Arctic Tree House

Not many hotels are placed in remote and remote places. The Arctic Tree House Hotel in Rovaniemi, Finland is special, not only because of its location, but also because it is not a single large building. They are distributed in natural slopes between existing trees with as little impact as possible on the land.

This unusual hotel was designed by the studio Puissto. The project was completed in 2016 and took 15 months to build. Its space covers a natural slope of 1,450 square meters.

There is a larger main structure and several smaller structures with green roofs. The unit is designed to be comfortable and uses warm wood and colour. Wood is widely used throughout the unit. The ceiling and walls are covered with dark stained wood.

The main building has a terrace that provides a good view. It has a large and open lobby area that surrounds a fireplace that is mounted on the ceiling. The steel fireplace is the focal point of the hall. The space was connected to the kitchen area and the hotel’s restaurant. The stairs lead to the gallery area, where there is office and meeting space.

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