At the end of the year, the home improvement season, the flooring industry “to replace the wood”

At the end of the year is the peak season of the home improvement industry. In some large home improvement markets in Harbin, the pvc flooring with plastic wood has become a new choice for more and more consumers. The reporter learned that some pvc building materials can be faked with their unique wood-like and stone-like techniques. A staff member of the Furniture City introduced that among the pvc building materials, the floor products are the most recognized by consumers and the sales volume is also the best. The pvc floor has various patterns and lines such as three-dimensional embossed lines, hand-scratched lines, and brushed lines. A large number of people who buy pvc flooring are young people whose careers have just started and their economic capabilities are limited. Pvc building materials are special plastic products made of polyvinyl chloride as raw materials, which are waterproof, flame retardant, insect proof and shockproof. The PVC building materials with plastic wood are not only cost-effective, but also can be recycled and recycled. Release date: 2012/1/16 10:49:44

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