A machine is in hand, the information of the 4th Tibet Expo is fully known.

When the paperless office is still waving to us not far away, many people may have never imagined it, “The cashless era will enter our lives so quickly. These two small details of life and work are actually a sign that the era of informationization and intelligence has been fully integrated into modern society. As an important carrier of smart life, mobile phones have become an indispensable tool for almost everyone. “One machine is in hand, the world I have come into reality from my dreams.

The 4th China Tibet Tourism Culture International Expo to be held in Tibet (hereinafter referred to as “The Tibet Expo” ) The intelligence of the mobile phone has been brought to the extreme. This year, the Tibet Expo will strive to embrace the guests with information technology and use digital information to let the guests feel the new Tibetan culture brought by technology. Just pass a smart phone, whether you are a guest at the scene, or a follower of thousands of miles away from the snowy plateau, just go through the following URL: http://lxh5.31huiyi.com/xz_lvy /, the information of the 4th Tibet Expo can be seen at a glance.

Staying in front of the Expo in advance.

With the continuous advancement of the Internet + actions, people’s lives are gradually becoming more intelligent. Such changes have now profoundly affected the people of the autonomous regions on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Walking on the streets of Lhasa, mobile navigation can take you to every favorite attraction; mobile payment can make people leave the banknotes and trade conveniently; fast mobile phone inquiry can let you know all aspects that are not familiar to you.

At the 4th Tibet Expo, which will open on September 7, 2018, only You need a smartphone to get all the information about the Expo. It is reported that during the five-day event involving Lhasa and Linzhi, nearly 3,000 specially invited guests have entered Tibet. After the guests receive the invitation to the event, they can know everything in advance through the mobile phone. This includes specific information such as the conference briefing, meeting schedule and location navigation, Tibet weather guidance, and regional weather information tips. After registering and logging in via mobile phone or email, you can also view the personal hotel room, reception vehicle, reception staff, daily schedule and other reception information on the personal center page.

Clear content, global purchase of Tibetan products

In addition to the on-site guests, people from all walks of life who are concerned about the development of Tibet can learn about the latest development process in Tibet through a mobile phone. The most beautiful scenery, native products and human geography.

The 4th “The Expo is based on “Traveling to New Tibet · Protecting the Third Extreme The theme, specializes in “Tibet gift “Tibet taste “Tibet B&B” Tibet melody and other special content. During the exhibition, people can view exhibitors and exhibitors through mobile phones. The list of exhibitors will be clearly displayed on the mobile phone page, and will be embedded in the electronic mall for online e-commerce and offline physical stores to realize online sales, interactive marketing and orders. Management and other service content.

Among them, on the pages of exhibitors, there will be a large category of Tibetan incense, Tibetan medicine, tea, carpet, wine, cashmere, food, health care products, etc. After clicking on the category of interest, the corresponding correlation will be displayed. enterprise. In the “Tibet gift”, the Tibetan taste unit, the product will directly display the price, so that people can have a more intuitive feeling.

A machine is in hand to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Tibet

Tibet is known as “the third pole in the world, in order to show the beauty of the snowy plateau to more people, This time, the Expo is particularly focused on the informationization and intelligence of the tourism promotion section, which is intended to further strengthen the promotion of the third-polar brand of the earth and the global promotion of tourism products, and it is also prominent in the Tibet B&B. The village tourism boutique experience tour and other activities.

This year’s “The Tibet Expo has opened up the Great Tibet Plate, which is powered by VR360° And visual Tibet consists of two major functional areas. VR360° The panorama is simply that no matter where you are, you can stereoscopically watch this “Large Expo meeting venue” and Lhasa’s famous attractions. You can freely choose scene switching, with background music experience and real-time map navigation, to ensure that every guest can easily and interestingly visit. The visual Tibet plate mainly uses the media such as graphic and video to display the famous human landscape in Tibet.

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