Aluminum floor mat, find out

I believe that we have seen the floor mats in front of the major shopping malls. It is a product that can effectively remove the dust and moisture at the entrance to keep the ground clean, whether at home or outdoors. The use is very wide, and there are many advantages of the floor mat. The following is a small series for you to introduce the price and purchase skills of aluminum carpet mats.
First, the price of aluminum alloy carpet mats

1, aluminum dust-removing mat anti-slip carpet embedded scraping mat shopping mall hotel entrance hall dustproof padding, reference price 299 yuan.

2, hotel shopping mall entrance door aluminum floor mat dust dust-proof carpet embedded scraping mat shop hall mats, reference price 230 yuan.

3, gold magnesium solid aluminum dust-proof floor mat dust carpet embedded scraping mat commercial non-slip door cushion padding, reference price 88 yuan.

4, Kaiji aluminum dust-proof floor mats embedded carpet shopping mall hotel entrance slip slip mud pad foot pad, reference price 245 yuan.

5, engineering custom-made entrance door slip scraping mud dust aluminum alloy dust-proof embedded carpet hotel mat custom, reference price 374 yuan.

6, supermarket hotel door aluminum alloy floor mats embedded dust and dust carpet carpet mud pad embedded mat custom made, reference price 170 yuan.

7, mats into the door carpet door mats company mall hotel lobby door mat custom absorbent dust-proof mat, reference price 38 yuan.

Second, aluminum carpet carpet floor padding tips

1, whether it is to buy any products, when shopping, consumers It is the first to look at the brand. Choose a manufacturer with high reputation in the industry. In terms of quality and after-sales protection, there will be no embarrassment of the following customers.

2, when purchasing, it is also necessary to consider the flow of people and vehicles in and out, especially in places with high traffic flow such as supermarkets and shopping malls. Try to choose products with wall thickness above 1.2mm. The carpet surface is mainly sanded and dusted. Large-scale parking lots need to use aluminum alloy floor mats with large rolling pressure due to the entry and exit of vehicles. Generally, floor mats with a wall thickness of 2.0 mm or more are selected. Some hotel aluminum alloy floor mats occasionally overwhelmed by the vehicle, so consider when choosing.

3, cleaning and maintenance is also a big problem, clean and tidy ground will give people a relaxed feeling, the floor mat is good to clean is definitely an important basis for the selection of mats.

4. It can also be purchased by smelling when purchasing, because most of the mats are made of natural materials such as wood, bamboo branches and grass mats. Generally, there is no irritating taste. If you find that the floor mat has an odor, don’t buy it.

5, and the most important point is that you need to look at the material, because the mat material is related to its environmental protection and durability, so be sure to identify the material when purchasing. You can tear the fiber by hand, and carefully look at what material is made, you can discern the material of the mat.
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