A lot of home industries are playing cross-border, how do you do cross-border business?

In recent years, the home industry has seen a number of exploration directions: big home, custom, full house, complete, hardcover room, whole house Soft-packing, home services, products, home services, new retail, etc., one of the more mainstream clues is cross-border.

There are many cross-border business routes, including A cross-border performance is a big change in the format of the store. Before the sale of the paint, the paint was sold. The company that made the decoration was at most the model room + material selection area + designer negotiation area, and the mattress was sold to sell its own mattress.

The change now is that everyone is thinking of ways to add new categories, cross-border other formats, or manufacturers to promote, or dealers Spontaneous alliance.

According to the incomplete statistics of the large-scale research, Sanshu Paint, Qumei Home, Red Star Macalline, Gome, Shangpin Home Delivery TATA wooden doors, homes in the home, homes in Gujia, red apple furniture, German Hanno floors, IKEA, etc., all play cross-border in different formats. However, the direction of choice is not exactly the same. In the combination of cross-border formats, the difference is still obvious.

Let’s look at some of the cases below, and how do you do cross-border business.

The recent Xiaopeng car entered the exhibition hall of Qumei Home, which happened on June 21st Beijing International At the home show and fashion life festival site, a big red Xiaopeng G3 is placed in the exhibition hall of Qumei Home.

Commercial store with Jingdong, Qumei took out an old shop in Beijing to test the water, teamed up to create a fashion life experience museum, completely jumped out The scope of selling furniture.

First it has a variety of scenes, such as children’s area, old man and cat, intimate relationship, designer’s home, female space, gentleman Character, fashion white-collar space, girls, etc., each scene has its own model room, representing a group; at the same time the introduction of the book corner, audio-visual angle, Gaoding service.

In terms of categories, in addition to furniture, there are brands such as home appliances, toys, home textiles, including Zwilling, Lego, and Amour. , Luo Lai, Beijing, Xiao Xiong, Nestle, Philips, Fuji, etc., SKU more than 3,000.

Shangpin home with the introduction of TATA wooden doors, put them in the store for sale; last year opened a multi-format super-shop, with Qumei Jingdong The family’s route is not much different, and the family-related categories are integrated. Recently, they have reached strategic cooperation with home appliance chain brands, industry and trade home appliances, and jointly built a home experience museum to drain each other.

The greater the crossover, is to release the second generation of full house customization, integrate various cabinet products, walls, Home improvement main materials, curtains, electrical appliances, etc., one-stop style.

Red Apple’s experience store integrates furniture and building materials, soft and boutique small appliances, net red cafe, net red appliances, SMEG Etc.; Hanno floor flagship store appeared in electrical appliances, toys, car supplies and so on.

Complementary advantages with cross-border brands to create a one-stop experience, increase customer unit prices, drive growth in their own performance, and drain each other.

The home of the house has been introduced to the indoor zoo, and the store has been specially used to make a large-scale renovation pilot, basically to the shopping center. At the same time, the introduction of Box Ma Xiansheng, Yaolai Film and so on. Gome from home appliances cross-border to home, decoration; Suning is also promoting the combination of home + home appliances; Red Star Macalline is also staring at the cross-industry.

Overall, according to the research of large-scale research, there are three main lines in the cross-border strategy for opening a store:

The first line is related category alliances, such as home appliance alliance, cabinet and kitchen appliance alliance, wooden door wallpaper floor alliance, etc., or open a store together, or Put each other’s products in the store and make a product package.

The second line is the introduction of home accessories, soft furnishings and home accessories, such as furniture manufacturers in the store to introduce green plants, paintings , fabrics and other categories to create an overall atmosphere, where the storeEverything that comes out, whether it is a model room or a single item, customers can buy it. Other stores will introduce sofa sets, cushions, craft tablecloths and decorative crafts, decorative wrought iron and other home accessories.

The third line is to increase the leisure format, such as increasing the area where children play, and by the way selling toys; introducing a small library , set up a book, or a book club; open a small cafe directly.

The problem is coming, these ways to open a store, can we follow? Many manufacturers are also thinking about whether to pilot a store like this and reshape the store.

Many dealers are also wondering if their store is too old-fashioned, whether to re-engineer, but it will cost Less money, value? And there is a general concern that there is no need to change? After the change, how much help will the business?

For this question, Da Deng’s suggestion is that don’t just follow it, you must decide according to your own resources and capabilities. Take the next move. At present, all cross-border formats, such as IKEA’s partial integrated home stores have indeed succeeded, but other manufacturers are still in their infancy, and large companies have only taken out one or a few stores to do pilot projects.

After the Super Collection store of Shangpin Home, there is also a self-operated self-installation business, which is not widely spread, Gu Jiaxin The open life store is still working hard. In the case of insufficient strength, rushing into the market may lead to investment flooding.

But it should be noted that the above three cross-border main lines, if you find the right direction on the specific tactical landing, can indeed Improve the customer experience, whether it is home + home appliances, or wooden door floor + furniture, cross-border matching of various categories, cross-border to one-stop shopping, can help buyers save time in selecting materials, but also to see The effect of getting home, not limited to single items. From this point of view, there is a value of cross-border.

In addition, if it is a cross-border with other brands, joint model room, or even open a comprehensive store, or mutual Samples are placed in each other’s stores, so that they can drain each other and bring a certain number of customers. On the basis of previous alliance marketing, they have taken a step forward.

Old Deng suggested that if you don’t have enough money and the ability to withstand risks is not strong enough, you might as well start from the cross-border alliance, Other dealers cooperate to open a store, or put samples in each other’s stores, and it is not a big deal to open a small area. The specific methods are:

1. Introduce the styles that are most suitable for matching with their own products, preferably in the form of bedroom, study, living room and other scenes.

2. Introduce a single item that sells well and is suitable for sale in your own store. The key point is to grasp the product with your own. The suitability of your own store.

3. Both parties make product packages and joint sales in various possible occasions.

For a slightly larger store, large-scale research suggests cross-border aspects, consider:

1. Increase the child’s parent-child format, draw a section, let the children play, and even arrange the play area into a children’s room scene, keep the child The time to communicate with parents can be extended and the chances of conversion can be more.

2. You can introduce the format of tea and coffee, not to do it yourself, but to give it to others, so it can help bring popularity. .

Source: Large material research


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