A hotel made up of four fictional ancient tribes

Keemala is a modern hotel located in the lush Kathu area of ​​Phuket, Thailand, which seems to be a scene from a charming fairy tale book. The team behind divides the hotel into four different fictional ancient tribes, each with a different architecture and lifestyle.
The Pa-Ta-Pea tribe is related to agriculture, so the interior design of the cottage is warm and sturdy with earthy tones.
The Khon-Jorn tribe is an explorer with a nomadic lifestyle. The interior is made up of wildlife forms and textures, inspired by travel.
We Ha tribes are eager to get closer to the sky and observe the universe. Their home is hung on tall trees.
The Rung-Nok tribe is made up of creators, such as artists, poets and musicians, with a spacious bathtub and partial sea views.

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