Analysis of the characteristics of the development of China’s flooring industry

2014 is about to pass. For the flooring industry, 2014 is both a year of Vientiane and a challenging year. In the face of various ups and downs, it also presents some development opportunities. For the floor enterprises, rationally set goals, strive for stability, establish a foothold in the big environment, and improve themselves step by step, do a good job in products and services, enhance brand value, and discover and create more highlights of the company. This is the light that shines in the environment of the boat.

The following are some of the characteristics of the overall development of the flooring industry in the China Report Hall.

1, the floor consumer group sharing features significant

In the early days, people have a habit of exchange purchase and decoration experience, but due to the lack of media, was limited to Chatting between friends and family, or sporadic lessons when needed.

But the development of the Internet, as well as the spread of social media and the rejuvenation of the floor consumer groups, nowadays a considerable number of consumers will share their own through Weibo, QQ, BBS, WeChat and other platforms. Impressions and evaluations. Sometimes, when they encounter injustice, they will also seek help from the news media.

2, network consumption has become more prominent

The number of owners of building materials such as flooring and other online products continues to increase, the proportion of all owners has gradually increased, the range of products purchased continues to expand, from simple Home decoration, faucets, lamps, switch panels, simple wardrobes, wall stickers, to big beds, tables, chairs, etc.

In a certain period of time, toilets, bathroom cabinets, bathtubs, as well as paints, flooring and other products, more and more consumers may buy online.

3, domestic brands are still the mainstream

At present, in the field of tiles, flooring, wallpaper, home textiles, lighting, home decoration, interior design, sanitary ware, etc., domestically produced Brands are mainstream, and many domestic brands are now diversifying. Innovating in design, materials, visual effects, etc., will continue to firmly grasp domestic consumers. In the field of coatings and sanitary wares, although foreign brands have a very large market share, the newly emerging middle-class consumers are more inclined to excellent domestic brands.

4, product functionality is getting more and more attention

In any era, the function of the product will affect consumer decision-making. According to the China flooring industry market survey report released by the China Report Hall in 2014-2018, home building materials such as flooring also have their own functions, such as wear resistance, impact resistance, and even the function of improving air. For example, the water saving function and deodorizing function of the toilet; for example, the energy saving of the lighting fixture and the softer light. Better features will be welcomed by more and more consumers.

5, the company’s development gradually adopts the O2O model

Online understanding of brand and product information, search for word of mouth, compare products, offline to the store to observe and experience, and then place an order This phenomenon is more common in household consumption. However, whether it is online purchase or order in the store, there is no fixed model, which is affected by various factors such as price and service.

Release date: 2014/12/22 13:08:20

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