An Asian-American woman was killed in a nightclub. Two female suspects refused to plead guilty.

The Asian woman’s nightclub was killed by two female suspects who refused to plead guilty

Fan Hongjun’s photo on Weibo., February 22, according to the US “Qiao Bao” reported that on January 19, allegedly surrounded by Fan Hongyu outside the Santa Crosby bar (originally translated as: Fan女) Two female suspects Marie Brito and Vanesa T. Zavala refused to plead guilty in the face of murder charges in the Santa Ana High Court on the 21st, and the two will be held next Monday (24 Day) Return to the court. Breto’s defense attorney, Michael Molfetta, expects the case to open in April.

Breto said in court that Fan Hongjun was the initiator of the whole case. After his client and several friends had no intention of colliding with Fan et al., Fan beat Amelia. After a punch, then the defendant Zavala was beaten, and the two sides made a mess. He said that some people who saw Fan’s group said the gang language and showed gang tattoos.

Prosecutor Troy Pino retorted that there was no evidence that the woman’s encirclement was related to the gang, but another nearby fight had eyewitness proofs related to the gang, but That fight has nothing to do with Fan Hongjun’s encirclement. The crux of the matter was that the two defendants had surrounded the victim, Fan Hongyu, which was the main reason why they were accused of going to court.

Agent Patricia Navarro said in court that witnesses saw the defendant Zavala waiting outside the two women who were encircling Fan Hongjun, eager to go forward and beaten. The victims on the ground, the witnesses did not exclude the defendant Brito from the coffers, but also identified one of the coercists, Amelia, who is still at large. (Gao Rui)

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