A young and stylish house in Cape Town, South Africa

Nothing touches younger than fashion, this young and stylish house in Cape Town, South Africa, designed by architect Greg Wright, it has a great view to the sea and then got a great Results. The house is young, stylish and even elegant, only suitable for young couples.

The first floor contains the main areas with spectacular viewing points facing the sea, and the first floor center yard has plenty of The light, airy and beautiful views. One of the most impressive aspects is the elegant and modern board polished concrete floors, concrete deformation and stainless steel touch, natural grey stone and dark glass, all of which are evidence of a perfect unique lifestyle. Highlighting the spirit of each room in the house, each occasion has a specific mood, lighting design, and also create a unique rich texture and color.
Whether you are in the bathroom or in the bedroom, you have the same impression, this contemporary house, everything is modern and enjoyable. This is a young couple’s house that will definitely choose to go home because there are beautiful landscapes and modern buildings as it represents the most important thing in life, their future.

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