11 long vacations, 4 cities with the most experience and food

In recent years, travel enthusiasts have chosen to travel from the mountainous landscapes to the modern tourist city. So, in the upcoming 11th National Day holiday, I want to travel to the Red City, how to choose? Today, I have compiled five major online red cities for everyone, and focus on the most representative foods in each city.

& ldquo; hot beauty Chongqing

If you want to use a character to describe the city of Chongqing, nothing is more suitable than a hot beauty image, after all, Everyone thinks that the first thing that comes to mind in this mountain city is definitely its famous hot pot.

In Yuzhong District of Chongqing alone, there are nearly 3,000 hot pot restaurants in less than 9 square kilometers. In many hot pot restaurants, which is the most authentic taste of Chongqing old hot pot What? Of course, by virtue of the strength of the “China on the tip of the tongue” in Chongqing, the representative of the old hot pot restaurant & mdash; — 渝味晓宇火锅.

渝味晓宇火锅 uses fresh and delicious ingredients to select materials, make fine top grades and uphold the heart The business philosophy has grown from a four-table hot pot restaurant to more than 100 stores in 23 provinces across the country. Going to Chongqing wants to eat the most representative authentic old hot pot, then choosing Xiaowei is undoubtedly the most correct decision.

Section Store Address:

渝味晓宇枇杷山正街店(Head Office): No. 86, Lushan Zheng Street, Yuzhong District, next to the Minjian Building;

渝味晓宇龙湖Shop: The main building of Chunfeng City, Songshi Branch Road, Yubei District;

Yanwei Xiaoyu Yanghe Store: No. 46, Bangxing Garden, Yanghe Middle Road, Jiangbei District;

渝味晓宇Dongwon D7 Store (New Store): No. 12, No. 12, No. 86, Hongyuan Road, Jiangbei District.

& ldquo;The hot little girl Chengdu

Chengdu is said to be “a city that has come and gone, the richness of the land of abundance and the unique leisurely temperament of Sichuan people have always made foreign tourists Be fascinated. A bamboo bench, a cup of tea, a pleasant afternoon, Chengdu has a slow pace that is rare in first-tier cities. However, Chengdu people have a delicious and delicious food & mdash; — string of incense, which is popular among locals and foreign tourists, is the famous five-zone small county liver skewers in Chengdu.

The five-zone small county liver chuanchuanxiang of the steel pipe factory adheres to the traditional string and fragrant form, and has the innovation of dishes. It is not only the collective feelings of old Chengdu, but also deeply loved by the tide people. Stand out in more than 500 string stores in Chengdu.

Section Store Address:

5th District Xiaojungan Xinhua Park, Steel Tube Factory: No. 335, Shuanglin North Branch Road, Xinhua Park, Chenghua District

5th District Xiaojungan Wangping Store: Chenghua District 18 Tianxiang Street

Wugang Xiaohegan Jinhua Store, 5th District, No. 126, Section 5, Second Ring Road, Jinjiang District Opposite to Wanda Plaza, No. 101,

& ldquo;Straight Hanzi Xi’an /p>

“The ancient capital of Xi’an has a long history and cultural heritage, as well as the bold and heroic northern Shaanxi folk customs. Since ancient times, Xi’an has no shortage of celebrity chefs who serve the dignitaries, and has passed through the tradition to form a unique northwestern flavor. In Xi’an, 馍 is the staple food that is most acceptable to the locals. The meat sandwich is the most classic way to eat, it is a wonderful combination of two kinds of food: Baiji and meat. Fan Ji wax juice meat folder is the heart of Xi’an people.

Founded in 1904, Fan Ji La Juice is a real old name, more than 100 years old. In the historical evolution, it still occupies the position of the first store in Xi’an Meat Sandwich Shop. Friends who go to Xi’an must not miss it.

Section Store Address:

Fan Ji La Juice Chopsticks, Zhuji City Store: No.53, Zhuji Street, Beilin District;

Fan Ji La Juice, Meat Clams, Xingqing Store: Beilin District The Second Ring Road commercial economy belt Xingqing Road.

“Huanghe Youth Wuhan

“The Yellow Crane Tower blows the jade flute, and Jiangcheng falls in May. Jiangcheng Wuhan is located at the intersection of the Yangtze River and the Han River. It controls the throat of the middle reaches of the Yangtze River and is the key to traffic in the north and south. The unique geographical location has made Wuhan a unique food culture, with a unique atmosphere of rivers and lakes, elegant and popular, fresh and spicy, heavy and heavy oil. The famous “Black Duck” is the same, but now “Day Black Duck chain stores all over the country, you can also eat without having to go to Wuhan.” Today, the author recommends to everyone that the food that needs to be eaten locally in Wuhan —— Cai Linji hot dry noodles.

Cai Linji is an old-fashioned noodle restaurant. His hot dry noodles are delicious and refreshing. They are delicious and deep. Appreciated by the general public, it was at the first China Noodle Culture Festival.Was rated as “China’s top ten noodles.”

China People talk about eating, not only to eat thirst and thirst for three meals a day, but also contains the inherent quality of Chinese food culture. Different localities have different folk customs, and naturally have different tastes. Take advantage of the 11th Golden Week to go to different cities, taste different tastes, feel the charm of food, and experience the joy of travel.

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