6 major mistakes in the purchase of the floor. I have seen that you will not suffer any more!

Misunderstanding 1. Heavy price and light quality

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Because China’s flooring industry is fiercely competitive, the floor Industry-related laws and regulations are not standardized, and they cannot reflect a reasonable and orderly competitive situation. Price wars will break out at any time. The problem of heavy price is quite serious in the flooring market. Manufacturers will fight price wars, but manufacturers will guarantee their own profits in order to make profits. Profit. When consumers buy flooring products, they should carefully consider the product’s ‘price ratio’.

Misunderstanding 2, heavy appearance and inner light

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Like buying clothes, you have to pick colors or styles. In fact, the essence of choosing the floor is not to pick the color, it must be seen whether it is practical. In fact, some of the characteristics of the floor, including chromatic aberration, crusting, experiencing wetness, and shrinking problems, seem to be shortcomings, but from a scientific point of view, it is precisely the advantages of solid wood flooring. The reason is very simple, such as solid wood flooring, it is wet when the air is wet, it expands when wet, the room is dry in winter, and the floor can completely release moisture to humidify the air.

Misunderstanding 3, heavy fashion and light wear-resistant

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The current floor style is wide and embossed; there are double locks and three locks; there is e2 grade formaldehyde, e1 grade, and e0 grade. In fact, the floor is durable, the requirement for it is Durable, therefore, do not follow the trend of the consumer floor. Many years ago, the laminate floor relief and wide board that had been popular for many years can not stand the test of time. Consumers should choose different floor products according to their own habits.

Mission 4, re-purchase light laying

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Yes Many families have different opinions when choosing a floor, and they have to take time to decide on a meeting, but they don’t study the paving method at all. In terms of floor installation, it is ‘seven points to lay a three-point quality’. Individual flooring companies ‘remarketing and light paving’ did not realize the importance of paving, so that the business level and management level of the paving workers did not keep up with the development of the sales situation. The quality of the floor is not limited to the floor itself. The paving of the floor has become an important part of measuring the quality of the floor products.

Misunderstanding 5, heavy mediation light query

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At present, many consumers are looking at advertising choice products, others are asking neighbors, and some are listening to the decoration company. Now it is the Internet age, it is very convenient to find information, consumers can find relevant information of products, and see that the bottom is practical and not practical.

Misunderstanding six, heavy verbal commitment to light text evidence

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is also a serious misunderstanding. Some manufacturers guarantee that the warranty floor can not be arched within five years, the manufacturer’s propaganda must have black and white words, consumers can not just listen to verbal commitments. Because the floor consumption is either engineering or home, there must be written evidence. In sales, some say that there is no color difference on the floor and it will not be deformed. These rules should be implemented on black and white.

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