A Night of Terror, a Year of Racism

ORLANDO, Fla. — A year ago today, a mass shooting during a Latin-theme dance night at Pulse, a popular gay bar in Orlando, Fla., left 49 people dead, more than 50 injured and the city — particularly its L.G.B.T. and Latino communities — shaken.

I woke up to about 60 notifications on my phone that morning. Most were from friends and family asking if I was O.K. My mother was crying, worried I had been at the club.

A drag queen from “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” who I love, performed there that night, so it was entirely possible. Three years before, as a freshman at the University of Central Florida, I often went to Pulse with my new college friends, all of us L.G.B.T. in one way or another and looking for a sense of community that seemed out of reach in straight daylight.

I was the editor in chief of the university’s digital newspaper at the time of the shooting. (I graduated last month.) So the rest of the notifications I woke up to were from my staff. I posted a Facebook status confirming my safety, called my mom to reassure her and rushed to divvy up the day’s coverage with my news team.

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