2017 China Product Innovation Summit Forum ended successfully

The spirit and power of product innovation are on the rise. The business miracle it creates profoundly changes our lives and the world.

On November 16, 2017, the 2017 China Product Innovation Summit Forum and Annual Report Conference on the theme of China’s good products was held at the Sheraton Chongqing Hotel. The forum was hosted by the Business Media Group and co-organized by Business magazine and Business Review magazine.

The Forum focuses on innovative development strategies, focusing on new technologies, new formats, and new technologies for Chinese companies in the process of product innovation. The concept, and from the five dimensions of intelligence, lean, explosion, evolution, and cross-border, observe and interpret the value sample of Chinese product innovation.

Product innovation, the rise of Chinese goods. For 23 years, the business media has been committed to discovering good products in China and tapping outstanding companies committed to product innovation. Since 2017, the Forum Organizing Committee has been insisting on observing and visiting innovative products in the Chinese market. Through the United Nations consulting companies and investment institutions that continue to focus on innovation, the financial journalists and industry specializing in “Business” and “Business Review”. The evaluation opinions of top experts and scholars finally selected 20 companies that won the “2017 China Product Innovation Award”, covering the Internet, electrical appliances, intelligent hardware, daily chemicals, food and beverage industries.

They are Netease Strictly selected, Jingdong 叮咚 Speaker, Pinsheng Technology, Ma Yinglong 瞳 眼 Eye Cream, Qingdao Beer, whole wheat, white beer, good shop, piglet short rent, Elvis speaker, Huidian Yunlian, Dafengshou, Totwoo smart jewelry, Kaiser Technology, Dix, 352 technology, good clothes, Ru Ge Golf, Sweeping the planet, Zhongjie 1946, Martians and Winning Education.

At the same time, the most authoritative design team, capital, business school, research institutes and other institutions in the United Nations Forum released the “China Product Innovation Annual Report”. After the forum, the report will be conducted through the media resources of the business media. Continuously disseminate, analyze, and report.

Zhou Zhonghua, president of the business media group and editor-in-chief of the business magazine, delivered a speech in the forum. He believes that: “All sources of innovation should be generated from the process of consumer interaction. In the next stage of product innovation, there must be data support, in order to truly ensure that each innovation meets the needs of consumers, and create a value that really impresses them.

In addition, this forum also invites behind-the-scenes traders of orange, willow, and pan apples. Hu Haiqing, CEO of the founding of the farmer, shared the scene.

As of 2017, “China Product Innovation Summit Forum” is a large number of industry experts, corporate founders, product designers. With the support of elites and media colleagues, it has become an annual event for China’s product innovation field with large scale, high level, wide coverage, strong topicality and practical guidance, and profound theoretical exploration. It is the only comprehensive innovation product in China that focuses on traditional manufacturing. organization.

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