Adelaide Zoo has a green roof and lots of living walls

Sometimes, a green decoration is almost a must. The Adelaide Zoo has a green roof and lots of living walls, and even a great entrance, similar to a green box. The new entrance is designed by a project managed by Hassell. A green roof suspended at the entrance allows these zoos to better study and observe certain types of wildlife.
Palo Santo is a boutique hotel located in Buenos Aires, designed by MarioCito. It was built at the address of a printing factory and was the first to be built using the LEED rating system. The most important part of the project is energy saving. To highlight this function, the architect covered the building with a vertical garden.
Located in San Francisco, SafeHouse has been the headquarters of Cafe Gratitude, known for its green landmarks, due to its lush vertical gardens. The living murals were created by plant artists Amanda Goldberg and Brandon Pruett. They chose to use drought-resistant plants.

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