A magnitude 6.3 earthquake occurred near the border between Iran and Iraq. More than 500 people were injured in Iran.

People rush to outdoor refuge (Source: Getty)

Overseas Network November 26th, local time on the evening of the 25th, a 6.3-magnitude earthquake occurred in the border area of ​​western Iran near Iraq More than 500 people have been injured so far.

People rush to outdoor refuge (Source: Getty)

According to media reports from the Associated Press and Russia today, the epicenter of the earthquake is located in Iran. Kermanshah. The head of a local hospital told Iranian state television that 513 people were injured in the earthquake, and most of the injuries did not seem to be serious. They were injured when they fled. Some Iranian media also pointed out that only 33 people need hospitalization for treatment, and no reports of death have been received.

People go to the hospital for treatment (Source: Getty)

Since the earthquake occurred after 8 pm, this means that most people were at the time Stay awake and be able to escape quickly. The Iranian authorities said that after the earthquake, many unsettled people ran out of their homes and took refuge in the streets. At present, more than a dozen rescue teams have been sent to the earthquake zone. It is reported that the Iraqi capitals Baghdad, Kuwait and Israel have a sense of shock.

The earthquake-stricken Kermansha Khan province suffered the most serious earthquake in more than a decade in November last year, when it killed 600 people and injured hundreds.

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