Analysis on the advantages and disadvantages of solid wood composite flooring

Advantages: Solid wood composite flooring has the advantages of natural wood flooring, comfortable foot feeling, sound insulation and so on. At the same time, it overcomes the shortcomings of solid wood floor deformation (each layer of wood fiber is perpendicular to each other, dispersing deformation and stress). The specifications are large and easy to lay. Disadvantages: Degumming can occur if the quality of the glue is poor. In addition, because the surface layer is thin (especially multi-layer), maintenance must be paid attention to during use. Therefore, there are restrictions on the use of the occasion. Tip: The glue is glued together between the parquets, and the amount of formaldehyde released is a very important indicator. The state has a mandatory standard for this, namely GB18580-2001<former release limit for wood-based panels and their products for interior decoration and decoration materials.” The standard stipulates that the engineered wood flooring must meet the requirements of Class E1 (formaldehyde emission is ≤1.5mg/L) and is clearly indicated on the product mark.

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