Angel Sanchez Resort 2018

Angel Sanchez has been exploring the world outside of New York. Last season, he did not show during collections and for bridal, he opted to show in Barcelona instead. “I moved to Miami and it has been great for me — personally and professionally,” he said. While the designer kept his operation in DUMBO and a small showroom space in the city, he said he calls the trendy city his primary base now.And it’s definitely rubbed off on him. As a result, the collection reflected the beach town’s sultry palette as well as more relaxed silhouettes. “Being an architect, I did the structural shapes so much, that I decided why not do this also — of course I still do sculptural and always will, a lot of stores come to me for that — but I can do this too,” Sanchez said. And he does fluid well, with a Latin flair and elegance that can translate globally. For example, a red column number featured slit ruffled sleeves — proving that balance is key; while an acid yellow bodice gown featured a cutout detail and feathered sleeves where Sanchez again measured himself by juxtaposing the top against a discreet black skirt.See More From the 2018ResortCollections:

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