2017 King will attack and join hands to open a new chapter of the Shenzhen World Fighting Championship


In order to better build Shenzhen sports culture, the international sports competition is held to promote the Shenzhen sports culture atmosphere and improve Shenzhen in the world. The overall visibility and attention, and to show the world the harmonious cultural charm and brand image of Shenzhen. Yesterday (9th), Shenzhen’s first unprecedented joint battle between the two major brands, the King’s League and the MMC Wars, was held in the Longxiu Yinxiu Mountain Hotel.

During the period, hundreds of mainstream online media in the country, nearly 100 political and business celebrities and the world’s Muay Thai King Huang Haigang The celebrities and other people attended the event together and witnessed the grand event of the press conference.

The prelude to the competition was the Zen Buddhism Forum held at the same time. The wonderful speech invited Zen Buddhism and outstanding entrepreneurs and big coffee, and the press release of the conference was officially launched. Li Xi, executive director of the Jiangxi Chamber of Commerce in Guangdong, made a speech, WBC China Chairman, Wang Zhehui Mr. Luo Rongbiao, the strategic partner of the alliance, delivered a speech and strongly supported the competition. Huang Haigang, the king of the alliance, gave a speech on the stage, calling for attention to Chinese martial arts and promoting the spirit of Shangwu!

After that, the director of the operation of the event came to the stage to explain the game to the audience, and included eight characteristics of the event: 1. The two top-level event brand strength teams of the Kings and the God of War team joined forces. Force to build; 2, Hunchun’s full fight against MMA’s Chinese martial arts and the emerging combat system; 3, WWE exhibition match & mdash; & mdash; WWE American wrestling first introduced to China’s competition; 4, China’s Shaolin Temple martial arts group show; 5, ancient Muay Thai Hemp rope —— introduction of world sports Said: “The most brutal fighting system; 6, the top stage art team in the United States, to create a stunning dance beauty effects; 7, MMA, ancient Muay Thai rope war, WWE American wrestling, free combat four major competition system is compatible; 8, enable large The first octagonal fence in the Chinese region is suitable for the eight characteristics of a variety of fighting techniques, and the details are interpreted on the spot.

Yu, the king will send representatives to speak, and in the process of film investment, after the MMC war gods lecturer took the stage to speak, the event director invited the two CEOs to take the stage to carry out the certification ceremony, and then invited representatives of various associations to take the stage for certification.

In 2017, Shenzhen’s thrilling and comprehensive fighting is about to open, and the signing of the promotion of the brand will be directly hot. For the top champions of different countries to fight, MMA, hemp rope battles and other comprehensive competitions, and the upcoming media interaction, media alliance advantages, all-round coverage of the event, the king will be directly on the scene with Dongguan, Shanxi Jiexiu City At the same time, it signed a heavy contract, and invited Nanning, Hebei, and Huadian strategic cooperation leaders to take the stage and award the license. The chairman of Zhuhai Huishengxing Investment and Wealth Co., Ltd. is also the honorary chairman of the China Contest. Shen Mingyi took the stage to present the award to the cooperation unit. The honorary chairman of the competition, China International News Network, strongly supported the media promotion of the contest and congratulated the national competition of the contest. In the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, he won a gold medal in the 70kg class Sanda. In the media interview, the boxing champion Cai Liangzhu hoped that everyone would support the Chinese boxing match.

Finally, the battle for the world, the 2017 Shenzhen World Fighting Championships was officially launched. (Competition)

In the meantime, in the live interview of the King League ·MMC Wars, the mainstream online media Also separately, “open up two major fighting brands, and at the same time, work together to open a new chapter of the Shenzhen World Fighting Championship!

Wang will be registered in Shenzhen Futian in May 2015, becoming an emerging sports culture industry, boxing brand planning, film and television shooting, combat training, bodyguard business, sporting goods, ladies’ drinks, temple construction, etc. A multi-industry-integrated enterprise with obvious kung fu characteristics. Its founder, Huang Haigang, is the first person in China’s ancient Muay Thai. The main team member of China’s first national Muay Thai team once defended the six international belts, nicknamed “China Dragon”.

At present, the King of the World Championships, which was planned by the Kings League, has started in the five provinces of Southeast Asia and South China. And in Guangzhou, Hebei, Heyuan, Huizhou, Shenzhen, Jiangxi Ji’an, Fuzhou, Shanxi Luliang and other places successfully held the Super 6000 contest, a far-reaching impact. With rich network resources and excellent operation team, the Kings League has won unanimous affirmation from all walks of life, and has also played a positive role in promoting the local sports culture, the development of sports economy and the tourism economy. It also received strong support from the local government. At present, the Kings League has formed a strong kung fu trend sweeping across the country, and has successfully signed contracts.Landing Shanghai, Taiyuan, Yiyang, Zhangzhou, Fuzhou, Nanning, Liuzhou, Shaoguan, Hangzhou and other dozens of cities, the momentum is strong and unavoidable.

And MMC God of War is not to be underestimated. It is a comprehensive world-class fighting competition brand based on world fighting skills and fully integrated with Sanda, Free Fight, Muay Thai and MMA. Since its first event in 1994, it has hosted more than 40 events in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Zhuhai and Shanghai, with more than 200 signing fighters from around the world, including China, the United States, Brazil, Russia, the Netherlands, and Thailand. Prepared players, more than 100 joining boxing gymnasiums, broadcasted in more than 80 countries, more than 80 TV stations, 8 major network platforms and 8 major video platforms, covering 800 million people. The founder of the brand, Lu Zhengyi, is an elite in the financial industry. Since he participated in the fight, he has achieved good results. Therefore, MMC Warfare has gradually become one of the recognized strength brands in the martial arts industry and has been recognized by the industry.

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