near the iconic Lincoln Center in New York City. Designed by the architectural firm, the overall volume of the structure is directly reflected in the layout of its three main elements: the checkerboard pattern on the 9th floor, as an educational facility – classroom, lecture hall, library and conference room . The exterior walls of the building indicate connections to the surrounding urban environment and are prefabricated by glass and concrete.

The 468,000-square-foot building more than doubled the education, management, and events of Fordham University And the size of the housing plan. Beyond its classrooms, lecture halls and seminars/conference rooms, it has a unique space, including a two-story atrium.
Design philosophy, & ldquo;Our goal is to ensure that this building not only will be the teaching and learning environment of the most advanced countries, but will also complement Lincoln’s majestic facility center to shape the city logo. “

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Wooden pavilion has a transparent roof okorder

Wood pavilion is a popular structure that enhances the design of the backyard and creates a great place to relax. A unique terrace design project that combines functionality and elegance to create a gazebo with a retro-inspired style, warmth and comfort.
The hotel terrace is a spectacular pavilion with an open double sided gallery that blends Italian and French style with a traditional pavilion design. The gazebo brings a glamorous yet unique retro style blended into the modern yard landscaping and adds a luxurious style to the outdoor living space. The transparent roof allows plenty of light to penetrate the wooden pavilion. Versatile design, a bar table, dining area and hammocks.

The pavilion is designed for leisure and entertainment, while observing the beautiful courtyard landscape and enjoying the flowers in the garden. The lookout has a gorgeous Italian charm, usually decorated with wood carving details or intricate iron design. This modern wooden pavilion in retro style is decorated with white lace details, comfortable dining furniture, modern bar stools and a large crystal. Chandeliers enhance the appearance of light and ventilation. Gorgeous table decoration, embellished with white and turquoise blue color scheme to create a magnificent retro style.
The wooden gazebo is a wonderful place to relax, dine, socialize, play with children, or connect nature. The bar table and large dining table are the center of entertainment for kids and. The wooden gazebo is designed to please all family members and add a great outdoor recreation area.
The wooden pavilion has an octagonal shape and a large size. The white paint color adds freshness and brightness, and the yard landscaping emphasizes the classic style of the wooden pavilion. The user creates a always bright structure that looks light and airy.

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