A rustic apartment in Barcelona

Our home is a sanctuary for our souls. They are designed to meet the most basic needs of our humanity: privacy, space, comfort and quiet. These are just perfect words to describe this beautiful Barcelona apartment.
This wonderful place has an interesting story, or history, that dates back to 1878. Yes, it has more than 130 years of age. You may wonder why it seems so perfect for so long, we have one word: transformation.

Although the bricks will give you a cold feeling, in this case, the situation is different. If we consider the color aspect, they seem to be able to warm the atmosphere. Wood materials are also important in this regard. You will clearly notice that the two materials are interrelated.
In fact, from some perspectives, this place looks like a maze. Create infinite effects through parallel doors, allowing you to move from one place to another in the room. In addition, most of the furniture is original in this apartment, which will further verify the passage of time.

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