3 years 13 million members, Aokang handed over the “new retail” transcript

Since Ma Yun first proposed the concept of “new retail” in 2016, “new retail has become the current market boom, and the new retail format has become a concentrated display of brand transformation and upgrading results. In the past year, what is the annual vocabulary of the retail industry? I believe many people will give the same answer: digitization.

Under the challenge of this era, Aokang always adheres to the business philosophy of “service-driven consumption and technology-driven innovation”, injecting new retail into “Internet + strategy, online and offline. Resonance, expand market space. From 0 to 13 million members, Aokang has completed a gorgeous turn in less than three years.

But how did this happen?

Speaking of Aokang, many people may still have the first impression of staying in Wenzhou, “30 years national brand,” shoes king. However, with the advent of the digital age, Aokang’s development faces challenges: low membership digitization, low member conversion efficiency, how to reconstruct the digital membership system, maintain member activity through accurate operation, enhance repurchase, and transform?

In the past 3 years, we have seen Aokang members from 0 to 13 million, showing exponential explosive growth, and the Aokang small program has nearly one million users on the line. Behind this series of amazing numbers, what kind of efforts does Aokang do?

“ Jianchi is the business direction of Aokang member 1.0, and it seems that the results are good at present. Over 3 years of rapid growth over 6 times, 13 million members were listed. In the operation of the store, we plan hundreds of various types of members’ interactive experience activities to encourage the active participation and interactive transformation of consumers. From the past, “consumer conversion members” changed to “equity+experience conversion members”, upgraded the value of member rights and improved the quality of online services.

At the same time, Aokang actively deployed multi-platform cooperation such as Ali Wisdom Store and Jingdong Digital Member to open a multi-platform omni-channel member consumption experience for consumers:

March 2018, by Ali “The Queen’s Day Machine, recruiting 200,000 members through intelligent system drainage.

From April 5th to April 22nd, 2018, Aokang and Ali Wisdom Store launched a store event, which brought a total of 350,000 people in 17 days. In the same year, from April 27th to May 3rd, Aokang and Jingdong launched “Aokang Huan’s new season to trade in new activities. In 8 days, the total number of new ones reached 181,600.

It is worth mentioning that under the theme of Smart Retail & New Retail, 2018 “Double 11 has become a large-scale collaboration between online and offline, business and technology, and has become a brand test for the terminal combination of information flow and logistics. As one of the important carriers under the double 11 trend line, Yundian will also play an important role in its shopping frenzy.

With the strong brand appeal, Aokang used the online store and offline scenes during the double eleventh period to take advantage of the fact that Yundian became the new tight connection point and user touch of Hand Tao and the brand. The channel has established more interaction and resonance with consumers.

In today’s digital consumer environment, the intersection of online and offline passenger traffic has become one of the new retail trends. In the future, Aokang will use the cloud store and smart shopping guide to make a precise marketing plan using the big data product matrix to form a closed loop of demand and supply connections. At the same time, based on the proximity of existing users, the user’s experience needs are redefined, and multi-dimensional and multi-angles help the new retail omni-channel transformation and upgrading.

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