Life and breathing his truth about organ donation_Robert

At the age of 71, Robert thought he was too old to be suitable for lung transplantation. Florida retirees are affected by the devastating devastating disease of devastating lung disease, almost giving up hope that the disease won’t take life until his Mayo Clinic medical team intervenes and encourages him to undergo a transplant.

When the 71-year-old Robert received a double lung transplant at the Mayo Clinic, the lungs he received from the organ donor not only gave him a second chance of life, but also gave him a new purpose.

Florida residents said: “I feel that organ donation is a gift from God.” “He made me stay on this planet for a reason. I want to get news about organ donation.”

[123 Robert never thought he would become an advocate of organ donation. As a cheap cpap cleaner and sanitizer, he used to participate in college sports and always cared about his body. Robert lived a life without major medical problems. But six years ago, he developed shortness of breath and was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis, a progressive, irreversible disease that causes the lung tissue to become scarred and dysfunctional. Although there are treatments that slow the progression of pulmonary fibrosis, lung transplantation is the only treatment. Since Robert’s lung transplant at the Mayo Clinic Florida campus on March 17, 2018, he has talked extensively about his illness and the need for more organ donors.

This is a fun house

The Jellyfish house is located in Malaga, Spain. This is a fun house for several reasons. The house has four floors with a rooftop pool design and the cantilever structure extends 9 meters to the southwest. This design is designed to take full advantage of the view, allowing the owner to enjoy the sea, relax on the balcony or swim in the pool, and the pool has a glass bottom.

If you think that concrete houses and nature don’t have much in common, then you are wrong. Check out this gorgeous Korean home. Designed by IDMM architects, it is located on steep terrain overlooking vertical cliffs and nature, and the surrounding environment has a lot to do with its unique design. The form of cliffs and the trees surrounding the building provide inspiration for the building and define the form and layout of the concrete structure.


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New office space of the Brazilian film company

Fabio Marins Arquitetura was hired to create a space for the film production company Corazon Filmes in Sao Paulo, Brazil, spanning 125 square meters. The two-story space has spacious windows and internal metal construction giving it an industrial atmosphere.
A busy company needs a lot of things in a fixed space, including multiple workstations, a conference room, an editing studio, a reception room, a waiting room, and a space for employees to relax.
They used inexpensive oriented strand board to make their texture a part of the design.
A cube-like structure obscures the office kitchen while presenting the company’s logo on one side. The
staircase leads to a mezzanine, where the conference room is located.

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Modern Courtyard Residence in Phoenix

In Phoenix, ArizonaWillohistory block,The Ranch MineDesigned a modern house. 2300square feet house is inspired by the southwestern courtyard, bringing a modern design.
The front door is embedded in the cornered wall facing the street, imitating Open arms.
Residential Reference17The courtyard of the late century. Its design is a utype quadrangle, with a wide roof extension structure, outdoor The living space creates a occlusion. The cantilever structure blocks the sunlight while allowing air to flow to the pool, helping to cool the air into the room.
The hidden stairs behind the courtyard lead to the roof terrace. The curved walls around the courtyard provide privacy and create a seating area.
In the interior, the wooden beams of the main living area extend through the glass and extend to the outdoors.

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Austin’s flexible home

Matt Fajkus ArchitectureDesignedMain StayThe house is located near Austin, Texas, considering flexibility. The structure of the house removes irrelevant details while also showing an interesting look.
The entrance channel is hidden, adding a sense of privacy. A concrete path guides visitors to here.
Design takes into account the response to the hot temperatures in central Texas , double glazed windows and advanced insulation.
The back of the house is open to the outside, with sliding glass doors that fall to the floor, blurring the interior/Outdoor boundaries.
Open living space extends to the pool The surrounding patio area expands the available area.

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Charming Lakeside Villa

This house is located on the shores of Lake Charlieboe in Sainte-Marguerite-du-Lac-Masson, Canada. It has a very attractive design and looks like two separate independent structures. One of them is a two-layer module, the outer layer is made of Corton steel and the other is a single-layer space with a black-dyed cedar casing. The two structures are arranged to form an L-shaped plan view.

The interior of the house designed by Paul Bernier Architecte is also beautiful. It is situated in a slightly tilted wooden area and the owner wants most of the space to be flush with the land. The interior plan is divided into two wings, one for the day zone and the other for the private zone. The area where the two wings meet is a two-story space with a garage at the bottom and a guest bedroom and office space at the top. A series of floating stairs connect the two floors.

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Balancing Residence on the North Shore of Sydney

Luigi Rosselli ArchitectsDesignedBalancingThe home is located in a relatively new suburb on the north shore of Sydney, consisting of two intersecting structures, one on top of the other. The upper structure is the bedroom area and the lower structure contains the home public area.

The upper floor is covered with white wood, while the lower floor is a sturdy matt dark red masonry base that creates a striking contrast.
One ​​built-inElectroluxThe grill is embedded in a wall of the yard.
High ceilings and wooden trusses create an open and light-filled living room, decorated with Alexandra DonohoeSelected soft furniture. A sliding steel partition adds an architectural element to the space.
The dark oak pedals and steel railings balance the white wall.
The square color bricks of the entrance channel form a cushion to welcome guests.

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Building with extraordinary architectural structure

In 2016, Zaha Hadid Architects completed the new Port house in Antwerp, Belgium. This is a 12,800 square meter structure that is an extension of an old fire station and has been converted into a port headquarters. The building can accommodate up to 500 people. In an in-depth analysis of the terrain and existing buildings, the architect proposed a design that blends old and new buildings, making the structure a new landmark for the port.
Although not fully completed, the Elbphilharmonic Concert Hall has become a landmark in Hamburg, Germany. The building was designed by Herzog & de Meuron and will be open to the public in January 2017. The structure has a glass enclosure and is located on the banks of the Elbe River. The project began in 2003 but was delayed due to financial and legal issues. The building will consist of three concert halls, a large educational district, a hotel and an observation platform with panoramic views of the city.
The unique design of the musical theatre and exhibition halls in Tbilisi, Georgia is definitely something to be reckoned with. The complex structure was designed by Fuksas, with two huge tubular structures leading to the street and garden. The two structures are connected by walls and contain a music theater and exhibition hall with a total of 566 seats. The idea behind this unusual design is to create a city’s periscope in a unique way.

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Shou Japanese cedar banned home Schwartz and architecture

Located in Silicon Valley,Shou Sugi BanThe house is a project to transform existing modern homes. The person in charge of the project is Schwartz and Architecture, inspired by the surrounding scenery and textures, such as boulders, bark and leaves.
A newly added two-layer structure covers traditional Japanese cedar wood.
The original home is at 1999 completed in the year. 2005A year, a swimming pool and other outdoor spaces were added. Then at 2009year, Schwartz and ArchitectureStarting internal transformation until 2015Completed only in the year.
The new structure is a new guest suite, located upstairs, below Is a family room.
The new family room has floor-to-ceiling windows that allow you to see the surrounding green landscape.
Open A floating staircase connects the family room to the guest suite.
Natural texture is an important part of the transformation, and I hope to connect the house to the natural environment.

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Floating sauna powered by motor

SeattlegoCstudioDesigned a place for friends and communities to enjoy the beauty of the lake together. The motor-powered structure is a floating sauna that cites a traditional Nordic sauna.
The sauna is equipped with an electric rotating motor, which is powerful enough to support the sauna in the lakes of Seattle. Sauna can accommodate 6People, it provides warmth through a wood-burning stove. After the sauna, you can jump into the lake Swimming in.

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