Amazon’s “forest harvesting” speeds up

Scorched wood chips spilled around a newly built large farm in the Amazon region of Brazil. On the new species of pasture, the herd ate the grass leisurely, raising her head from time to time to look at the dense forests in the distance, where piles of freshly cut wood were piled up. The same fate will soon come to the forest.

The cattle industry in the Amazon region is developing rapidly

Such a scenario is in the Amazon region of Brazil. Very common, large forests have been felled and burned due to the expansion of the farm. According to the International Forestry Research Center, due to economic development and increased demand for Brazilian beef, large areas of the Amazon rainforest have been cut down, and the Amazon region, which is responsible for the heart and lung function of the Earth, is being dismembered.

“Approximately 80% to 90% of deforestation in the region (Amazono, Brazil) is for the construction of pastures or large farms,” said Robert Walker. He is a professor of geography at Michigan State University and an expert on land use change in the Amazon region of Brazil.

Speed ​​of forest harvesting

Brazil has always been the country with the most serious deforestation in the world. According to Walker, in the past three decades, the Amazonian region of the Amazon has been cut down to 16,835 square kilometers per year – this is larger than Connecticut.

satellite data show that deforestation in the Amazon is accelerating speed; in some regions even 50 percent faster than last year. Today, the Amazon region is home to more than 20 million inhabitants and 70 million heads of cattle – which is 600% more than 60 years ago – and more and more trees have been cut down to clear the land to build farms.

Small-scale farmers—including poor self-sufficient peasants—have invaded the rainforest slowly, and they cut down trees to build small farms. In contrast, the landowners quickly razed large areas of forest with tractors and bulldozers, burning the remaining vegetation to build large farms. Either way, the ecological environment of the land was severely damaged and the land was fragmented.

Source: China Wood International Network

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